AN: This is the sequel to the story "Love and Wrestling". Basically this is going to pick up a week after Michael made his return to Slammiversary 2013. What is going to happen on the road to Bound For Glory? Well, here you go!

Chapter One: A Return To Action

The company was buzzing about Michael's return to the ring. It was a terrific night that no one expected.

Well, almost everyone didn't expect it.

Steve Borden (Sting's real name, for those that did not know), knew all along that Michael was going to be returning soon. Hell, Michael told him in person that he was going to be coming back. Where was the answer that Sting did not know. Well, now he knew. Sting sat in the back, and watched as Michael literally beat the hell out of Roode, and all the WCW legend could do, was watch and laugh. Roode deserved the ass beating that he got, and everyone in the back knew it. Sting also had some news for the champ, and he saw him being tended to by the doctors in the back.

Sting waved them off and talked to the champ.

"I take it that you enjoyed that?" Roode said through gritted teeth.

"Yeah, more than you know." Sting said with a smile.

"Okay, what do you want?" Roode asked him. Sting smiled, and leaned into his ear. His voice was low and filled with hatred, but the message that he wanted to get across was clear.

"I know what you did, you son of a bitch." Sting whispered. "The ONLY reason that you are not in jail for attempted murder is Michael himself. He is going to handle you himself.

Sting got up, and walked away. In the middle of his stride, he stopped and turned around to face Roode.

"Oh, before I forget." Sting said with a smile. "The Bound for Glory series is coming up soon, and Michael is going to be in it. Rest up, champ, and pray that he does not get to you before then."

The TNA Champion watched as Sting walked off. Steve was right, he was in trouble. What in the hell was he going to do now?

Michael sat at his lap top, reading his twitter page. He couldn't help but to smile as he looked at all of the messages from his fellow stars. There was plenty of them, and he knew that he had some explaining to do to all of those who were worried about him once he got back to Impact, and he was ready for that test. Most of responses on his Twitter page were ones expressing their shock that he was able to get back in such a hurry, but to be honest, that was just it. He was not supposed to be back. He got back for one thing, honestly, one person.

Mickie James.

He closed his laptop, and looked over towards the bed where she slept. He slowly, and quietly walked over to where she slept, and just stared at her. He almost couldn't believe it. This basically was a dream come true. He knew this woman growing up, and he had a crush on her since that day. Flash forward about ten years, and now they were boyfriend and girlfriend. She was beautiful, and she was even more beautiful as she slept.

Then he thought about how Bobby Roode was hurting Mickie James, and the thought of the woman that he loved, being badly hurt and himself not being able to do anything about it infuriated him. He literally beat himself back into shape, and went back to the companythat he loved to get revenge on those that did him wrong. He was glad to be back in the ring, and doing what he loved with the wone that he loved the most.

Michael crawled into bed beside her, and smiled. All of this was for the both of them, and now things could not get any better.

He pulled Mickie close to him, and went on to sleep.

The next day, while Mickie was at the gym, Michael got a visitor. He opened the door, and saw his friend, Allen Lloyd James, AKA AJ Styles, at his front door. He smiled, and invited him in.

"Well, what brings you my way?" Michael said.

"Man, I still can't believe that you are back." AJ said. "Hell, everyone at Impact is still talking about what you did to Bobby Roode."

"I did it for me." Michael said sternly. "I literally beat myself back to walking just to get back in the ring, and pay that son of a bitch back."

"I have known you since you won Gut Check, and I also know that there is another reason that you did it." AJ said. "Spill it. I know that you did it for you, but is there a girl in your life?"

"My god, when did this turn into a Lifetime movie?" Michael asked.

"I am being serious. Is there a girl in your life?" AJ asked again.

"All will be told on Impact this week. So be ready for that." Michael answered.

"Are you sure that you can't tell me anything?" AJ asked him once more.

"No." Michael answered sternly once more. "I am going to be back with a vengeance, so be ready for that."

It was the night of his return, and Michael was feeling really nervous. He had not been backstage at Impact for almost a year now. Everyone backstage came into his locker room, told him hi, and left to go about their business. He sat in his locker room, dressed in all black, from his t-shirt to his jeans, down to his boots. Michael knew what he had to say, and when his time for him to make his way out to the ring, Michael was really nervous.

Mickie walked with him to the ramp, and it was all too obvious that Michael was really nervous.

"Are you feeling alright?" Mickie asked him as he stood at the ramp leading towards the ring.

"Yeah. I am. Nervous as all hell, though." Michael answered. Mickie walked up to him, and rubbed his arms.

"Don't worry. They are gonna give you a hero's welcome." Mickie said. "So, have you thought about what you are going to say?"

"Yeah, I have." Michael answered her. "I am going to tell them what has been on my mind for the last 16 months."

"What is that going to be?" Mickie asked him.

Michael was going to tell her, but his theme music hit. That meant that it was time for him to go out, and make his official return to the company.

"Well, it is show time." Michael said. He gave Mickie a good luck kiss, and walked up the steps. He stood at the entrance to the ramp for a few moments, and then stepped through the apron...

AN: In the next chapter, Michael is going to tell the crowd what is on his mind, and there is going to be a little confrontation between Michael and Bobby Roode. That is not all, but more is to come, faithful readers.