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Perhaps it all began that day in the park, before the storm hit. She wore a crown of flowers in her hair, ribbons a bit worn and tattered, obviously well-loved and frequently included in her excursions.

However, it was typical for a highly imaginative six-year-old, going to ride the carousel in the park to wear something to make her feel like a princess. And if she chose to ride a fierce charger instead of a pretty mare, that simply reflected her desire for excitement. Especially since she immediately told herself that said charger was really a dragon.

And to her, it truly did become a dragon. Fortunately for those around her, she didn't quite get around to deciding whether or not it was a country-side burning, people-eating, hero-defying dragon, or one focused on completing daily business. Unnoticed by her parents, the carousel operator, or the other parents and older siblings there, Sarah's mount had become the dragon. An unexpectedly docile, friendly, and smallish dragon, courtesy of him. The other children on the ride at that time found themselves astride a variety of real and imagined, current and extinct animals, and many in-between.

Prior to that moment, Sarah Williams had many imaginary companions, who fulfilled a plethora of roles and expectations in her playtime, as did her friends. Maybe it was that afternoon that witnessed the start of her real magical adventures. After all, the rider next to her brought his own Pegasus for a mount. And it was he, after all, who became her frequent co-conspirator in various back-yard quests.

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