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(Bella's Point of View)

My name is Isabella Marie Swan, I am moving to the Pacific Northwest, to the small town of Forks, Washington. The reason I am leaving my hometown, Phoenix, Arizona, is because my mom, Renee, just re-married. Her new husband, Phil, is a minor league baseball player and because of this, he needs to move around a lot. I could see it made my mom unhappy to stay with me so I am moving to Forks to live with Charlie, my dad, and this will be a good thing…I think.

As I arrive at the terminal in Port Angeles at 10:30 PM, I see Charlie standing beside his cruiser. To the people of Forks my dad is Chief Swan. I walked up to my dad with my luggage slung over my back and after an awkward greeting I tossed my bag into the trunk and we headed off to Forks in silence.

It wasn't until we were nearly there that Charlie broke the silence. "So, Bella, what do you think about us taking a little vacation? As a welcome home gift I mean…"

I quirked my eyebrow, "What do you mean a vacation?" I asked.

"Well, I have a good bit of money saved up and I've been cooped up in Forks too long. I figured we could go somewhere together." Charlie responds and he seems pretty adamant about it.

I looked at him, tilting my head in wonder and resignation. "Where were you thinking of us going, dad?"

"Well…I wanted to know what you thought of Italy…" he says with a slight blush.

My face breaks into a massive smile "Dad, I've dreamed of going to Italy for as long as I can remember, when were you planning on going…"

"That's the thing kiddo I already have the tickets…we leave tomorrow."

With that said the rest of the ride proceeds in silence, as we pull up into the driveway I am ecstatic 'I am going to Italy!'

"You better get some sleep Bells our flight leaves Seattle at noon" I nod and skip up to my room not bothering to unpack as I can just use the same luggage. I fall into a gentle sleep with a smile on my face, ecstatic of the incoming trip.

(The Next Morning)

"Bells! Wake Up, we gotta get going its 6 am!" Charlie hollered, peaking his head through the crack in my door.

"Alright dad, I am going to get a shower first!" he grunts his acceptance and heads off downstairs.

After my morning ritual I headed down the stairs luggage in hand "Alright dad I'm ready let's go." He gets out of his chair with a groan and heads for the door. "I already put my stuff in the cruiser let's get going Bells." I smile and stumble towards the cruiser.

After the long, but otherwise peaceful drive to Sea-Tac Airport, we headed for the security check point. Charlie had to fill out nearly a dozen forms since he has his police issue Glock in his luggage bag. I told him to just leave it behind, but he wouldn't listen…

When all the paperwork was finally complete we had to run to make our plane, boarding as swiftly as we can we take our seats and prepare for the arduous flight across the world.

(Fourteen Hours Later)

'Were here!' I all but squealed to myself in my excitement as I ran to baggage claim. Charlie had to fill out more paperwork regarding his damn firearm causing me to roll my eyes in impatience.

We finally headed out of the Rome International Airport and dad heads toward the rental car area. It takes only a few minutes before we're driving away in a 2012 Ford Fiesta.

"The tour guide said that there is a beautiful city about an hour away called Volterra. Do want to check it out, Bells, or do you want to stay in Rome."

I shrug, "I think we should listen to the tour guide. They know the country and could point out some very interesting places that we would have otherwise missed." We both chuckled a bit at this before taking the turn off out of the city.

"Alright then, off the Volterra we go!" Charlie says happily as we're driving out of Rome.

I KNOW ITS SHORT AND I'M SORRY FUTURE CHAPTER WILL BE EXPONENTIALLY LONGER I JUST REALLY SUCK AT STARTING A STORY! ALSO Yes LAW ENFORCEMENT can have their side arms they just must be in their luggage not on their person or carry-on. Though I'm not sure about Italy's gun laws BUT don't sweat the small stuff.