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Darkness Falls...


Chapter 6

Dimitri's POV:

I walked into Abe's office with a firm grip on Rose's hand. The entire time walking over to this god forsaken cabin, Rose was pleading me not to go. I couldn't stand knowing that my sister could be kidnapped because of this man. I mean really, he should have know that he was being tracked down by a man that wants to kill him.

I slammed my hand on the receiver ending Abe's phone call. He looked at me like he wanted to murder me. I didn't give a fuck what he wanted to do. I wanted answers and I wanted them now.

"Belikov, you have 5 seconds to get your hand off my phone before I cut it off." He bellowed out.

I gave a humorless laugh. "I would love to see you try."

Rose stood behind me her eyes filled with fear and hurt. I tried to ignore the fact that I was the one that had hurt her by dragging her over here.

"Boy, so help me god, I will back slap the shit out of you." I pushed the phone off the desk. Abe jumped over the desk ready to attack me, I jumped back and held him back.

"Put one hand on me, I swear I will take you down. I am in no mood for you right now." I growled out. Abe ended up back slapping me. "Really? You're going to bitch slap me. Keep it going. I don't care."

"You're fucking crazy!" Rose yelled from behind me.

"Yeah I might be crazy, but your father is a fucking lunatic." I turned around and punched Abe in the face. "You're the reason why my sisters are missing."

Abe stood there. "I don't know what you are talking about"

"You, you made some fucking deal with the devil and he's after you because you couldn't repay your debt. So now he is after you and can kidnap anyone he wants just so he can get to you. And now you fucking asshole, he got my sisters."

I threw him down but he had gotten a hold of my legs and brought me down. He began to hit me. But I did not once flinch or feel the pain.

"Stop it!" Rose yelled. "Please, daddy stop!"

She tried to pull him off and Abe pushed her away into the table. I had watched Rose fall down and I had gotten furious. I pushed my hands on his chest and pushed him away. "You do not put your hands on a woman. Especially your daughter."

Rose came at me and started hitting me. "Get out. NOW!" She slapped me in the face. That hurt more then Abe hitting me. "You don't touch my father."

I stared at her and shook my head. "You are unbelievable." I laughed. "You seriously don't give a shit about what is going on out here."

"Dimitri. You get out of here, or I'll call the police."

I raised my hands in defeat. "Fine. I'll go. But so you know, when I'm out there trying to save my sisters, and you're there. I'll leave you there to die."

With that I walked out of the office and back to my cabin. I was pretty sure my lip was busted and swollen. But I didn't give a flying fuck about what was wrong with my face. I walked into the cabin when I arrived, I grabbed my stuff and left. I had to get out there and find my sisters. I had to. If not, then they would be dead, and I would die.

I traveled down the road for quite some time. It was a long walk. I heard footsteps behind me and I continued to ignore them. I quicken my pace when all of a sudden, Tasha and Adrian jumped in front of me. I shook my head and ignored them. Trying to maneuver around them. But they blocked my path.

"What are you guys doing here?" I asked.

"We heard what happened back with the boss man" Adrian scratched his head. "You got some balls Belikov. Big one's."

I shrugged and pushed my way through them. "Wait a minute. How did you two leave?"

"Easy, while you were packing Abe practically called off the search for your sisters. So we snuck out passed the wards." Tasha smiled and joined to be by my side. "So here we are. Trying to help you look for your sisters."

"You know the dangers in helping me right? We might not make it out alive."

"We know. Look Dimitri, you are our friend. You have been there for us, for everything. We never asked you to help us. Yet, you were there by our sides." Tasha placed a hand on my arm. "I may be a bitch and a bit clingy to you. But that's because I don't want to lose our friendship. So I am giving my life up, just to help you find your sisters."

"Yeah, she's right. You were there when my dad started to bust my balls about who I am and what I do. You stuck up for me. I never liked you before but I have come to grow to enjoy your company."

Well if this isn't a declaration of love. I didn't know what was anymore. I sighed and nodded letting them come along for the journey.

"You kind of look like a homeless man. You have a bag and a busted lip." Tasha said walking beside me as we began to walk.

"Thanks for the vote of self-esteem Tash." I rolled my eyes and took in my surroundings. I was pretty sure I was lost.

"Hey why didn't we take the car?" Adrian said after a few minutes. I looked at him with an icy glare. "I'm sorry. I should keep my mouth shut. I was just saying."

I sighed and shook my head. "I didn't want the trouble of having a car blow off our cover if we ever make it to see where my sisters were taken."

"How do you know where they are?"

I shook my head. "I don't." I stopped and looked at them. "Listen all I know is that he has him in a basement. He could be hurting them, torturing them" Or probably killed them. I pushed that thought aside. These were my sisters. They were strong women. They would not go without a fight. And a fight they would put up, too.

I looked passed Tasha and tried to adjust my eyes in the dark a little. I saw a small flicker of what looked like a light. I moved closer towards the woods, I stopped only to see that whatever was there, was watching me, watching whatever it was. I took a step back. I counted to ten before I caught the courage to go farther into the woods. I bit my lip and took a deep breathe and let it out loudly. I heard Tasha and Adrian behind me. We had no source of light whatsoever. So we had to be careful for whatever could be in our way. I reached back behind me and grabbed Tasha's hand. The first time I was willing to touch the woman.

Adrian however was awfully quiet. I turned around and there was no sign of Adrian. I began to panic. I turned to Tasha and she had a look of worry on her face. I held my breathe and let it go a minute later. I was hoping this was a prank, one that wasn't funny, and Adrian would jump out now. But Adrian never jumped out. I swallowed hard and closed my eyes and then looked at Tasha.

"Adrian's missing." She whispered.

I gave her a 'DUH' stare but she couldn't see it. I think. "We have to keep moving. We'll find Adrian later."

She nodded and we continued to walk closer to what looked like the same cabin I stumbled upon when me and Rose had gotten lost. I frowned and walked over to it, finding all the lights on inside. Tasha danced around uncomfortably as I walked to the open door.

Now there was one rule that I had learned from the scary movies. Never walk to the creepy abandon place. That's most likely where you're friends slaughters. And Never call out 'Hello, Anyone in here' because I doubt whoever is after you will answer 'Yeah I am in the kitchen. Want a sandwich?' But right now, in this situation. I was so tempted to call out if anyone was home.

"Hello? Anyone in here? Your front door was open and we need help. Our friend has gone missing." I heard Tasha call out. I quickly grabbed her and covered her mouth and pulled her into the dark shadows. I gritted my teeth and looked at her. I put a finger to my lips, motioning her to be quiet. I frowned as a man came to the door. He was an old man, maybe in his 70s. He looked a little to old to be out here alone.

"Hello?" The man coughed out. "You better not be playing games with me you..." The man stopped to have a coughing fit.

I let Tasha go and walked over to the man. "Sorry sir. We were lost. And well, our friend has gone missing."

This was so taking us much more longer then needed. I tapped my foot as the man stopped coughing. He took at me and Tasha standing there. I sighed and crossed my arms over my chest.

"Why don't you two come in. Have a drink." I wanted to deny but he seemed lonely and hardly got visitors, I suppose. I looked down and nodded.

We entered the cabin, and I was not expecting what I saw.

(I am changing to Rose's POV now. I have to think of other things that will happen in the mind of Dimitri Belikov.)

Rose POV:

I sat there staring at the door when Dimitri left. I looked at my father, I was mad at him still too. I couldn't believe him and Dimitri had fought. It was scary to see my boyfriend, well I don't even know what he was anymore, fight my father. And actually get him down. I have never seen that in my entire life. And right now, I felt trapped under my fathers heavy gaze. I knew what was coming. He was going to bitch me out because I had told Dimitri a secret, that I should have never told. But I had to. Dimitri's dream felt too real like it was all ready happening. Sensing Deja Vu.

I looked at my father as he had straightened up his office. I licked my bleeding lip that had been given to me by my father. I would have expected that from him, but not in front of Dimitri. I sighed and sucked on my lip to stop it from bleeding. I had no idea how I was going to explain myself for what just happened. I just wished Dimitri would have listened to me when I said do not come over here, this is what would have happened.

"I don't want you to see that boy again. Got me?" Abe said in a tone that held any emotion. Just monotone, it scared the shit out of me.

"Why can't I see Dimitri? I am 21 I am able to make the decisions myself." I spoke coolly.

My father ticked his jaw and looked at me. "You want to be with a man who attacks, just about anyone."

"His sisters are missing, and you just acted like nothing happened." I cried out. "He was pissed off because you are the one that is in trouble and Nathan is attacking this camp so he can get you back."

My father said nothing more and left. He knew I was right, I knew I was right. I had no right to attack Dimitri, but it was my father he was beating up. I couldn't just stand back and watch him walk in and beat the hell out of my father. It would have been different if my father beat up Dimitri. I would have flipped out too. But I was so stuck in the middle. I had to do what I did best. I had to call in re-enforcements and help Dimitri find his sisters.

I had grabbed a couple of people with me to scope out the place. My first instinct was telling me to go into the cabin in the woods. The one me and Dimitri stumbled upon earlier. I had a gut feeling that is exactly where Dimitri had went. I had to remember where exactly where we went.

About 15 minutes later we found the cabin. Mia was whining the entire time behind me saying she had to use the bathroom. I would have offered a tree, but seeing that there weren't many surrounding the cabin. She might as well waited until we got into the cabin. I sighed and knocked on the door. Me, Mia, Christian, Lissa, and Eddie had waited, and waited. And waited. And waited. Until the door finally opening showing us an old man. He was creepy, and yet cute in a creepy way. I felt bad for the guy.

He let us in and we found out his name was Victor he has a daughter but she passed away years ago. Which made me think that he was even more lonelier. We sat for awhile in what was the living room. It happened to be more like a vacation spot. The walls were still clean. It had the smell of old people and moth balls. EEKK! I looked around until I heard a voice. Oh no! Tasha followed us.

"Hello? Anyone in here? Your front door was open and we need help. Our friend has gone missing." She said. I heard someone else with her. I got up and followed the old man to the door. After he had yelled about something and had a coughing fit, Dimitri came into view. I quickly ran into the living room and tripped over the table. When I heard footsteps approaching and looked up seeing Dimitri and Tasha looming over us.

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