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V.- A New Dawn For Evil

From the top of the mountain they were watching.

They had been waiting for a long time, for the moment they would be able to strike. How many years have passed since their last public appearance? Many, many years. Their brothers always treated them like bastards, as if they didn't have the right to exist. Well, now their brothers were gone, now only the two of them remained.

Well, and their omnipotent older brother still existed as ell, but he was another story.

Crusadermon looked around, to the beautiful Digital World, and wondered how things have gone so badly for her kind. She was, after all, one of the two remaining Dark Masters. Those who had been in kidding despite their brothers' feeble attempt to conquer the Digital World.

Well, now we're here to make things right.

"We've waited long enough," said Dynasmon, his white armored brother, who stared at the sunset on top of the mountain. "This Digital World will know what real power is. Our brothers, the other four Dark Masters, failed. But we will not. Anyhow, we'll make this world ours."

"And the real world as well." Said Crusadermon, looking at her rose and throwing it to the air. "The DigiDestined believe they have defeated all evil there is. No more Apocalymon, no more Myotismon, no more tyranny. Well, our father might be gone but we're stronger now…we'll defeat them."

Many years have passed since their last battle, but they had been training and now, they felt they were powerful enough to face the DigiDestined. It was all a matter of destroying them, and then both worlds would be theirs. They had ambition…they had seen a world they could conquer. They needed to control the Digital World, it was in their nature.

They were born to that Destiny.

Gennai was kneeling before Azulongmon.

The handsome man, restored to youth thanks to the efforts of the DigiDestined, looked at the powerful Sovereign with respect and with worry in his eyes. He had hoped that this day wouldn't come. He had hoped that all the Dark Masters were gone, but the replicas were still at large. He hadn't had the guts to tell the DigiDestined about them, but he knew that the time was drawing near.

Azulongmon, a blue dragon who controlled more than one Digital World, looked at his herald with worried eyes as well. "They're near, I hear them."

"We feared that this day would come," said Gennai with an uneasy look on his eyes. "We thought they were gone, but Crusadermon and Dynasmon, the replicas of the Royal Knights, are back. We should tell the kids…they have to get ready. A new battle is approaching, one that will once again bring terror to the Digital World."

Azulongmon nodded. "Let's just hope this battle stays local and doesn't extend to other worlds. Gennai, I want those Dark Masters destroyed before they cause any real destruction."

Gennai stood up and sighed. It was going to be a long week.

Matt was sitting on the couch, thinking deeply.

He had practically dragged his brother from the bay to his apartment, that was all he could do. Finally, after arriving to the apartment and calling Kari, Patamon and Natsuko (Matt's and Takeru's mother), letting them know that Takeru was alright, Matt had practically forced his brother to rest in his bed. It was the only thing that would let him be at peace.

Takeru needed to sleep; he had bags under his eyes, result of nights of not being able to sleep at all. Matt had generously given him his bed, saying he would sleep on the couch, and after arguing about it for a couple of minutes, the younger blond had agreed. He lay down on the bed and almost immediately he fell asleep.

Tai, who had stayed with the younger boy until he had fallen asleep like a parent guarding his child, closed the door of Matt's room and walked towards the older blond, who had his gaze lost on infinity. The former leader of the DigiDestined sat down next to his best friend and looked at him worriedly.

"Are you alright, Matt?" asked Tai, concerned. He knew his best friend wasn't alright, but he had to ask nevertheless. Although breaking through Matt's cold exterior was hard sometimes, Tai had gotten used to the cold yet characteristic mood of Matt…sometimes. It was easy to penetrate Matt's mind once you get used to it.

Matt sighed. "Tai, I don't know what to do…what T.K. told us is…."

"Unbelievable, surprising, worrying…" said Tai as he cited all the ways Takeru had surprised them.

"Scary," replied Matt, with a worried tone of voice. "Tai… this isn't easy to digest…alternate personalities? Mate, that makes my brother almost insane. How do I deal with this?"

"The same way we always deal with stuff like this," said Tai with a decided look, with his gaze down. "We face this like friends, like a team. If T.K. needs help, we'll get it from him…if he needs support, we'll support him. We're not going to let him down, not now…he's been fighting himself for so long. Not anymore."

Matt smiled slightly. "Thanks mate…I'll never know how I lived so long without you."

Tai nodded. "Keep asking yourself that."

There was a moment of silence. Matt placed his hands over his face, trying to know what he was supposed to do now. He was scared for his brother, for his mental health. Takeru was clearly deeply conflicted with that mental strife and he didn't know how to deal with that. It all sounded too unreal. "How do I know this is some teenager scam? It's too farfetched…my brother, mentally unstable?"

"You know T.K., he can't lie like this. You saw his face while he told us about this…Phoenix. He is being honest," said Tai, though he too sounded skeptical. Yet, Takeru had never lied to them, never. Or at least, not a lie of that magnitude. "He needs help."

"Phoenix," said Matt, looking up. "Even the name sounds scary. Omnipotent. We have to get the devil out of Takeru. We don't know what this alternate personality can do to my brother. He's controlling his emotions now, but what if he takes over his body?"

Tai looked away. "Guess we'll have to get help before that happens."

"I'll call Joe tomorrow," said Matt with a convinced smile, knowing that he needed to act quickly before he lost his brother. "He must know many psychiatrists in his school. This is something we can't deal with. Surely we can blast evil digimon away, but we cannot treat a mentally unstable person. A professional psychiatrist has to deal with this."

"Sounds right," said Tai, glad that his friend had some ideas, because his mind was also blank on how to approach the subject matter. "We have to be very careful of who we let in on this. We have to tell Sora, and Joe…and Kari. But I'm not sure about the others. And your mother and father must be kept in the dark. The less people that knows, the better. I doubt T.K. want everybody know how bad he is."

Matt nodded. "You're right. I agree. We keep this to ourselves."

Suddenly, they heard a loud scream coming from the other room.

Matt and Tai looked at each other in fear while standing up, running towards Matt's room.

They opened the door and found Takeru crying, with his hands over his head, struggling to control himself. He had a stain of urine on his pants. And he was shaking uncontrollably. It was as if some kind of demon was trying to posses him, he nearly convulsed in the ground as if he was epileptic.

Matt stared terrified, so did Tai.

Phoenix had taken over.

Phoenix raised his head and looked at his brother and surrogate brother. He had a wicked smirk on his face, as if he was a psychotic man about to murder someone. "You do something to stop me and I'll make sure Takeru lives in hell for the rest of his life. You cannot stop me. I'm here to stay."

Finally, Phoenix let go and Takeru went limp. The young teenager opened his eyes and saw scared at his surroundings. He was scared, he had lost control for the second time, this time he had actually let Phoenix control him. He was terrified and wanted to cry.

So he did.

Matt, still in shock, walked towards his brother and wrapped his arms around his younger sibling. Matt couldn't help it and his cold exterior melted, starting to cry alongside his brother. However, despite the tears, he had to be strong for his brother. He had to show him that he had the strength to support him. He would not let Takeru fall, and if he fell, Matt would go down with him.

Takeru sobbed.

Matt patted his back while holding him right. "It'll be okay, otouto. Shh…"

Tai knelt aside the brothers and joined them in an embrace, giving his courage and strength to his surrogate little brother. "Don't worry, T.K….we'll get the devil out of you. That monster will not torment you if we're here."

The younger blonde just sobbed.