Author's Announcement and Apology

I have upsetting news to my readers. Since my last update, I've struggled to write anything beyond three paragraphs of chapter 21 of the story - I have a feeling that it is due to the characters being far too derivative (my DB is based off a character from an entirely different franchise, for Pete's sake - hardly original).

The result is writer's block that may last the whole summer and beyond for this particular fanfic. This is couple with the crushing expectation that each chapter should be released in a timely manner and should be better than the last.

As such, I am disappointed to announce that this fanfic will be suspended for such a reason. I realize many of you have enjoyed it so far and am quite touched that you have stuck with me as long as you did. I feel I may need to ask how my readers feel I should proceed with writing the next chapter, or if I should start fresh with a more original character.

I have no intention of canceling this altogether, though. This announcement will be out for as long as I'm still working said chapter or new fanfic. I will attempt to work on it in the meantime, for the record.