"We won Sanny, we won." Brittany shouts invoking Santana in a bear hug. Santana can't believe it they actually won. She is so excited she doesn't even care that Brittany has called her Sanny if front of everyone. They were all jumping up and down on the stage for ten minutes before they are ushered off into the back rehearsal room.

"We fucking won, I can't fucking believe it." Santana shouts hugging Quinn and everyone else even Rachel.

"While I'm very happy we won I do believe it would be better if we moved our celebration back to the hotel." Mr. Shue shouts trying to make himself heard over the celebration. It takes Sue shoving Artie into the group of kids knocking over Sam and Mike for them to listen. The four adults go out to pull the bus around and load up the costumes.

"Hold up," Quinn says grabbing Santana's arm as she and Brittany are about to follow the adults. "We all chipped in to get you two your own hotel room so we don't have to hear you." she tells them smiling.

"Ooo, yay, did you hear that S." Brittany giggles softly kiss her.

"Wow thanks Q," Santana is surprised that they would do this. She looks at Brittany wondering if she has told anyone and that's why they got them their own room. Shaking her head she figures it is because of the plane ride not Britts.

"Please we didn't do this for you, it's clearly for us. None of us girls want to hear you two go at it especially since we won and you two will be going at it all night." Quinn says with a disgusting look on her face.

Santana gives Brittany a look of we need to get out of here before turning around to face the rest of the glee club. "Tell Mr. Shue and Sue that I promised Brittany I'd take her to the zoo if we won and we'll be back to the hotel by seven." she doesn't even wait for a response, she just leaves with Brittany haling a cab.

Brittany beams her thousand watt smile as Santana tells the driver were to go. Santana slumps back into the seat smiling staring into Brittany's eyes. Leaning in the dancer kisses her. She is about to pull away when the Latina pulls her closer deepening the kiss.

I'm really going to marry her. Sanny is really going to marry me. I can't believe that we are going through with this. I'm going to be married to my best friend this is the best day of my life.

Santana watches Brittany as she stares out the window. She loves to just watch her girlfriend. It is her favorite pass time.

I get to do this every day for the rest of my life. In an hour time I'll be married to the most beautiful, wonderful and kind girl in the world. How did I get so lucky as to end up with her. The only thing in this world I really need is her. I could survive in this world without everything else, but her.

Both girls smiles at each other ready to take this leap together. The cab pulls up to the court house. They get out and Santana paid him asking him to wait for them to come back out. She grabs Brittany's hand as they walk into the court house.


"You seriously just let them walk out and go off by themselves. Are you all incapable of stopping two girls? Gigantor, Girl Lips and Mohawk surely you three could have stopped them." Sue shouts pacing around the lobby.

"Coach Sue you know how Santana gets especially when Brittany is involved." Quinn protests.

"There are way more of you than them so why couldn't you stop her. I don't care that Santana is scary, she can't have taken out all of you." Sue barks seething that she might have lost her two best Cheerios.

"Calm down Sue, they'll come back soon it's almost seven. Has anyone heard from them?" Will asks sitting down next to Emma.

"I hope Brittany doesn't get lost. We may never find her again." Emma worriedly says.

"Santana would never let that happen." Quinn calmly says taking out her phone, calling Santana.

The phone rings three times before someone answers.

"Santana, were the hell are you?"

She hears someone giggles and knows that it has to be Brittany. "I'm not Santana silly and San told me not to say anything. I'll see you in a few minutes. San says we're almost back."

Before the line goes dead she hears noises that are eerily similar to that of two people making out.

"Okay that was weird. Brittany answered Santana's phone and wouldn't say anything." Quinn nervously fettles with her phone trying to think of why Santana won't want Brittany to say anything about the zoo.

"Oh god, you don't think Brittany convinced Santana to steal her a tiger or lion do you?" Artie asks everyone. The entire club even the adults all shutter.

"She would, wouldn't she?" Mike says looking nervously at Tina to see if she agrees with him. They have spent quite a bit of time lately with the two girls. Double dating, practicing for nationals or more like Brittany and Mike coming up with the chorography and Santana and Tina watching them.

"Yeah, Brittany would just see them as huge cats and give Santana her signature pout and stare at her with those sad eyes and Santana would just give in." Quinn agrees now in full panic mode.

"Well I don't think even Santana could do that." Rachel states so sure that she is right.

Not even Santana could get Brittany a tiger or lion from the zoo, could she.

"Please," Sue stands menacing over Rachel and glares around at everyone. "There are a few things I know about those two. One is that Boobs McGee can't say no to the blonde one, two that that girl is resourceful and three absolutely nothing is impossible for Boobs McGee when Brittany is involved."

"But Sue, I highly doubt they could get it out of the zoo." Emma says shifting in her seat not wanting to have to deal with a dirty animal.

"Really okay everyone sit down and let me tell you about the first time I saw Boobs McGee play a little game called dodgeball."


Well, well, well why do we have a gaggle of kids near the gym door. I bet it's a fight. Good I could use a good fight.

"Hey, you horse butt boy. What's going on here?" Sue shouts not really caring who answers as long as someone does.

"Coach Sue, it's about to be an epic game of dodgeball going down." Amanda, her head Cheerio yells from the door.

Shoving her way to Amanda she stands towering over her wanting to know more. She demands that the Cheerios know everything and they did.

"Many of the varsity football players and hockey were picking on Brittany and Santana challenged them to a dodgeball game." Amanda duck aside as Sue runs in incensed that Amanda isn't helping her fellow Cheerio. By the time she reaches the edge of the dodgeball area, she has spotted every Cheerio.

Taking a mental note that none of the Cheerios are helping she looks up and sees the most beautiful site ever.

"Twinkle Toes eat shit!" Santana shouts taking the two dodgeballs in her hands and chucks them at two of the guys.

Brittany is picking up the dodgeballs and hands them to Santana. Sue watches in pure delight as her brand new Cheerios pit bull defends her friend in the most violent game of dodgeball she's ever seen. Smiling at how violent the Latina girl is and how none of the balls come close to her or Brittany.


"She took out thirty two guys that game all by herself. It seemed impossible, but I've learned over the last four years that absolutely nothing is impossible for Santana Lopez." Sue finishes smiling fondly at the memory.

"I'm so stupid! Facebook!" shouts Quinn looking all around for a computer.

"What are you talking about?" Kurt asks wondering why Quinn is running around like a maniac.

"Britt posts everything on facebook. Who has a computer we can finally figure out wither they stole a large cat or not." Quinn still is running around.

"Here I have one." Puck hands her his smart phone.

Quinn grabs the phone and gets on Britts facebook right away. She gasps, dropping the phone.

"What's wrong?" Tina asks picking up the phone. "Oh if it's that Brittany's relationship status says she's married to Santana it's been that way for a few months." scrolling down she also drops it and gasps.

"Oh god what has come over you two? Don't tell me that Santana actually stole a zoo animal for her." Puck bends down for the phone when Santana walks in the hotel lobby carrying Brittany bridal style.

"Finally," Sue shouts as everyone begins to move up to the rooms. "Please tell me that Brittany didn't hurt her ankle right before the cheerleading nationals." she barks clearly upset at the fact that her best Cheerio is possible injured.

Brittany smiles looking directly into Santana's eyes. They are high on each other's love and the fact that they will be spending the rest of their lives together. Santana makes her way up to the honeymoon suit. She had taken the room the glee kids had bought them and paid a little more for the upgrade. Everyone follows them as she opens the door and carries her bride over the thresh hold. Brittany plants a huge kiss on her wife's lips before Santana puts her on the ground and they turn their attention back to huge group of people in the doorway.

"Q, Tina why don't you look confused?" Santana raises an eyebrow knowing full well that Brittany has posted pictures on Facebook.

"Cause we saw the pictures of you two getting married." Quinn says still stunned that they are actually married. There were gasps all around.

"No, no their too young." Emma rubs her hands together.

"Way to go Lopez!" Puck shouts high fiving her. "I always knew you'd pull your head out of your ass eventually."

"Really are you Santana trying to upstage me cause I know it's not Brittany's idea." Rachel complains hugging Finn whispering in his ear. "Why can't you be more romantic like that."

"So Tweedle Dumb isn't hurt." Sue frowns. "Never scare me like that again."

"Would you all please get out of our room this is our wedding night." Santana gestures to herself and Brittany. "Don't worry Mr. Shue we'll still get up at ten in time to go explore the city with the rest of you losers." she explains once she sees Mr. Shue's face.

Mr. Shue, Emma and Beiste all leave knowing that there is nothing they can do to change the girl's minds. Sue nods at Santana and Brittany. If it is anyone else she would be furious, but as they already act all married and domestic, she really doesn't care.

It honestly doesn't surprise me that they would go do something like this.

All that remains is the glee club most who are just staring at the two of them.

"Can you two even legally get married?" Sam asks.

"Please Brittany's been eighteen for four months and Santana turned eighteen two weeks ago." Quinn says hugging both of them. "Congratulation and have a good night." she winks leaving.

Everyone leaves and Santana closes the door turning to Brittany. "Get in bed." she orders pulling her shirt off.

Brittany smiles and complies happier than she has ever been before.

Knowing that this is the one time that Santana will want to dominate her. "I love you, wifey." she whispers as Santana pounces on her.

"I love you too, wife." Santana breaths in between kisses.