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From another perspective.




"Lady Love? Who? Someone needs to see a psychiatrist." Okita Sougo, Shinsengumi Officer, and Captain of the 1st Division, crumpled the letter up and tossed it at Hijikata, who was in the middle of lighting a cigaret. The ball of paper caught on fire, leaving the panicking Vice Commander the hastily stomp it out. His cloths were, sadly, spare.

Sougo sighed, the day must really have something against him if he couldn't even burn Hijikata. He grabbed his uniform jacket and headed out the door. "I'm gonna go patrol." He called over his shoulder, ignoring the shouts of murder echoing after him.

The day was bright, sunny, warm, and dreadfully boring, Okita concluded, as he wondered the maze of streets that made up Edo.

He hadn't come across a single thing of interest, and that was saying a lot, since he usually managed to find something to entertain him no matter where he might be.

And of course, since this is a story, he just needed to think those thoughts for his salvation to pop up. All hail FanFiction Authors. His salvation in this case, took the form of a lazy freelancing samurai and his glasses wearing side kick, Pachi-something-or-other. Oh, and lets not forget the giant puppy looking dog chewing on the white haired man's head. "Soichiro-kun! Perfect timing!" Gintoki waved, not managing to look very excited.

"It's Sougo, danna. Where's China? Finally got eaten by that oversized dog of hers?"

"That's actually the problem, Okita-san, we cant find her." Shinpachi piped up.

"Eh, we thought for sure you two were fighting again." Gin nodded sagely.

"Nah, I haven't seen the monster." If I had I wouldn't be so bored. "You sure she didn't get eaten?"

"We're sure, we're sure!"

Okita shrugged. "Okay then. Just go check the playground, I bet she's terrorizing-"


Wait a minute.

Threatening letters, (with mention of lady love,) + missing China girl =…

"…..you're kidding right?"

"Ah, no. She really is missing, that's what we've been saying- Hey! Where are you going?!"

"I just remembered some important police duties I need to take care of. See you later, danna."

"Since when do you care about your duties?!"

Trying to mess with him, were they? Trying to mess with her to get to him, huh?

Well, he'd just have to fix that wouldn't he?

The doors to the Shinsengumi Headquarters slammed open as he passed, sending the Kondo Underlings scurrying out of the way.

The offending length of hallway was made quick work of as he marched towards the 1st Division barracks.

Not bothering to suppress his grin, he threw the door open.

The large room was what one would expect from a bunch of men living together without someone to look after them. That's right; a mess.

Even with the presence of Kumanaku, some things simply cannot be changed.

Just like the divisions automatic response to their Captain barging in on them. A frantic scramble to stand at attention ensued, even though they were technically off duty. Well, that was the reaction of the smart ones. The newbies were still under the impression that they could get away, and made to bolt for the back door.

Bazookas are very handy for dealing with situations like that. "Tsk, there are rules about desertion, you know. We wouldn't want the Demon Vice Commander to catch wind of this."

"Yes sir, Okita-taichou…" The newly subdued and now slightly charred members chorused.

Okita shifted the bazooka to his other shoulder, looking smug. "That's what I thought. Now prepare to move out, we have a situation to take care of."

"But Okita-taichou-!"

:We must disturb this reading until further notice:

Currently, Okita Sougo was battling between amusement, anger, and relief. He didn't like to think about the last two much.

Kagura was safely in his arms, chained but still there, and her enraged growling was both annoying and comforting all at once. Annoying because, well, she was who she was, and comforting for the same reasons he was feeling anger and relief. Because she was a monster he would much rather have nearby in his sight then anywhere else, and because-

Nope, he still didn't want to go there.

Okita was heading back to headquarters, having left the 1st Division back at the restaurant to finish up; they could figure out he'd abandoned them on their own.

He pinched Kagura when she tried to kick him again, and nearly got head butted for his efforts. "Would you just hold still already?!"

"No! You're kidnapping me and I do not plan to go quietly!" Kagura's glare was pure ice.

"I rescued you from a kidnapping, doesn't that make me the hero?"

"I don't have the stockholm syndrome, you bastard!" She snarled, making him think of a wild dog.

"That's a pretty big word for you, China, I'm impressed. Did you have to look it up?" They were attracting a far amount of attention from other passerby, and though most of them made a large loop around them, he turned off the main street at the next corner. He didn't feel like dealing with Edo's idiotic citizens at the moment.

Kagura had apparently decided to give him the cold shoulder and had stuck her nose in the air in a rather pathetic attempt at indifference, which he doubted she'd be able to keep up for long. He gave her three minutes.

"If you don't put me down, I'm going to sic Sadaharu on you! And where are we going anyway?"

And would you look at that, she hadn't even made it past two.

He sighed loudly to show his aggravation. "I already told you, I'm taking you back to headquarters. You really don't pay any attention, do you?"

"Bite me!" She hissed, and renewed her efforts to escape, which is not something to be taken lightly from a Yato. Okita tightened his grip on the squirming redhead with a grunt of effort, his already mostly non-existent patience wearing thin. "Just hold still, damn it!"

"Why should I?! I have no reason to let you drag me back to your precious Kondo- gah!" She was cut off when Sougo dropped her onto her feet and shoved her against the wall roughly.

"You have no right to complain about anything after all the trouble you put me through!" He hissed, red eyes practically glowing as he leaned over her. "That idiot woman kidnapped you to get to me and then I had to go to all the trouble of getting you out of there!"

Kagura could only blink dumbly for a few moments before a thought occurred to her. "Then why did you bother?"

It was a perfectly ligament question, because as far as she knew he hated her, but for whatever reason Okita completely froze and stared at her as if he hadn't really thought about that himself. His face twisted for a minute, which would have been funny in any other circumstance, but this one. Not that Kagura really knew what this one was.

"You are so dense, China." Okita finally muttered.

"Hey, you take that back-!" She was interrupted again by Sougo giving one of her buns a firm tug and then the sudden brush of lips on her cheek. Kagura shrieked in surprise and threw herself away from him, nearly falling onto the ground in the process."Wha-wha-wha-what-you pervert!"

Okita looked far too smug as he stuck his hands in his pockets and smirked. "You have a terrible defence, China."

"What-you-!" Kagura floundered helplessly for a moment, before resorting to her tried method that had yet to fail her; violence. She reached for the nearest projectile, which happened to be a garbage bin, threw it, and ran; not even pausing to realize she'd finally broken her chains.

This was one of those situations that was going to be buried in a sealed box in the darkest, coldest corner of her mind for the rest of eternity.

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