Dark Romance

"Are you serious Alice?!" Bella said her wide brown eyes focused on her tiny best friend.

"Okay, I set you up…are you happy now?" Alice sighed putting her tiny hands on her hips.

"I don't want to date anyone! I'm not ready!" Bella whined, flopping back onto her bed.

"James was an ass-hole and it's been almost a year Bella, it's time to go on a date," Alice said stalking over to the closet and opening it with a flourish.

"I haven't had any time to prepare, do you even know this guy?!" Bella said rolling over onto her side and watching her friend throw her clothes around.

"Yes I've met him, he's one of Jasper's friends and he's fucking' hot," she said with a wink over her shoulder before continuing to rifle through Bella's wardrobe.

"Why don't you date him then," Bella said rudely.

"Because I already date the sexiest man alive," Alice said twirling her hot pink tutu.

"Jasper is pretty sexy," Bella sighed, laughing when her friend turned around and glared at her. "Calm down shorty, I'm not trying to steal your man." Bella said with a playful roll of her eyes.

"Like he would leave me, okay put your ass in that seat so I can curl your hair," Alice said throwing the final outfit on the bed before plugging in the curling iron and waving it threateningly in Bella's direction. Bella dragged herself to the seat and let Alice primp her for the next hour and a half. Her hair was curled into big dramatic waves around her face, her eyes were lined and shadowed with black and grey making them look even larger and darker against her milky white skin, and her mouth was painted deep red.

"Fuck Bella you look hot, I'd do you!" Alice said with a proud smile.

"I'll make sure to tell Jazz that later," Bella grinned showing her white straight smile.

"He'll probably want to watch," Alice giggled raising her eyebrows as the girls burst into laughter. "Okay put on those clothes, he'll be here soon!" Alice said heading to the kitchen to grab a drink.

"Bella stripped off her sweats and t-shirt and pulled on the outfit Alice had put out. She slid her long legs into a pair of tight black skinny jeans, before pulling the dark midnight blue silk tank top over her head carefully. Slipping her feet into a pair of black pumps she looked at herself in the mirror, and waited a second before slipping on a pair of large black stone studs.

"Well eat your heart out mystery guy," she said before following Alice into the kitchen. As soon as she fixed herself a glass of water they both heard a knock on the door. Alice starting bouncing excitedly as Bella set down her drink and went to answer the door. She opened the door and what was standing behind it struck her speechless.

The hottest man she had ever seen in her life was leaning against the hallway wall, he pushed himself up when she opened the door and his eyes widened as he took her in. She took the time to take him in, black slouchy jeans tucked into a pair of black loose combat boots, a simple black v-neck and a black leather jacket slung over his arm. She licked her lips and she saw his emerald green eyes darken in lust; she took in his strong jaw and messy hair as well as the small black gages in his ears. She bit her bottom lip when her eyes landed on his arms, one was completely covered in tattoo's down to his wrist, the other arm had a few peeking out from under his t-shirt sleeve.

"Bella?" he asked in a deed smooth velvet voice.

"Yes…" she said, he held out his ahnd and took her small one in his.

"I'm Edward, your date…" he grinned a small half smile that made her insides clench and she smiled back up at him. He was at least a foot taller than her even with her heels on.

"You ready?" he asked. She nodded as she grabbed her bag and shut the door behind her, leaving an excited Alice behind.

"I thought we would do a movie, is that okay?" He asked leading her outside.

"Sounds good to me," she said smiling up at him, they exited the building and he led her over to a shiny black Camaro. He opened the door for her and she slid into the passenger seat with a smile as he hurried around to the driver's side. It was quiet on the way over, but comfortable, Bella couldn't believe how attractive he was and she sent up a silent thanks to Alice. When they parked at the theater, he led her to the front with a light touch on her back that had her shivering with pleasure.

"What do you want to see?" he asked looking up at the movies.

"New James Bond?" she asked hopefully.

"You're perfect," he moaned before ordering the tickets and hurrying them inside smiling at Bella's pleased blush. He pulled her into the corner of the back row, and they watched as only a few more people came in and set down near the front and middle. There was no one near them. When the lights dimmed Bella became hyper aware of his body next to hers, the hair on her body stood at attention as he put his arm around the back of her seat.

As the movie started Bella couldn't focus on it at all, only the fuck-hot man sitting next to her, his legs stretched out as he reclined back in his seat. Bella sucked in a breath as his fingertips trailed across her shoulder, goose-bumps popped up across her skin.

He leaned down to whisper into her ear, "you are the most beautiful girl I've ever seen," she shivered at his low words.

"Liar," she whispered back feeling like he was just feeding her a line.

"I'm so serious, look at me," he said tilting her face up to him; she looked into his dead serious eyes and gulped. It was only a second of them looking into each other's eyes before they were kissing. It was like they couldn't help themselves, they were drawn to each other like magnets. Edward curled his hand around her long neck and pulled her closer; she fisted his t-shirt in her hands and pressed herself against him. He licked her lips before his tongue was in her mouth rubbing against hers and making her pant against him.

"Stay quiet baby," he whispered against her mouth, his hand moving to cradle the back of her head as his sinful mouth moved to her neck.

She was biting her lip from moaning out loud as he sucked and licked at her neck and collar bone. She moved so close to him that he growled softly and grabbed her hips pulling her over the armrest to straddle him. His hands on her hips as she threaded her fingers into his messy hair and pulled his lips back to hers. She felt him hard underneath her, their jeans between them the cause of her frustration. Her panties were soaked and she rotated her hips against his, pressing down on him for relief as their mouths moved together.

"I want you," she whispered huskily, her hand trailing down his chest to press against the bulge in his jeans.

"We're leaving…now," he growled standing up and setting her down on shaky feet. She grabbed her bag as he grabbed her hand and pulled her down the stairs and out the side exit of the theater where the car was parked. As they neared the car he pushed her up against the passenger side threading his fingers through hers and pulling her hands above her head. Hovering over with a sinful grin he slowly lowered his mouth to hers again, kissing her slow and deep until she was moaning and pushing her hips into him, his thigh was pressed between her legs and she couldn't help but to grind against his denim clad thigh.

"Fuck, I need you so bad," he growled nipping at her bottom lip as he felt her writhe against him.

"Please…" she begged. H reached around and opened the door, pushing her gently in before jogging to his side. He revved up the car and speed out of the parking lot. Bella reached across the console with a naughty grin and began to slowly rub his hard cock over his jeans.

"Shit Bella!" he cursed his hips bucking as he took a sharp left into a nice apartment complex.

She smiled over at him as he cut his dark eyes over at her causing her to gush into her already soaking wet panties. He parked the car at the last complex and he was out of the car and pulling her after him in a matter of seconds. Before she could even take a breath he had opened his door and pulled her inside. Their mouths clashed in a battle of lips and tongue, their clothes began to fall off as they stumbled back towards the bedroom. Edwards shirt came first as Bella traced her fingers across the tattoos on his arms and shoulders before he quickly got rid of hers, his eyes darkening at the sight of her black lace bra. Her little hands trailed down his hard chest and stomach to undo his jeans which she promptly pushed down his hips along with his boxers, he toed off his shoes and stepped out of his jeans as he continued to kiss her sloppily, running his hands across her smooth back to unhook her bra.

"I want you so much," he groaned as her slim fingers wrapped around his hard length and tugged gently.

"Then take me," she moaned as her bra fell to the floor and he took her c-cup breasts into his large hands, pulling and teasing her rose colored nipples to dark hard peeks. She moaned and he grinned against her mouth as they finally reached the bed, her knees hit the side and she fell back onto it his body immediately covering hers. He trailed kisses down her neck and shoulders before placing his mouth on her tight nipples. She moaned and arched up into him her hands pressing on his head as he lapped and sucked on the tight nubs.

"You like that baby girl?" he asked looking up at her with dark eyes, she bit her lip and nodded scratching lightly across his scalp making him almost purr with satisfaction. His mouth moved down her flat stomach to the line of her jeans, he popped open the button and pulled them down her legs leaving her in her soaked black lace panties.

"Holy shit you're so fucking wet for me," he said running his index finger along her panties and across the wet spot.

"I bet you taste fucking delicious sweetheart," he groaned leaning down to blow softly on her soaked center. Bella felt her stomach tighten as she moaned at his dirty words; slowly he pulled off her panties and gave a low curse at what he saw. Two tiny sparrows tattooed on her hips bones.

"That is so damn sexy," he said kissing the ink softly before moving his mouth right where she wanted it.

"Oh!" she moaned as he licked her wet slit, his fingers slipping deep inside her as his tongue played with her clit. It was a slow tease, in and out in and out until she was writhing and begging him for more.

"Edward! I need you inside me!" she almost screamed tears of frustration in her eyes and she writhed below him, her legs spread wide his fingers still slowly stroking her inner walls.

"What do you want inside you baby, tell me…" he said deeply his voice vibrating against her clit.

"Put your cock in me!" she begged arching her back. It wasn't a second later that he was kissing her lips, his hands on either side of her as he slipped his hard dick into her ready pussy.

"Shit you're so big!" she moaned as her body stretched to fit him.

"Fuck you're tight baby and so fucking wet and warm…" he said licking her neck as he pulled out slowly and pressed back in.

"Harder, faster please Edward I need it!" she moaned arching her hips up to meet his slow steady strokes.

"You are a dirty girl," he moaned biting down on her shoulder junction softly as he began to pick up speed slamming into her roughly.

"yes yes yes!" she said again and again, her head thrashing back in forth with pleasure.

"You like that don't you baby, my cock slamming into your tight little pussy," he said nipping at her collar bone before stealing a hard kiss.

"Fuck yes! More please!" she shrieked as he fucked her, her hands reached up to grip his smooth muscular back, her nails trailing down it as he pounded into her. The sound of smacking flesh filled the room as he fucked her.

"Edward…I'm going to…" she was on the edge her eyes rolling back her body pulling taunt when he pulled out and stopped. She whined at the stealing of her orgasm but before she could say anything he turned her over onto her hands and knees, gripped her hips and slammed back into her. She looked over her shoulder at him and watched as he fucked her from behind, his muscles straining as he stared right back at her.

"Fuck you feel so good!" she moaned letting her head drop forward as his cock hit her g-spot over and over.

"You loved to be fucked hard don't you my little slut?" he said pressing his hand on her lower back, arching her towards him.

"Yes don't stop please don't stop," she moaned.

"Whose are you?" he demanded softly gripping her hair in his hands and pulling her back, her tits bouncing as he continually slammed into her tight pussy.

"Yours! I'm Yours," she said he let her hair go and she fell back onto her hands moaning as he pounded into her faster and harder.

"That's right baby, I'll get you there, only I can make you feel like this…" he growled giving her ass a loud smack with one hand he reached around and began to rub circles around her clit.

"Shit I'm gunna cum!" she moaned her body tightening as her orgasm washed over her, Edward fucked her through it pressing on her clit and making it last so long. Bella screamed loudly as pleasure washed over her body in waves. When she finally came down Edward slipped his still hard cock out of her and pulled her into a kiss, making her toes curl. She pushed him down onto the bed under her and began to kiss down his neck and chest, his hard stomach to where his glistening cock stood proud.

She licked her lips and looked up at him with dark smudged eyes before licking a line up the underside with the tip of her tongue teasingly.

"Shit baby," he moaned his hips jerking as he threaded his fingers into her wild dark hair loosely.

Bella sucked on the head before slowly sinking down on his slick member, she could taste herself on him and it only made her more aroused at the thought. She began to bob on his dick, up and down as he bucked his hips up into her mouth. She took him deep down her throat until her nose was against his pelvis before coming back up again; spit trailing from the head of his cock to her lips before she sunk back down. Over and over until he was a writhing mess on the bed.

"That's right… suck my cock, that's a good girl," he moaned watching her red lips wrap around his fat dick. "such a good little cock-sucker," he groaned as she stared up at him with her wide dark eyes the entire time she worked his member.

"Bella I'm close…" he warned as with a little smile she pulled up off of him teasingly. He frowned but it quickly turned to a smirk when she sexily licked her lips and crawled back up his body to straddle him.

"I love your cock," she said reaching underneath her to grip it in her tiny hands.

"I love that sweet little pussy," he said reaching to swipe at her folds, gathering juice on his fingers before wrapping his lips around the wet digits.

"Mmmm," Bella moaned stroking his cock slowly as she guided it to her wet entrance. She gasped as she began to slowly sink down on him; Edward gripped her hips tightly as the wet heat enveloped him once more. She slowly began to grind on him, her hips moving back and forth before she began to lift up and sink back down again and again.

"That's it, ride me baby," he said stroking her thighs as she placed her hands on his chest slowly sinking down on him.

"More more…" she muttered to herself moving faster, she sat back up and leaned back placing her hands behind her on his thighs, her body arched backward, his cock hitting her g-spot on every stroke. She began to sink down onto him faster, Edward licked his lips as he watched her tits bounce in high circles as she rode him hard.

"Yeah that's a good little slut, fuck yourself on that big cock," he said gripping her thighs as she rode him. Bella threw her head back in ecstasy her hair tickling his thighs as a deep moan was ripped from her throat, she writhed and moved above him hard and fast.

"I'm gunna cum…again FUCK!" she screamed as Edward reached forward and pressed on her clit. "Come in me! I want your come inside me!" She begged as her orgasm rushed across her body again. Her chest flushed and her back arched as she opened her mouth in a silent scream. Edward felt her pussy tightening around him and he finally let himself go, filling her up with his creamy cum. Bella fell forward onto his chest and sighed, feeling the best she had in years.

Edward ran his fingertips up and down her spine soothingly, before rolling them over and tucking her against him.

"Bella?" he murmured.

"Mmm?" she said sleepily.

"Will you go out with me again?" he asked.

"I'm yours, remember?" she said with a sleepy smile and a chaste kiss before promptly falling asleep. Edward smiled before following her into slumber.

A/N: So I'm thinking about making this into some chapters and have a bunch of one-shots of different couplings from this universe. I kinda like the punk/tattward/inkella/hardcore characters. I think that Jasper/Alice would be hot to write and even an Emmett/Rose and maybe mix some pairings up? Possibly do that Bella/Alice/Jasper threesome I hinted at in the beginning? What do ya'll think?