Today`s letter is: H


Zander`s pov

It was almost Halloween, so the school decided to throw a dance where everyone dresses up in customs. I think it pretty boring but not as much as Stevie does. Stevie is unshakeable which means when you see a ghost you scream but when she sees a ghost she yarns.

"So who wants to go shopping for the Halloween dance?" Kacey said excited.

"Really Kacey? That dance is stupid." Stevie commented and Kacey gasps.

"She has a point." I agreed.

"Of so you guys are saying you have other plans tomorrow." She pointed out with her hands on her hips and me and Stevie looked at each other then shrugged.

'I didn`t think so. So that means we are going shopping after school." She said clapping while jumping up and down.

"I guess so..." me and Stevie mumbled.

~At the mall~

"Kacey none of these costumes are what`s the word? Me" I said as I came out of the dressing room wearing a joker`s costume.

"I think you look great." Kacey complimented.

"Stevie." I said turning her way and when she looked up from her phone she burst out laughing.

"Kacey." I warned.

"Fine. Pick your own costume then" she said giving me permission.

"Look," Kevin said as him and Nelson dressed as thing1 and thing2.

"Cute," Stevie commented.

"I get a laugh and they get a cute." I pointed out and she looked at me and started laughing again.

"I`m changing." I said entering the dressing room.

~At the Dance~

I was dressed in a pirate costume's that I picked out. I was at the snack table eating carrots when I feel something on the back of my neck.

"Give me all your carrots" the voice demands.

"No, get your own carrots" I said back.

"I`ll blow." it said and in the corner of my eye I see a black gun on my neck.

"Take them. You know carrots wasn`t that good any way. I said handing the carrots away and I heard familiar laughing.

"Stevie. I was scared that…." I said turning around to find her wearing a bunny costume that stopped to her knees with white fluff on it and pink strips going down it with bunny ears and teeth and whiskers with a bunny tail.

"What are you suppose to be?" I asked

"Killer bunny." she explained aiming her gun.

"Hey watch it." I said ducking.

"Oh, stop it it`s fake." she said pulling the triger and water shot out.

"I painted it wit black nail polish." she said.

"Good to know."

"Wow, you're an idiot pirate with perfect teeth." I think she complimented.

"So, what you're saying is I have perfect teeth?" I said a little amused.

"Not to forget I called you stupid." She pointed out.

"That`s beside the point you still called my teeth perfect." I said selfishly smirking.

"Sure, you keep thinking that she said." she said and Kacey came wearing a sushi costume. Icarly just so you know.

"Hey, so what are you guys talking about?" she asked grabbing a cookie from the table.

"Well, Stevie just all my teeth perfect." I said and she rolled her eyes while eating the carrots she stole from me.

"Yeah, sure. Stevie what did you really say?" she asked not believing me for a sec.

"Well, I called him an idiot pirate with perfect teeth." she said.

"That`s what I thought." She said finishing up her cookie.

"Hey, did you guys see Greg`s costume? He`s wearing a Spiderman costume." Nelson said pointing to Greg who was digging in his nose like always.

"I hope he finds what he`s looking for." Stevie said as I laughed.

"Now interducing Gravity 5!" the announcer called out.

"I didn`t know we were performing." I said looking at Kacey.

"Oh, I forgot to tell you guys because I was so obseesed with making Dean my date for the dance so." Kacey explained.

"Yeah. We don`t even have a song." Kevin pointed out.

"He`s right." Stevie agreed.

"I know." I said pulling them to the stage.

And I began to sing A/N don`t own the song

It's Close To Midnight And Something Evil's Lurking In The Dark
Under The Moonlight You See A Sight That Almost Stops Your Heart
You Try To Scream But Terror Takes The Sound Before You Make It
You Start To Freeze As Horror Looks You Right Between The Eyes,
You're Paralyzed

'Cause This Is Thriller, Thriller Night
And No One's Gonna Save You From The Beast About
You Know It's Thriller, Thriller Night
You're Fighting For Your Life Inside A Killer, Thriller

You Hear The Door Slam And Realize There's Nowhere Left To Run
You Feel The Cold Hand And Wonder If You'll Ever See The Sun
You Close Your Eyes And Hope That This Is Just
But All The While You Hear The Creature Creepin' Up
You're Out Of Time

'Cause This Is Thriller, Thriller Night
There Ain't No Second Chance Against The Thing With
Forty Eyes
You Know It's Thriller, Thriller Night
You're Fighting For Your Life Inside Of Killer, Thriller Tonight

Night Creatures Call
And The Dead Start To Walk In Their Masquerade
There's No Escapin' The Jaws Of The Alien This Time
(They're Open Wide)
This Is The End Of Your Life

They're Out To Get You, There's Demons Closing In On Every Side
They Will Possess You Unless You Change The Number On Your Dial
Now Is The Time For You And I To Cuddle Close Together
All Thru The Night I'll Save You From The Terror On The Screen,
I'll Make You See

That This Is Thriller, Thriller Night
'Cause I Can Thrill You More Than Any Ghost Would Dare To Try
Girl, This Is Thriller, Thriller Night
So Let Me Hold You Tight And Share A Killer, Diller, Chiller
Thriller Here Tonight

Darkness Falls Across The Land
The Midnite Hour Is Close At Hand
Creatures Crawl In Search Of Blood
To Terrorize Y'awl's Neighbourhood
And Whosoever Shall Be Found
Without The Soul For Getting Down
Must Stand And Face The Hounds Of Hell
And Rot Inside A Corpse's Shell
The Foulest Stench Is In The Air
The Funk Of Forty Thousand Years
And Grizzy Ghouls From Every Tomb
Are Closing In To Seal Your Doom
And Though You Fight To Stay Alive
Your Body Starts To Shiver
For No Mere Mortal Can Resist
The Evil Of The Thriller

"That was awesome." Stevie said high fiving me.

"I know," I agreed.

"Kiss and get over with already." Kacey said pushing us together.

'"Kiss?" Stevie said confused.

"We`ll give privacy." Kacey leading Kevin and Nelson away.

"I`m sorry abo-." Stevie started but my lips were on hers.

"What was that for?" she asked tilting her head a little.

"For being so good looking." I answered simply.

"Oh, then you're looking good looking you`re self." She said before landing her lips on mine.

Best Halloween ever.

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