A/N: Okay, so this is my first story, it's a time-travel fic, but it's filled with all the things I wish I could see in other time-travel fics and I promise Harry won't be this angsty. I just need him like this in order to go back.

Harry looked around the battle field with a heavy heart. It had all been too much for him in the great hall, he'd tried to be strong, he'd tried to be the leader that he knew people saw him as. He'd just dueled with and beat the most powerful and viscous wizard of modern times and yet all Harry wanted to do was hide. He couldn't cope seeing the bodies of those who'd given their lives in this war. Remus, Tonks, little Colin and worst of all, Fred. It had broken his heart to see the Weasleys so upset. To see Molly, the woman he'd come to regard as a second mother cling to her now dead son, tears beating off his lifeless form. It was too much. Harry blamed himself. Would Fred still have been there if Harry hadn't been friends with Ron? Would he have fought? Would Remus have fought? Colin he felt sure wouldn't have been there if not for Harry and the really was all too much. Harry had tried to come outside to grieve in his own way, to hide from the death he felt so responsible for and yet every few steps he had been thanked. Thanked! By the very people who's lives he'd allowed to risk to help his own destiny of destroying Riddle. Suddenly the bodies around him weren't the most oppressive force in the room anymore. Then more than ever Harry needed to escape, and so there he was, surveying the battle field. Racked with guilt for surviving when so many others had not.

"I know what you're thinking" said a soft voice from behind him. Harry didn't move, he made no sign that he'd even heard the voice save for a slight tensing of his muscles. Minutes passed in silence when the voice spoke again, this time accompanied by a hand on his shoulder. "It's not your fault Harry, these people all knew what could happen if they came here today. Yet they still did. Why? Because they wanted to ensure a world where their friends and families could be free. Free from Voldemort, free from the death eaters and free from a society that would persecute someone based merely on their blood status. They didn't die for you Harry, they fought and died for the same reasons you did. And before you say it, you didn't do this because of some stupid prophecy. You did it because you love us. All of us."

"Oh Hermione" whispered Harry, finally turning around and looking his friend in the eyes. "It's just... I know all of that. Logically I know all of that, but that won't stop me blaming myself. Maybe if I'd found the horcruxes sooner I'd have been able to save more people, or if I'd known before today that I was the master of the deathly hallows... Wait! That's it!" Harry said with a start, suddenly looking brighter, more alert and, to Hermione, even seeming a little hopeful. "I'm the master of the the hallows right?"

"Harry..." Hermione said quietly, knowing what he was about to say.

"I inherited the cloak from my dad, the wand I took by force and the stone..." Here Harry paused for a second. "The stone was bequeathed to me by Dumbledore. I just need to fetch it from the forest where I dropped it and I'm the master of all three hallows."

"Harry..." Tried Hermione again, but it was of little use, Harry was becoming more determined with each breath.

"The master of all three hallows Hermione. You know what that means don't you!" Shouted Harry, almost desperate now. "I'm the master of death! The master of death Hermione! I can bring everyone back! I can bring Fred back. Heck, I can bring everyone who died since I became the master of death back! You read that book Dumbledore left you. There must be something on that, go get it whilst I get the stone! Quickly, time might be important!"

But Hermione didn't move. "Harry" she said, "I read that book cover to cover, I read the story of the the brothers over and over. The master of death, it... It doesn't work that way. Once someone has gone, that's it, you can't pull them back from the other side." She chewed on her lip nervously, waiting for the breakdown she knew her words would cause. But it never came, in fact, Harry smiled.

"Once they're gone. That's it then, I just need to go back and stop anyone from dying... Before they cross over."

Hermione sighed, she had been expecting this, she knew Harry wouldn't give up so easily. "That's just it though Harry, you can't go back in time like that, it's against the laws, not to mention all the time turners were smashed..."

"Breaking into Gringotts is against the law too Hermione" Harry smirked, "and besides, we don't need a time turner, master of hallows, remember?"

Hermione shook her head, "it won't work Harry, no wizard can turn back time with just a spell, even with the help of the hallows."

"I have to try Hermione." And with that Harry concentrated all of his will on the hallows, the elder wand in his hand began to vibrate slightly, his cloak began to emanate a strange glow, and from a distance, the stone was steadily making its way through the air and in to Harry's hand. Harry concentrated all his mind and body on to the feelings he'd experienced that time he'd used the time turner in third year. Not allowing room for doubt. He was the master of the three fabled hallows, he could do anything. That was it, he remembered standing next to Hermione, he remembered how his body moved and swayed through time, how the world around him had seemed to rewind with great speed, how freely he slipped back, further and further until... Harry felt an incredibly strange sensation, he felt like he was flying, he wasn't sure where exactly, but before he could work it out, he stopped. Harry opened his eyes and found himself looking straight into Hermione's. "Damn it" he thought, it hadn't worked, he hadn't gone anywhere. He was still outside Hogwarts, Hermione was still looking at him like he was crazy, he hadn't turned back time at all.

"What the Hell have you just done?" Squeaked Hermione? "Oh God! Quick get behind here!" And she pulled him with a surprising amount of strength behind a wall if the castle, just in time for Harry to see a werewolf running across the grounds, chased closely by a big, black dog.

"Sirius..." Harry gasped, "Moony..."

A/N: So there we have it, Angsty Harry is done with now, and we can get to the good stuff. Plus, explanations as to what has happened and why Hermione has gone back will follow. Thanks for reading.