"Guessing it didnt go well?" I asked Kat the next day at lunch as she slammed her tray down on the table. She swung her bag off her shoulder, it swung and hit into her bottle of Coke, sending it flying off the table.

"Shit!" She said, groaning as she picked it up. After fixing her things, she plopped down on the chair and looked at me. "Now, what would make you think last night went horrible?"

"Your sarcasm is noted," I said, not even looking at her as I arranged my food and uncapped my chocolate milk. I looked at her as I took a swig, but not before asking, "spill. What happened?" The sweet and smoothness of the chocolate milk as it went down my throat, making me feel better after a bad night of my mom and her new boyfriend.

Kat sighed, "nothing particularly bad happened-".

"But. . . . " I said, pushing her to continue. She looked at me, at that moment I understood. "You dont want her to date," my voice low and plain.

Kat kept her gaze on the table, shaking her head slowly. She parted her lips, her voice was low, a whisper and raspy, "no, I dont."

Kat was never fond of the idea of her parents divorce, what kid is? She had problems after that, which we know of. Its how we met. But it all went down hill after her dad got a girlfriend. She got into a fight with him over it and tried to kill herself. Her dad called me, worried about what her daughter might do. A moment of weakness. I never really talked to Mr. Cotter, just friendly hello's. But he knew enough of me that he knew that I did, can, and will help his daughter. I caught Kat just in time. She shrank back and cried. She finally got over it, barely talking to him at the time. It was worse when she moved in, when Kat basically moved into my house for that whole month. But that was a long time ago. She accepted it and moved on with her life. But then it all started again a few months ago when her mom got her boyfriend. She didnt go completely psycho as she did with her dad, she was a bit more. . . mature this time. She didnt scream, she didnt attempt to kill herself. She just didnt talk to her mom. She didnt have to like him, or any of his kids. And it was true.

I was there for my best friend. I put my hand on top of hers and said, "It will be okay," and I ment them. I knew things were going to be okay with us. We were best friends. No, we were sisters.

Kat just nodded. I started eating, and soon, Kat started eating.

Still looking at her food as she tossed down the stem of her broccoli and taking a gulp of her soda she said, "You know, I heard there's a gaming convention going on this weekend in New York."

I nodded at this, chewing my food to one side of my mouth so I could speak. Dont judge me. "Thats cool."

"Yeah," Kat agreed. By the way she looked at her food, I could tell she brought it up for a reason. Wether or not she grew the balls to fight for her opinion. "Just thought, you know, it would be a cool getaway."

"Yeah it would, if my mom would ever let me go," I snorted.

Kat nodded at her food as we finished our lunches and headed to finish the rest of our school day.

I loved my best friend. I really did. I would do anything for her.

That is why I now sat on the bench in the kitchen, across from my mom who was smoking a cigarette.

"Sooo," I began, taking a deep breath. "Kat told me today that there is a gaming convention in New York this weekend, and I wanted to know, if maybe, I could go."

My mom flipped through the magazine she was reading, "New York? Kinda far." She looked at me, "No."

I exhaled the breath ive been holding, mostly due to the cigarette smoke hovering over me like a cloud. "Why not?"

"Because I dont want my daughter running around a strange city," she said, attention back to her magazine.

"Ugh," I groaned. "This is so unfair!"

My mother snapped, "I will tell you whats unfair! Having to work all day and night, busting my butt to come home to an ungrateful brat!"

"What are you talking about, you dont move your ass for shit!" I yelled back.

The floor was cold, I was sore. The darkness covered me in black. Yelling at my mother was probably one of the worst things ive done, considering the outcome.

My moms boyfriend came out of the bathroom to find us fighting. My mom asking him to help led to him beating me senselessly. I laid there, weak and hurting as they went off to do whatever.

I grabbed my phone, which by the loving grace of God was in my pocket, and called Kat.

"Pack for a weekend in New York," I gasped into the phone. "Then pick me up."

I managed to get off the floor of the kitchen and went up to my room. I didnt turn on my light, the street lamp outside casted enough glow into my room to pack my things and look at myself in the mirror. My hair was knotty, my lips was split and bleeding, bruises decorated my arms and cheeks. I brushed me hair and took off my jeans and tee shirt, which were stained with dirt and blood and todays school day. I slipped a pair of cutoffs, a black scoop-neck tee and my sneakers, a pair of beat up Converse. I threw on a long beige cardigan that touched the back of my knees. I tossed my hair up then went around, grabbing a duffel bag and throwing clothes in it, and anything I might possibly need for the rest of the week. I packed like I wasnt coming back, because honestly, I wasnt. This was the last straw.

I heard when the car pulled up, Kat beeped the horn, flashing her headlights one, two, three times. I slung the duffel bag over my shoulder and walked over to my window, signaling Kat i'll be out in a minute. I quietly snuck downstairs. My mom and her boyfriend were arguing in the living room. I quickly crept pass into the kitchen where, as I assumed, my moms purse and Bens wallet was. What kind of dumbass leaves his wallet on the counter unattended at someones house?

I grabbed the cash then quickly went back to my room, almost getting caught. I shut the door nice and quictly as I undid the latch to my window and slid it open. I ducked out, grabbing onto a tree branch and climbing down.

I quickly ran across the yard to the red Corolla that Kat was sitting it. I opened the passenger door and swung my bag into the back before climbing in.

Kat pulled away, quickly glancing at me as she drove.

"Rough night?" She asked pulling her eyes off the road to quickly look at me.

I sighed before answering her.

"Oh you have no idea."