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Chapter 1 – Getting Out

Danielle's POV

I'm staring out the window of my mom's new, dark blue 2009 Nissan Altima. I can't believe that we are leaving our lives. Our family, friends, and him. My father died when I was eleven, which was five years ago, and it's been just me and my mom, living in the same house that I grew up in. We sold our house and we are leaving everyone behind. I have no idea what I am going to do in a new town where I don't know anybody. I will greatly miss Nevada. I loved the warm, dry weather. I loved living so close to the Las Vegas Strip that I could go out with friends to fun new restaurants, arcades, or anywhere else we wanted to go. I am sixteen years old, and I have already had a tougher decision to make than most of the adults that I know.

I have always been what people would call a loner. I love hanging out, by myself, in my bedroom. I have three huge bookcases that contain everything I need. Music, movies and television shows, and books. I love my books and music the most though. I can sit in my room for hours just listening to a good CD and reading a wonderful book. I was so much of a loner, that I only had a very few friends. We were a tight group though and we did all of the same things. Then there was him.

Jake. I couldn't believe that he wanted to be with me because he was so popular when he was in high school. He's two years older than me and we have been dating for one year, since I was fifteen and he was seventeen. It had been my fifteenth birthday when he actually talked to me. He came to my party because his sister was in my class and I had invited her because my mother really wanted me to try and socialize with more people. He and I had spent the whole night talking and laughing. Before I knew it, we were together.

The beginning of our relationship was wonderful. He was very kind, romantic, caring, and sweet. He would bring me flowers and take me to nice restaurants. He was my first real boyfriend. Then, after a few months of dating him, he started bugging me about sex. I was so hesitant because I'm a virgin and now that I look back, I'm glad that I didn't give him my v-card. I have always wanted to wait to do it until I am with the man that I'm going to marry. He got really mad at me for not doing it with him and he started getting physically, mentally, and emotionally abusive.

When I finally left him, I couldn't believe what had happened. I was always terrified to leave him because he said that he would kill me. He was a very possessive guy and he always had to know where I was, who I was with, and what I was doing. I never had a moment of peace with him.

After living through that much torture for almost a year and most of our relationship, I got up the courage to tell my mom what had been going on. When I did, I just remember my mom shaking and crying. She did that for hours. After about a day of her being in complete shock, she came into the room and told me that we were leaving. She said that she found a new house and a new job. She said that she was going to be managing a real estate office, which was what she had done for the past twenty years, and we would be leaving in the morning. She had already called movers and bought the house, in cash. She said that she had to get me away from Jake and she would do anything to protect me, now that she knew.

That night, we were up for what felt like days. We packed up our entire house and then the movers came bright and early at five in the morning. They loaded all of our possessions into the huge truck and put a tow on the back for my car. My mom and I got into her car, when they left, and we drove. It took us about twenty-four hours, including a couple of stops, to drive the 1340 miles. We took turns driving, so that we would never have to stop for very long.

We pulled into a driveway in the town of Forks, WA.

"This is it." Mom said with a smile. It was nice. It looked like a cozy two bedroom house. It was blue on the outside with white shutters. My mom, Rebecca, wanted the house outright so she went for a cheaper home and that's why it wasn't so large.

"I really love it mom," I said with a smile, trying to reassure her that she had made a good decision. "Anywhere away from him looks like heaven right now." I said, giving her a smile with sadness behind it.

As we step out of the car, mom fishes through her purse, obviously looking for the keys to the house. We start walking toward the house, with mom's arm around me. As we step through the front door, I look around and feel relieved. Relieved that I am able to start over where he can't get to me. As I smile at my mom, I'm ready to start my new life.