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Why the exorcists decided to go to hogwarts no one can say. When ever someone asked they would all reply that they were bored. But surely they wouldn't go for such a petty reason. Would they? Many suspected that akuma had been appearing there and that's why they went but others say it would be a vacation of sorts for them. Either way they were welcomed with open arms.

Snape's pov

What the hell! Who are these people? He stared at the group of teenagers who had suddenly appeared in front of hogwarts. The blinding light that had signified their arrival had finally died down and he was able to fully see them.

There was one girl with long dark hair dressed in a long sleeve jacket with a matching skirt. She seemed to be all smiles. Next to her was a tall redheaded boy. One eye was covered with an eyepatch and he seemed to be provoking the man next to him. Though he could have been mistaken for a girl due to his long hair which was tied up in a ponytail. He had a sword attached to his waist which it seemed his hand was inching toward. And lastly there was a petite looking boy who couldn't be more than fourteen hiding behind them all. All three boys were wearing matching jackets. The only difference being the buttons on the little one's jacket. Instead of silver it had golden buttons.

Now that his inspection of the four seemingly harmless teenagers was complete. More or less. He tried to figure how the hell they got there. He didn't see any wands or any vehicle that could have brought them to the entrance of hogwarts. And just when he was about to call for Dumbledore, the youngest stepped forward.

"Hello! We came to enroll here. So if you could just point us in the right direction it would be really helpful." He stated. He silenced his friends who were bickering behind him before turning back to face him. And frankly Snape didn't know what to do. Should he point them in the opposite direction or take them to the headmaster, he wasn't sure. Thankfully, Dumbledore appeared right then and took the matter out of his hands.

He could only watch as he not only welcome them but also lead them inside talking about how they were just in time for the sorting. The door closed behind them leaving poor Snape outside trying to figure out what the hell happened.

Allen's pov

Hmm. I think I smell food. Everyone won't miss me if I take a small detour. I'm sure I'll find them eventually. And following his nose, he found his way to the kitchen. Which he found with surprisingly little difficulty. How he would find his way back to his friends would be a different story with his horrible sense of direction.

Lavi's pov

Yes we are in! Man the beansprout has the most awesome ideas, after me of course. Now we just have to be sorted. Let's see. Lion good. Eagle and Badger ok. And snake bad. Got it. This is going to be so much fun... Wait were is Allen! He was complaining about how he needed to eat on the way here...

He looked all around but his short little buddy was nowhere to be found. It seemed like everyone else hadn't noticed yet. But he had little time to worry before he was called up to the sorting hat. Almost immediately the hat called out Gryffindor. After him Lenalee was called up were she got the same result.

"Walker, Allen." The old woman called out. Silence followed. Only then did he remember and Lenalee and Kanda noticed that the beansprout was still gone. The old woman took it in stride however and simply called Kanda up. Again Gryffindor was called out by the magical hat. And just as Kanda went to sit down with them at the Gryffindor table Allen rushed in. His clothes were worse for wear and he was quickly wiping his mouth as he hurried to the front.

He seemed to know what to do as he went up to sit on the stool in the front. The hat went over his snow white hair and he seemed to be conversing with it as everyone sat on the edge of their seats. Watching to see what house this bold newcomer would be in. The three watched their friend sit there for a minute. And another minute. And then another minute. Lavi sweatdropped. Hey buddy you okay there. What is taking him so long? He has to be in the same house as us. Or hufflepuff since he prizes his friends so much. Gosh the suspense is killing me.

"Slytherin," the hat sang. Allen smiled. He walked calmly over to the slytherin table as they all watched in horror. How could this innocent looking kid end up there. Even the slytherins stared as he took his seat.

"Well then lets eat. Shall we?" Dumbledore broke the silence. He sat back down. The rest of the school took this as a sign to stop looking and they all dug in. That is except for three exorcists who just continued to stare at their cute, innocent looking friend who dug into his food like he hadn't eaten since last week. He glanced up at them and smiled.

Why does his smile seem even more mischievous than usual? What has the world come too? Allen...

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