02/01/2013: The Fifth Race with nuances. With some background on when O'Neill escaped from the Iraq prison during the Gulf War.

01/29/2013: Sorry I've been away so long. My muse has been wandering again. I've written a fair amount, but not what I could tie in to this story line. I did have one large section written (30k words), but it went so far off the path I had to chuck it and start over.

This is my 'verse so things are going to come out of sequence. My adjustment to the 5th Race will be coming shortly and then it is on to min-Jack. Come on, Loki would not have waited 5 years after finding out about Jack to come and clone him. And are we sure that mini-Jack is the only clone Loki made on the trip?

I find my muse keeps drifting to pre-SG1 events which had some deep affects on Jack. So it should be coming up sometime soon if I can work it in.

Thanks so much for the reviews. I do try and incorporate suggestions if I can. No, there won't be any mini-tanks to drive through the Gate. Too cumbersome and limited use in the SG world. Have you ever ridden in one? They ain't that fun. And breaking track isn't fun at any time, just try and have to deal with it in a combat situation.

The is a work of fiction. Any resemblance to persons living or dead is purely coincidental with the exception of historical figures: Hitler, JFK, Khrushchev, Da Vinci, etc. And, they are mentioned only in passing. Bill Gates is mention once in passing.

I don't own any of the Star Gate SG-1 cannon characters. Those that are my own creation are mine. If someone wants to use one of my characters, please ask.

That's it, I ain't repeating this every time I post. I hate going through a page of author notes at the start of every chapter when I'm reading FanFic. I'll only plan to update this page.

The story starts a few days after 'The Serpent's Lair' concludes then jumps forward a few weeks to after 'In the Line of Duty' to begin the real story telling.

A BETA would be nice to have. I'll do my best without until I get one – any volunteers?

I've rated this Teen, because there will be cussing, some violence but the blood and gore will be mostly left up to your imagination. But if you expect sex you won't find it here. A little kissing, hugging and "and then they had sex/made love" is about all you'll get. Cause, I can't find that in-between point... it is either that or porn and this ain't no porn site.

This is an Alternate Universe. As such, some cannon situations will occur, but expect most to be different – sometimes significantly so. Part of the premise of my 'verse', is that 'episodes' will occur in the order that I chose for them to. And, that I will delve in to many areas that were never touched, or only glossed over in the show.

I've had this bouncing around in my 'brain housing group' for a long time. Now I'm finally putting it down on paper, sort of.

I spent over 20 years in the Marine Corps. Living in Italy and Bahrain you can definitely expect to see them show up at some point (hint, the story begins in Bahrain). Also, having been to over 20 countries (yes, I've been to Giza too) and I'll be bringing a lot of them along for the ride also. I'll try and keep the military as true to real life as possible – but some things will be total BS. Come on, you don't really think the Air Force would give a Marine Gunnery Sergeant his own C-21 did ya? Heck, they wouldn't do it for a Lieutenant General (3-star) – they'd have to share.

Where the heck did they find all of the scientists, medical and military personnel that were needed to make the SGC so successful? Well, obviously, they had a recruiter that worked solely for the SGC. Don't worry, you'll meet him. And, you don't honestly think that they left all of the psychiatric decisions to that idiot MacKenzie, did you? They would also have to have had a more rigorous training program that the one-week exercise with intars.

Some characters will receive the 'justice' they so well deserve – hear that Kinsey? You're in for a heap 'o trouble son. And I'll show just how bad Kinsey really is – and that he deserves to die a long, slow and very painful death.

So little is know about the security force, that I have to explore that area also. Hey, I served with a Marine Corps Security Force Company at one point which was tasked with the security of a Navy base.

Pete? Pete who? If he shows up, he'll be dealt with quickly and you'll see him for the slime ball he is. If you like Pete, you won't like what I do with (or to) him, but it'll be over quick.

I also have visions for several visits... but this won't be a cross-over piece. Eureka, Warehouse 13, Bones, JAG and maybe House. But I'm not a House fan so expect him to be treated as such. Somewhere along the line I also envision Mini-Me/Mini-Jack being more than just a 16-year old going back to high school. Even TBBT (The Big Bang Theory) and Num3ers should be making an appearance. How do I keep anything straight with all this bouncing around in my head?

Hints of Highlander, but not. And, Star Wars, but not. [Calan mutters to himself after Daniel informs him SG-1 is having another Star Wars marathon "I'll never talk to an aspiring screen writer again. Ever!"]

I might seem to 'attack' religion at some points, but I'm not. Come on, it is SciFi and 'cannon' already has the Goa'uld here before Moses. There will be at least a mention of 'the Christ' and 'Mohammad' but in context, it isn't negative to either religion.

Sit down and hang on for the ride. I hope you like it.

Comments are always welcome along with constructive criticism.

10/14/2012: For my reviewers - Thanks. The input is wonderful. To address some of the comments (don't feel left out if I don't mention you or my personal replies - can't give too much away) :)

StargateFFWriter: Yes, eventually I will reveal Calan's race. I'm hoping to keep it a secret for some time yet. Mojtaba13: I don't know why in the series they never asked for 'little' things. But I think you'll see some in here :) some of which I've gotten inspiration from reading other writers works - so I have to be careful not to steal but make them my own. Danny79: Of course O'Neill has to do his paperwork. If you've ever been exposed to the military - not what is on TV you'll understand how much paperwork is generated every day. While the show touched on the subject, they completely ignored the reality of the military. Kinsey in jail... I don't think we've heard the last about him. There's always something going on, but believe me he gets what he deserves.

10/13/2012: I'm back and another chapter is up. My muse was sorely dampened by technical writing for that City Council proposal. You'll see some new technology and some new 'old' technology appearing in this chapter. I hope you enjoy.

09/30/2012: I'm in the middle of writing a major proposal for a city council citizen's committee I'm on. So, it will be a bit until another chapter is ready. When I do 'that' kind of writing, my muse goes in to hiding as it can be soooo boring and tedious to deal with. Word to the wise, if you can avoid it: never try to actually read and understand a city's budget... let alone try and come up with a reasonable and realistic dollar amount the city should spend on your projects that will satisfy everyone.