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Change Your Mind

"Stop acting like a child!"

For the second time that night she felt useless as she starred at her boyfriend, his eyes showed nothing but scorn in them. She couldn't understand how quickly he had changed, all because of the fact that he had become the leader of a group that was superior -or so they thought they were. Now it was like he didn't care for her, just that silly group. At first she understood the obligations that came with it but now she wasn't understanding anything, life felt miserable and just unbareable.

"I'm not a child," she spat

"You sure are acting like one," he sneered

Before he got into this group he would never speak to her in this way and she would never speak to him in that tone either. Now he would throw insults at her like they were nothing -if anyone didn't know any better they might believe the couple broke up and were currently suffering from a love-hate feeling. She had sometimes wanted to walk out on him and just let him be with his group, no more late night fights. No more feeling like a huge waste of space.

"What's wrong with you?" she asked her eyes slowly watering

"You, that's what's wrong, you, you ...just you," he spat at her

"Me?" she whispered, "what are yo-"

"No more," he sneered, "you're a distraction and if I ever plan to take a championship then I need you out of the picture."

Her mouth opened to form some sort of verbal response but somehow she couldn't. She was too shocked by the whole situation, he was breaking up with her. She had known for a while -everyone warned her- but she couldn't believe that he actually did it. He had finally decided that she just wasn't good enough for him.

"I'm not a distraction," she told him looking down slowly

"You are," he hissed, "and as of today you won't be my distraction."

With that he placed his finger under her chin and lifted her head up, she was trying so hard not to cry but she could feel her resolve slowly breaking in front of him. He shook his head lightly as a small tear rolled down her face, with his other hand he reached up and wiped the single tear away.

"You fight when you're broken and battered," he told her

She looked at him carefully, these words had been recieted to her so many times, yet she never found the use in them. Now she was trying to process the words carefully, as if she feared that they would be the only hope of her coming out in complete sanity.

"But you don't cry, my princess," he whispered, "not now, not ever."

She shook her head and he placed a small kiss on her forehead. How could his mood change so easily, how could he tear her down so quickly? She couldn't understand how he went from calling her a distraction to telling her to never lose hope and to keep fighting, to never shed a tear. What was he doing to her? Could he not see how much this hurt her, how much this would effect her in the end?

She watched him go over to his bags and pack quietly and without another word, she just stood there and watched him intently, maybe he'd change his mind. Her hopes deminished the moment he stood up and rolled his suitcases out of the room, he looked back at her and gave her no sign of emotion, she wished he would just stay with her. What ever problems they had could surely be fixed, but no, he walked out of the room and shut the door behind him. She sat down and thought carefully, she couldn't let this get to her.

She would fight, yes. But she wouldn't dare to cry, not now, not ever.

2 Years later

"Oh my gosh, Kaitlyn just hurry up, we're sooo late," A.J whined for what seemed like the millionth time that day

"Look, I take my time because I need to look flawless," Kaitlyn smirked, "ain't no man gonna want a dumbly dressed girl."

A.J rolled her eyes and sat on the bed in the room, tonight was Layla's birthday and they were all celebrating at her house since they were in her hometown. A.J was excited to be heading out tonight, it felt like a long time since she felt this excited and just happy about everything.

Kaitlyn walked out shortly wearing a small purple dress, her heels were black and her two-toned hair was curled. A.J gushed at the sight of her best friend, she always looked so beautiful. A.J had often wished she could look like that, but no matter how many hours she spent in front of the mirror her image would always pale in comparison, she hated it. Kaitlyn grabbed her clutch and A.J followed as they left the room, A.J felt really nervous all of the sudden, it seemed like forever that she had worn clothing like this in order to meet guys at a party.

The girls got into Kaitlyn's rental and headed over to the huge house, A.J and Layla weren't as close as before for several reasons but she had always found Layla to be so sweet despite her better-than-thou attitude in the ring. She was nothing like her in-ring character, she was much nicer and much more polite, she always seemed to be there if you needed her most but A.J had sort of pushed her away when she had her nasty break-up, Layla however promised she'd still be there and that was good enough for A.J.

Once they got to the house A.J took the present and Kaitlyn walked in front as she rang the doorbell. The door opened and A.J gasped at the amount of people, she would of thought Layla was into more calming parties but this didn't seem like a formal dinner. Everyone was dancing or chatting, just flat out having a great time. Layla was wearing a black halter top dress that was skin tight and ended above her knees. Her hair was in curls and her heels were black and made her look much more taller than she normally was.

"HEY LADIES, COME IN," Layla smiled

A.J and Kaitlyn stepped in and A.J handed Layla her gift, the British beauty smiled and took the gift as she hugged both girls tightly and thanked them for showing up. After a few words Layla bid them goodbye and she told them to have fun, Kaitlyn had nodded vigorously and A.J only smiled at her. She wasn't sure if she would have too much fun anymore, because these people seemed to much into their 'fun'. She recognized a bunch of superstars but she'd never actually had a formal conversation with any of them.

"Oh my gosh," Kaitlyn blushed as she saw Sheamus

A.J arched an eye brow, she knew Kaitlyn had a thing for the 'Great White' but she never thought the girl was head over heels. She watched the tall man walk over to them and flash Kaitlyn one of his famous smirks, they began talking and it soon turned into flirting, A.J watched in interest, Kaitlyn's behavior sure did have a dramatic change when this guy was around. After a while of their flirting she got bored and decided she'd wander around for a bit.

She walked to the outside and smiled upon seeing no people here. It was quiet and clam, almost refreshing from the party being held inside. She walked over to a lounge chair and sat on it as she starred at the stars above, not many but there was some.

"You need to stop wondering alone, it isn't too safe with drunk bastards around."

She felt her heart stop at the sound of that voice and her lips formed a straight line as she opened her eyes slowly. She couldn't be more shocked at the sight before her, a man whom she hadn't addressed in two years, the very man who caused her so much pain, who shaped her into the spitting image she was today.

"Punk," she gasped softly

"A.J," he replied

"What are you doing here?" she asked sitting up straight and watching him sit wher her legs once were

"Layla invited, Kofi made me come because it's polite," he replied dully

"Oh," she replied looking down at her hands

"How've you been?" he asked

"Good," she responded

"You lie, you attempt to conceal you're true feelings but it's a simple facade I see right through," he told her

"Stop pretending you know me," she whispered harshly

"I do know you," he told her, "like the back of my hand."

"You know nothing," she spat

"How taught you to talk to me like this my princess?" he asked slipping his finger through her curled hair

"Don't call me that," she spat pushing his hand away, "you lost your right."

"Stop acting like such a child," he told her

Her eyes narrowed at his words, those venomous words he had spoken two years ago, she hated them. She hated him.

"Don't you ever say that again," she hissed standing up, "stay away from me, just like the past two years -don't come near me."

With that she walked off and hurried to the restroom. No one had dared to follow her, then again no one really noticed her. She was always invisible to everyone, Kaitlyn was too busy with Sheamus and to other people she just wasn't important. She looked at herself in the mirror and sighed, no tears. She had begged for tears a long time ago but somehow they wouldn't come out anymore, that phrase glued to the inside of her skull, like a song stuck on repeat. No matter how much pain there was she couldn't force herself to feel emotional for it, it was as if she was no longer human.

It was his fault, those words had struck her down to her very core and now she couldn't shake them away.

"You fight when you're broken and battered, but you don't cry my princess...not now, not ever."

She hated him, she hated him with everything she had -which wasn't much anymore.

Punk sighed deeply as he sat back on the lounge chair that she once occupied, she had been so hell bent on hissing at him like he was some sort of long time enemie. He wasn't, he was her prince, right? He was the one she would love unconditionally, or had that changed while he left?

He couldn't possibly had imagined that she'd change, he left her right where he wanted her. Broken and waiting, he imagined that once time was up with Nexus he would return and she'd welcome him like she'd been waiting an eternity for him, but she wasn't.

"What are you doing out here, man?"

He smirked upon seeing Sheamus, the man he had caught putting moves on that two-toned hair diva, he couldn't quite remember her name. Not that he cared anyways.

"Just thinking," he shrugged

"I saw her walk away, fella, what happened?" Sheamus asked standing in front of him

"She wasn't waiting and I do-"

"Did you honestly think she'd wait two years, fella?" Sheamus asked

"She had to, she loves me," Punk debated

"She loved you, there's a big difference," Sheamus sighed

"I will make her love me again,"Punk told him confidently

"That's not a good idea," Sheamus told him

"She has to come back," Punk sighed, "I need her."

Sheamus was caught of gaurd, Punk rarely admited to things like that. He always claimed that woman praised him not the other way around, here it seemed like this girl was his source of breathing, his only reason to live. Yet she wanted nothing more than to just beat him senseless.

"Maybe you need to learn to let go, fella," Sheamus told him

"Let go of what's mine?" Punk scoffed, "never."

"What if the answer's "no"?" Sheamus asked

"Then I'll change her mind," Punk told him starring off into space

Sheamus walked off after that, Punk wasn't okay, he knew it. And he knew that if he kept this up the girl would tear him down like he had teared her down. He knew she had changed She was no longer a sweet, caring, innocent girl she was much more vengeful and that wouldn't serve Punk any good if he decided to keep going at this.

Punk looked carefully at the space in front of him, he would get her to love him again. He had to, he wasn't going down without a fight anymore, two years ago he gave her up without one that mistake wasn't one he would make again. This time around he would win her for good and no one would stop him, he'd make sure of that.

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