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Susiana snapped out of her flash back as her name was called. It was… Tereigh!

"Geez Susi, are you having one of your crazy flashbacks again? Don't tell me it was about the Mara Pirates." Tereigh's purple ponytail swayed as she talked. Susiana knew that even though she continued her family's cleric history, Tereigh had the passion of a fighter. She was strong, tough, brave, and rebellious, a stark contrast to Susiana's quieter nature (although she has toughened up a bit from Tereigh's influence).

"They were so scary though! Level 26 monsters against a little level 19 like me!" Susiana protested. "Did you see them gang up on me? It was terrible. I hate those pirates..."

Tereigh laughed. "Yeah, even with my healing powers I don't think I would have soloed them all either. I wish my parents didn't force me to be a cleric." She started to play with her mace. "I bet they both knew I was born to slash and destroy with a sword so they gave me a mace instead. But you know, you get used to it."

Tereigh looked up to see Susiana with a ghost of a smile on her face. "Wow Susi, are you really that pissed? You should do what I do: find the weaker monsters that you can kill easily and smash their brains out. It's fun and you get experience."

That got Susiana's attention. "So basically, you want me to level grind?"

"Yeah. So?"

"So if I disliked Mara Pirates, I take my anger out on them?"

"As long as you don't die."

"Trust me, I won't. I got buffed while coming back from Elderine."

"Then venture forth, young explorer!"

"Thanks Tereigh. Bye!"

"See ya, Susi."

The Sea of Greed. A bright sunny beach by the ocean, teeming with giant turtles, mischievous pixies, and most of all, pirates. Susiana walked up to where the low class Mara Pirates hung out. They recognized her immediately. "Hey, aren't you that stupid girl who led an attack on our captain?" "Yeah she is! I heard she gave you kids a beating!" "I knew you dumb adventurers were too weak!" "You're no match for Mara!"

"Shut up," was Susiana's only response.

The pirates cowered in fake fear. "Oh, look, she's getting angry!" "What are you going to do? Those arrows don't do nothing!" "Bring it on, you little-"

Bam. One perfect arrow to the forehead was all it took. The pirate fell backward to the ground, blood gushing onto the sand. The pirates glared at her. "Hey, that was my best bud you just killed!" "You'll pay for that, little girl!"

Susiana smirked as she drew her bow again. "Now you know how I feel. Bring it on."

Susiana didn't know how long she fought those weaker pirates, but as the sun set, she heard a muffling sound from her bag: it was her hourse.

"Zooziahnah! Lef me awh! (Susiana! Let me out!)" Susiana summoned the horse out of her bag. "What do you want?" She asked. Suddenly, confetti and glitter popped out as her wooden toy horse blew a horn that seemingly came from nowhere.

"Guess what! You're level 20! Two tens! The big two-oh! Tween-tay! And do you know what that means?"

"Oh,u-um what?" said a speechless Susiana.

"Prah-mow-shun! Prah-mow-shun! The time has come for your job change! But first, you should go see Roumenus."

Susiana remembered about promising to tell Chief Roumenus when she was level 20. "Oh yeah! Off we go I guess..."

"That's the spirit! Prah-mow-shun! Prah-mow-shun!" the horse chanted as Susiana sped away on it, leaving the disembodied corpses of several Mara Pirates behind.

A.N: And we have reached level 20! What will Susi discover on her journey? What will Chief Roumeus tell her? When will Skill Master Ruby get her flipping clam chowder? Is Grandpa Robin really a robin? All these questions and more are answered in the next chapter!