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Chapter 8 – Paul Imprints

Paul's POV

Looking down from the cliff at the cold water, I see something move out of the corner of my eye. I fully look at what is moving and my heart comes to a screeching halt. Suddenly nothing else mattered, at least not anything that didn't pertain to the girl walking on the beach.

As she stops and looks up at me, my heart starts to thump again. Only now, it was only beating for her. I smile down at her and jump. Free falling through the sky, toward the ocean, used to be the biggest thrill. Now, nothing matched the thrill of looking at this beauty that has now walked into my life.

As I hit the water, I can't swim to the shore quick enough, even though it only takes about three minutes from where I land.

Walking up the shore, toward what was now everything; I can't help but to smile again. I notice that she is looking me over. I quickly look her over as well. Full lips, light brown hair, voluptuous breasts, flat stomach, and the most beautiful green eyes I've ever seen. Also, she's about 5'4" or 5'5". It's a perfect height for my 6'1". I love shorter girls.

"Hi, my name is Paul. I've never seen you here before." I smile and notice that she doesn't seem to hear me. I smile and ask, "Can you hear me?" as a deep chuckle escapes my throat.

"H…hi. Yeah, I can hear you."

"I was saying that I have never seen you around before. You don't look like anyone who lives in La Push anyway. You're too pale. Are you visiting or something?" I ask with a smirk. 'Damn it Paul! You sound like a rambling nutcase!' I think to myself.

"I don't live in La Push. This is actually my first time being here. I just moved to Forks a week ago. I'm Danielle." She holds out her hand for me to shake.

I take her small hand in mine and shake it lightly. "Paul. Nice to meet you Danielle."

As our hands connect, I feel a strong pull toward this girl. I feel the need to keep a hold of her hand, just to keep her close. I let her go though, because I don't want her to get too freaked because of my high body temp, or the fact that if I keep her hand, she might think I'm a freak.

She started to speak in her gorgeous voice. She told me that it was nice to meet me and that she had to go. She informed me that she didn't want to keep me from my friends, which made me realize that I had forgotten all about them.

'Wait, you can't let her go dumbass! Say something before she leaves you!' As I think this, I put my hand on her shoulder.

She flinched away from my touch, so I put my hands up in a surrender position. "Sorry. I just wanted to ask if you wanted someone to walk with. They are going… ummm… home and now I'm all alone."

'Crap! Now she probably thinks you're lying. You should have lied quicker! Hopefully she didn't notice.' I think to myself, hating that I had to lie about my friends.

She tells me that we can walk together and we do, but I keep my distance because, from her flinching away from me, it seems like she doesn't want to get too close. As we are walking, I hear a howling, off in the distance. I quickly tell her that I have to go, kind of stumbling through it and then start jogging away.

I run into the woods and make sure that nobody is around before stripping off my shorts. Tying my shorts to my ankle, I start to feel the shakes as another howl rips through the air. Now I'm the wolf. My wolf is about 9'0" on all fours and I have grey/silver fur. Now, I have voices in my head.

'She was hot!' I hear Embry's wolf think.

'She was beyond hot dude!' Quil's wolf chimes in.

I felt a growl build in my chest as I run to where they have gathered. As I approach all of my friends, all in wolf form, I let my growl rip through my clenched teeth.

As they all turn to me, all I think is 'SHUT THE FUCK UP ABOUT HER!' I could feel my anger circulating through me. I know I have a bad temper and so do they. They shut up right away, not wanting to fight with me.

'Sorry Paul.' Embry and Quil think in unison.

'Okay, enough. Everyone, please stay quiet. I need a few words with Paul.' I hear Sam, my Alpha, think.

As I look at the giant black wolf, I think I see happiness in his eyes.

'Did you imprint?' Sam asks.

'Yes.' I say, staring into Sam's eyes.

'I figured as much when I saw the way you looked at her.' I smiled at his words. I didn't realize that the imprint was so noticeable on my face.

Sam continued, 'Now it's your job to protect her.' I nodded my massive head. Sam gave me a look, saying that I could go.


I am still in my wolf form and have a very good sense of smell. I follow her scent. I want to see where she went and I need to make sure she's alright, after I just ditched her.

Her scent leads me into Forks and to a quaint little house. I am in the woods that are located in her small backyard. The woods start about one hundred feet from the back of the house.

I can hear her talking with someone and I realize that it is her mother. As I listen to her walk toward the back of the house, I start to retreat into the forest, hoping that she didn't see me through a window. If she did, I can only imagine what she would think about seeing a gigantic wolf.

I start running. How was I going to explain all of this to her? Before I realized, it was dark. I stop to take a look around. Then, I'm off running again, not really knowing where. When I get back to the woods behind Danielle's house, I realized this was where I wanted to be. Where I needed to be. With her.

I walk out of the trees a little and look. I see her walking into a room. Her bedroom? All of a sudden, she looks right at me and we lock eyes.


It's Monday morning and I find myself standing on the sidewalk next to the parking lot of Forks High School. I am in a grey t-shirt and cutoff shorts. I normally don't where shirts, but I didn't want to stand out too much. I think people would stare if they saw a big, muscular man not wearing a shirt when it's grey and drizzling.

I watch as Danielle pulls into the parking lot and parks in a spot close to where I'm standing.

"Hi Paul." She says as she walks up to me. She is smiling and I take that as a sign that she's happy to see me, which makes me beam with pride.

"Hey Danielle. I wanted to come and see how your weekend was. I'm sad that I didn't run into you again." I say, as I just my bottom lip out like a child who is pouting.

She giggles at me as she tells me what she did with her weekend, after we met. When she is done remember how much those suck. Then I realize that I never told her how old I am because she gives me a weird look.

"Yeah. You remember those? How old are you anyway?" She asks me with a smirk on her face. I know that she can tell that I'm older than her, I just don't know if she can gauge how old I actually am because I look a little older than I am in reality.

I run my hand through my hair and look down. "I'm twenty. Is that a problem?" I know that I look twenty two and sometimes I hate it, for some odd reason that I can't put my finger on. 'Please don't let it be a problem.' I think to myself.

"No, not a problem at all. I'm sixteen. My birthday was a couple of months ago. I know, I'm probably too young for you but, since we're not dating, I guess it's alright." I see a small smile creep across her face and I revel in the fact that she had started off with her being too young for me, which makes me think that she was contemplating a relationship. I'm also finding that I feel hurt that she said that we aren't dating. It's the truth, but still, it hurts a little that we aren't together when my feelings for her are so strong.

After we talk a little longer, I realize that I will be anything for her. A friend, brother, lover, or anything she wants or needs.

"So, do you really have to do the school thing today? I mean, I don't want to be a bad influence on you but, I would really like to hang out with you today. It's a really nice day."

'Yeah, as nice a day as it can be here. You just need to tell her the truth and see how she reacts. Lover boy.' I think to myself. Why is this so hard? Why do I find myself wanting to sweep her up, take her away, and have her all to myself? Forever.

"Okay. Let me just bring my car home. Want to come with me, or do you have your own car?" She asks, biting her lower lip.

Her doing that makes me realize that I want to be biting her lip. Not hard, just nibbling it a little. A wave of heat crashes over me like a tidal wave. I stumble through telling her that my car is in the shop though. Okay, that's a lie, I know. My car is at home, but I can't just tell her that I don't need it because I'm a wolf and can run everywhere without a problem.

We walk over to her car, get in, and leave the school. All of a sudden I feel a rush of emotions. Nervous, stress, horror, lust, and deep love that I never imagined possible. Telling her the truth is going to be so hard, but it's something that I have to do. I have to tell her the truth. The whole truth.