I've Never Had Air Sickness Before!


It started with the nausea.

Martin woke up with a sick feeling in the pit of his stomach. He didn't have the time to dwell on it; Carolyn was on one of her 'money-pinching' kicks, as Douglas called them, and she was doing the driving. So, in the half hour he had, he just barely managed to nip into the shower, grab a small breakfast which consisted of toast, and get out the door in order to be at Carolyn's at the appointed time.

"Hey Skip!"

"Morning, Arthur," he said, nodding towards the twenty-nine year old. "Where's your Mum?"

"Being the generalized slow woman that she is," Douglas interrupted, "she's probably still in the shower and, when she surfaces, she will blame us for being late."

"Wow, how did you know? Have you been spying?" Arthur chirped, looking quickly at Douglas. "Skip, isn't Dougie brilliant?"

"I thought we agreed to never mention that again!" Douglas said sharply.

"Oh, he's wonderful," Martin replied sarcastically, leaning heavily back against Carolyn's car.

"Martin Crieff, get your elbows off of my car!"

Martin jumped, immediately flinching away from the car and looking reflexively towards the door. "O-O-Oh, sorry! I didn't, I mean, you weren't-"

"Just because I'm not supervising you every second doesn't mean that you can use my car as an armrest," Carolyn replied sharply, tugging on a jacket. "Douglas, take the passenger seat. Martin and Arthur, you take the back."

"Always in the back..." Martin muttered, wrenching the back door open. "I'm the Captain, but I'm always in the back. How is this fair?"

"Fortunately, Martin, I am perfectly capable in driving a car," Carolyn replied. "I only need your small expertise in piloting for MJN."

Martin sighed, his breath coming out in a huff. He slammed the car door with maybe a little force. He flinched at the pain that the noise tore through his eardrums.

"You okay, Skip?"

"Yeah, fine," he replied, slumping back against the seat.

"He's just sulking."

"I'm not sulking! Why do you think I'm sulking?" Martin fired back, sitting up. "I'm sitting! I don't know why you think I'm sulking when I'm really just sitting."

"Seatbelts!" Carolyn barked. "We're moving!"

"Although, according to Captain Obvious back there, we're sitting," Douglas stated.

Martin clicked on his seatbelt, leaning back against the seat again.

It started with the nausea.

Before the car ride even begun to move, the nausea was coupled with a headache.

I've listened to approximately two episodes of Cabin Pressure. I can't find the rest. Oh, why, why, why am I stuck in the Americas? I'm British at heart! Nothing against America, but I long to be where the telly is amazing and radio programmes aren't talking about stock markets or agriculture! Where amazing hot stars like our dear Benny live! -Sigh-

Well, yes, I just found Cabin Pressure last night and I ended up listening to "Abu Dhabi" and "Rotterdam" and now, because of my passion for sick!fics...

I'm not good with humour, but I'm trying to incorporate it in the Cabin Pressure style. Hopefully it shows, because it's going to get serious before it's done with. Thanks for reading and I appreciate any and all reviews/favs/follows!