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Change Your Mind

A.J bites her lip as she walks over to Justin carefully, she doesn't need attention drawn to them. She knows Punk has warned her but she'll be damned before those words she spoke to him become real. She isn't a piece of property he can just claim, as if he knows anything, he's been gone for two years.

"Justin," she smiles

"Hey there, doll," he chuckles, "since it's late I was just thinking we find a dinner and then see what we do next, yeah?"

"Sounds fun," she smiles

He grasps her hand and takes her bag with his free one and they head out. She looks behind her and see's no one in sight, she hopes no one saw her coming to Justin and she hopes no one see's them leaving. If Punk finds out he'll be furious and she knows well that Punk can ask for any match he wants simply because he's considered gold here in this company and that she hates.

Justin speaks to her on their way to eat and she listens half-heartedly, she can't find herself to enjoy this as much as she normally would. With Punk's threats fresh in her mind it's hard to concentrate on anything at all. Once they arrive she slips out and they head inside, they order quickly since it's basically empty at this time and he grasps her hand from across the table.

"So, I was thinking," he chuckled nervously

"Yeah?" A.J smiles

"Well, I wanted to ask if you'd be my girlfriend," he chuckles nervously, "makes sense, no?"

"What do you mean?" she asks

"Well, we always talk, text, we see each other an awful lot both outside and inside of work," he chuckles, "I want more than that, A.J."

She blushes furiously and looks down at her soda, "I-um, well you see-"

"If you're nervous about Punk than forget him, I've told you before I'll protect you," he smiles, "I promise."

Her head snaps up to meet his gaze then and she smiles brightly, "you will?"

"Yeah, I told you, he's an asshole," he chuckles,"and if he thinks he can break us up well he's got another thing coming."

A.J purses her lips before nodding, "you're right, okay, yeah, I'll be your girlfriend."

"Good," he smiles

A.J smiles back and silently hopes things don't end up too messy, she prays that Punk see's she's no longer interested. No matter what happened that night, or what transpired between them before her match. She can't let her smile falter for him anymore, she's got to show him she doesn't need him so then maybe he'll back off.

Oh how she hopes he does.

Punk is frustrated, he lost his match and he can't find his little spitfire anywhere. He drapes the towel he was using over his shoulders and approaches the diva's locker room. He knocks about ten times before Eve comes out wearing a small frown on her lips, she looks him up and down and then manages a sneer.

"What the hell do you want?" she hisses

"I want to know where A.J is," he fumes

Eve laughs, "Why in the world would I give up my friend's location to you?"

"Eve," he warns

"For all I know you could be searching for her to kill her or something," she rolls her eyes

"Just tell me where she's at," he hisses

"Look, you best get a move on, okay?" Eve snaps, "Kaitlyn will beat you down if she see's you here."

"I just need to see my girl," he grits his teeth, "let me see her!"

"Punk, be realistic, okay?" she giggles, "since when did A.J accept your advances, she's interested in Justin."

"No she's-"

"As far as anyone's concerned, you're yesterday's news," she snorts, "and there is no way she'll want to date you ever again."

With that the brunette slams the door in his face and he fumes. There's a cough behind him and he turns around to see someone standing there, he lets his anger subside and smiles.


"Hey there CM Punk," he chuckles, "what are you doing over by the diva locker room?"

"Looking for someone," he sighs, "what about you?"

"I was looking for you, actually," he grins, "because I have a proposition."

"A proposition?" he frowns, "what do you mean?"

"Well how about I manage you out there in the ring," he smirks

"I don't know, Paul," he laughs, "I've been working on my own for a while and I like it."

"Don't give me answer right away but think about it, okay?" he grins, "you could be champ again, and think of all those possibilities."

Punk laughs, "I'll think then."

Paul gives a nod and walks off but he stops shortly and turns to him, "the girl you're looking for, what's her name?"

"A.J," he answers

"She went on a date with a lowly superstar," he chuckles, "quite a pair the two, neither up to par with this industry."

"What did he look like?"

"He looks like I said, lowly," he laughs, "goes by Justin Gabriel?"

Punk seethes and Paul turns around with a smirk, "good luck finding her, Punk."

He laughs to himself knowing he just created a monster, one that will take him to the top. He knows Punk will accept his proposition because once you're champion every door opens up for you. And he knows well enough that with a spitfire like A.J Lee Punk will need all the doors as open as they can be.

A.J looked in the mirror of her new hotel room, it was much larger than the one she had. She sighed softly and began to fix her messy hair, Justin was still sleeping and she didn't want to wake him but she was hungry.

Right after it was decided they were dating they decided to share a hotel room. She wasn't against it since she knew Justin would never try anything unless she wanted to, and he didn't, they got here and watched a movie before heading over to sleep. She was grateful for that because with everything on her mind sleep was something she needed quickly.

Now here she sat on the counter of the sink as she began to straighten her curly locks. She was tired, yes, but duty calls and she had to be over at smackdown for a segment with Dolph Ziggler, apparently he was going to be her newest love interest. She groaned at that, having Dolph as a love interest wouldn't end up good for anyone. She kicked her legs and began applying make-up, she didn't favor it but she was going out into public and she didn't want to look like a zombie. She heard a groan and smiled, Justin was waking up. She sighed softly as she was about to make her way down from the counter but a cough stopped her.

"Good morning, sleepy head," she giggles

"Good morning to you," he chuckles

She smirks at his disheveled hair, "nice hair, Justy-poo."

He grins and walks up to her, "I like yours too, It'd be a shame if someone ruined it so early in the morning."

She squeaks when she feels herself being lifted off the counter, her make-up bag falling to the floor and it's contents slipping out. She looks at him and pouts and he merely rolls his eyes as he throws her on the bed. She laughs when he attacks her with tickling and she can't help but end up punching him in the stomach.

"You fool," she smirks, "I told you not to mess with me."

She watches him from on the bed as he groans on the floor, holding his stomach, "a few inches lower and I'd never be able to have kids."

"Hmph," she laughs

"So breakfast, doll?"

"Yeah, I'm starving," she smiles

He sits up on his knees and she smiles as they're now leveled, he plants kisses on her lips and she smiled brightly. He thinks that this could be the one and she's just hoping that what she has now won't be ruined by her past mistakes. She hopes he doesn't find out about kissing Punk short minutes after he kissed her. Hopes he doesn't find out that they slept together because of how drunk she was, she just hopes he'll hang on for a long time.

"Let me shower and change and we can head out, yeah?"

"Sounds good to me," she giggles

He nods and hurries off, she hears a bit of clattering in the restroom and she knows he's picking up the discarded make-up products from the floor. She runs a hand through her pin straight locks and feels her phone buzz. She frowns and takes it out, her eyes widening at the sight of the screen.


Did you or did you not go on a date with Justin Gabriel last night? I want the truth and so help me if you lie to me, A.J.

She shakes her head and pockets the phone, she owes him nothing but hate. He messed things up between them, it's his fault she ran to someone else. She changes into a crop top and some red shorts and converse before seeing Justin emerge from the restroom, he's changed and his hair, although damped, it's in its regular faux hawk. He takes his wallet, keys and phone from the nightstand and pockets them, she grabs her bag and follows him out.

He takes her hand in his and she takes a deep breath, she knows this whole dating thing is still unknown to the roster but sooner or later they'll all know and when they all know it means that Punk will know. She grasps his hand a bit tighter and he squeezes back in reassurance.

"Don't worry," he smiles, "I'm not going anywhere."

And she nods as they enter the breakfast area, she's trying hard to not let the stares get to her but she can hear them. And she can also see Punk's gaze burning holes through her back and she holds on tighter (if possible) to Justin's hand.

"Don't let go, okay?"

"I won't," he smiles down at her and plants a kiss on her forehead

And she wonders, again, if this was such a good idea because even with her back to him she can feel it. He's seething in his seat and it's only a matter of time before he confronts her about it and then everything will go downhill from there on.

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