(A/n this has been on my mind since I finished Conner J Kent. Conner and friends get to meet his daddies before they were assholes.

Well mostly.

No season to YJ and no latter season Smallville mainly because the two Conners would not work together. Meanies.)

Why don't I have normal family?

It was a normal day. No explosions. No kidnappings. Lex hadn't hit his head even once. He did some paper work that needed to be done, ignored some phone calls from his Dad, and had a quiet and uneventful day.

Needless to say by three he was freaked out. Ever since he had moved to Smallville it was never normal. There was always something going on. That was the one reliable thing about the small town, no matter what; something really illogically exciting was going on somewhere. But, Smallville was annoyingly unexciting today.

Lex sighed, he had filled out all the paper work he could and He damn well wasn't picking up the phone no matter how many times his father called. Lex didn't want to hear another speech on what a Luthor was any time soon.

He stood up and paced around his office. It was Friday; he could take a weekend vacation to Metropolis. Spend some time in a club and get drunk and high enough that his mind would be off of his father, and far away from the knowledge that he was disliked by most everyone he knew.

Lex frowned; his thoughts were getting more depressing by the minute. Plus there was no way he could go and wash away feelings properly with the knowledge that when he got back Clark would be waiting for him with a disappointed frown on his face.

No fourteen year old should really have that much power over him, it was rather discerning.

That's what he could do! Something not boring was strangely always happening around Clark. Maybe this time Lex would get the chance to find out what Clark was hiding from him.

Lex nearly vaulted over his desk to grasp his Porsche keys. He tried not to run to his garage, his father did have cameras and spies everywhere after all, but found himself walking a little faster with the glee of getting out of the office he had trapped himself all day.

He seated himself behind the wheel of his car and raced out into the fresh country side, going fast enough that Jonathan Kent would have had something very unflattering to say about him.

As always.

His car crossed the countryside, fresh corn scented air blowing in the wind. He was close to Clark's house. In fact he was at the bridge where they first met, when it happened.

That bridge hated him.

He was driving, slowly than he had been a couple moments before because the bridge gave him bad feelings.

That was lucky.

The sun had seemed to get brighter in the last few minutes making Lex squint and curse the fact that he hadn't grabbed his sun glasses, when-


Lex swerved out of the way of the group of the teenagers that stood in the middle of the roads. His brain for a moment pondered the fact that those kids had defiantly not been standing there a second before his car found its way through the side of bridge.

It was the same freaking spot!

As his car hit the water he found his head hitting the wheel hard enough that Lex could swear he heard it rattle. He closed his eyes against the pain in his head. He blinked them open when he felt slim hands griping his.

He couldn't see anything but water pouring though his windows, but was it just him or was it moving slower than the laws of physics said it should?

Lex closed his eyes as he felt the grip on his hands pull up with enough strength to send him into the ceiling of his car.

He didn't hit though. He was still moving as well, upward. Lex opened his eyes. He wasn't in his car anymore he was in the water but he wasn't getting wet. He glanced up and nearly had a panic attack when he couldn't see his hands.

They were there he couldn't feel them, just as he could fell someone's hands grasping his but he couldn't see them.

Then they were breach the water and Lex took a breath of air he hadn't even realized he had been missing. He felt himself being lowered onto the beach into someone's arms, and suddenly there was girl holding his hands as if she had been there the whole time. She let go and backed away slowly.

She had just been invisible.

She was backing away without touching the ground.

She was green.

Lex blinked and wondered briefly if he had that bad of a concussion before the person who was holding him lowered him carefully to the ground. Lex found his eyes glued to this other person.

There was something familiar about him something that Lex's aching brain couldn't quite realize. It felt like he was sinking through molasses.

The teen had dark hair, and a chiseled facile structure. He leaned over and placed a hand on Lex's arm. It was warmer than it should be as if its possessor had a slight fever.

The boy gained a slightly confused expression and suddenly Lex's brain caught up.

The boy looked almost exactly likeā€¦