Golly, school kept me pretty occupied this week, so I didn't have time to any other stories! :O Sigh... At least I had a little time to make this chapter!

Today was the most exciting day for King Ashtarth and his family. His wife, Queen Zohina, was carrying their second child, and now. she had just given birth to a boy. The child was very small for an Astral Being infant, yet all that mattered to the family was that their child was healthy. On the other hand, Ashtarth and Zohina's son, Luneth, was the most excited member of the family. The little prince had recently turned four, and he was very excited to be a big brother.

Ashtarth, Zohina, and Luneth all stared at the bundle in Zohina's arms. Wrapped in a blanket was a small, Astral Being. Tears streamed down his face, falling past chubby cheeks.

"Ashtarth, he has your body tattoos! He even looks like you!" whispered Zohina in awe, cradling her child.

The king closely inspected the child. He indeed did resemble him, facial and features. Zohina actually had green skin, which Luneth inherited, but the newborn child was blue, like him.

Ashtarth smiled at his newborn son. He reached out a hand by the child, and to his surprise, the child gripped his hand tightly. Ashtarth and Zohina's hearts nearly melted at the sight of their littlest one.

"Aww, he's already stronger than you," teased Zohina.

"Nuh uh! He's a baby, and I'm the big brother, so maybe I'm stronger, but Daddy is stronger than me!" piped up Luneth, gently poking his little brother. Facing his father, he excitedly asked, "What's his name, Daddy?!"

Ashtarth gently grasped the child out of Zohina's arms and placed it into his own. He deeply gazed into identical golden eyes and closed his own. Silence filled the room for a moment, and Zohina and Luneth were quite aware of why so. Ashtarth was praying to Number 39, Hope, for having his son alive.

"Hope, thank you for everything. I don't know what I'd do if you never helped me during the war. Now that it's over, all that I ask of you is a name for my child," prayed Ashtarth.

In return, a deep voice rumbled telepathically into Ashtarth's mind. "Your child... His name should be Astral... You are the true king of the Astral World, but one day... Astral will be a great successor for your people..."

Suddenly, an instant inspiration popped into the king's ahead. "Of course... Thank you, Hope."

After the king opened his eyes again, a wide smile spread onto his face. He approached his family and carefully lifted the child out of Zohina's arms. "His name is Astral," he then stated with a hint of happiness.

"Astral... I like this name," Zohina said.

Luneth raised an eyebrow on confusion. "Astral? Cool!"

King Ashtarth smiled even brighter at his newborn son. The child yawned as he moved around in his blanket. He even put his thumb in his mouth and started to suck on it.

The king never felt anymore pleased.

"Welcome to the world, Astral."