Roy's going to use his alchemy to break into Riza's place again. She better find a place to hide the panties.

When Roy got to Riza's apartment, he used his alchemy to unlock the door again. He rushed inside and found riza in the kitchen, aiming a gun at him. She lowered it, looking rather annoyed. She opened her mouth to speak, but before she could, Roy embraced her. He covered her lips with his and spun her around once in the air while doing so.

Caught off guard, she dropped her gun and it fell to the floor. "Roy." Riza gasped after being set down and breaking the kiss. "I . . . I . . ." She kissed him again, unable to think of what to say.

He kissed her back, missing the sweet taste of her lips. But after a long moment, he reluctantly pulled away. "I'm sorry Riza. I jumped to conclusions without giving you a chance to talk to me." He said, still holding her.

"So . . . you don't think I've changed?"

Roy turned away and his finger and thumb rubbed his chin. He thought hard and quick on this one. He turned to her, nodding. "I've changed too though and if you really love me, I think this could change our relationship for the better." Roy then braced himself for a blow should she decide to smack him for saying something stupid.

Riza gently touched the side of his face and turned it back to her. "Roy . . . what happened to your face?" She asked.

Roy's hand went to his eye, then he quickly pulled it away. "Havoc knocked some sense back into me." He explained.

"Knocking sense into someone doesn't mean you have to hit them." Riza sighed. "Be sure to tell him that for me, but also thank him for me as well." She added.

"Are you saying that because I deserved it or because it worked?" Roy put his hands on her waist and pulled her close to him.

"Because I think its both."

He gave her a short peck on the lips. She smiled a little, but said nothing and only hugged him. Roy slid his arms around her and closed his eyes, taking it upon himself to enjoy this moment.

"I love you."

And there it was, she had just made the moment even better. He loved hearing her say those words, that when other girls said them they were meaningless to him, but when she said them, it was almost enough to make his eyes water in joy. He squeezed her tighter for a second before pulling away. He used his hand to brush her bangs back into place. Roy gazed into her eyes, admiring her beauty. "I should get going. Its getting late."

"Of course. You have work tomorrow. Well . . ." Riza cleared her throat. "Goodnight sir."

Roy gave her a short nod of his head. "Goodnight . . . lieutenant." He left her apartment, half dragging his feet.

Six days went by with no calls or visits from anyone and Riza was unable to reach anyone herself, but she occupied herself, cleaning her gun one handed and making visits to the library.

Then, that evening, Rebecca visited her. "Hey, have you and your boyfriend been spending a lot of time together?"

"No." Riza answered.


"I haven't been able to get in touch with him for almost a week now."

"A-are you sure?" Rebecca said, sounding a little nervous and averting her gaze from Riza.


Rebecca glanced at her friend to see her giving her an impatient glare. "Well, its been said your boyfriend is dating again. I thought word had got out that you two were together."

Riza stood there, staring at her, then sat down. "When did you hear this?"


"You didn't tell anyone?" Riza snapped.

"No, and I doubt the few who do know would. Listen, Riza . . ." Rebecca sat by her on the couch. "I think he's dating someone else, not you."

This earned Rebecca a fiercer glare. "Don't be ridiculous!"

"I could tell this was new gossip and if you haven't seen him-"

"Its just a rumor! Do you really believe it?"

"You have no idea how famous he is, do you? Girls chase after him all the time." Rebecca said, making Riza think back to the party where Roy had been surrounded by women. Suddenly, she wasn't so sure he wouldn't do such a thing. "They would definitely know if he's dating." Rebecca went on gently. "I'm sorry."

"I can't believe it." Riza said.

"I understand it's a lot to take in-"

"No. I can't believe it. He will flirt, talk to, and check out other women, but he wouldn't go that far. He won't do that. Especially so soon after Annie. Besides, he has me. Things are fixed between us now and I'm not going to let you or some gossip ruin this!" Riza said, getting up. "Now get out!"

"I'm only trying to help you-"


"Fine! But don't come crying to me when you find out he's cheating on you!" Rebecca shouted back before leaving.

Havoc was walking down the halls of the nearly completely dark HQ's. He had finished work and had gone home just to realize that he had left his last pack of cigarettes at the office. He was surprised to see the light was still on. 'Roy must've left it on. He was the only person still there when I left.' He thought and was shocked when walked in to see Roy was still there. "Chief! What are you doing here still? And are you . . . Working?!"

Roy looked at Havoc, trying to appear annoyed, but only appeared how he felt; tired. "Ha-ha. Very funny 2nd lieutenant. And for your information, I'm doing Lt. Hawkeye's paperwork"

"Didn't you put Ross and Brosh in charge of that?"

"Yes, but-"

"Oh, I see. Your little girlfriend has you whipped into place. Maybe even put you on a short leash?"

"Shut up." That wasn't it, but it was better that Havoc believed it was. The truth was much more embarrassing.

Havoc snickered at him, then grabbed his cigarettes.

"Don't tell me you came here just to get those."

"Its my last pack of smokes. Night chief."

Roy rolled his eyes. "At least a pack of cigarettes haven't whipped me into place." Roy got up to leave.

Havoc looked pissed, then smiled. "That's true." He laughed, walking out of the room. Roy left shortly after him.

Roy woke up, slowly getting out of bed. He couldn't believe it had been nine days since he had last talked to Riza. 'It feels longer than that.' He took a shower before going into the kitchen where Brooke was.

"There you are. Did you sleep well last night?" She asked as he sat down at the table. She set a plate of pancakes down in front of him.

"Not long enough." Roy answered and started to eat.

"Are you going to be working late again tonight?"

"I'm afraid so."

Brooke looked disappointed. "Well, I better get going. I'll try to come home early." Roy Smiled and gave her a kiss before leaving for the office. 'How long before Riza finds out? No doubt she'll be pissed. She'll just have to understand this has to be done.'

Riza sat in a hospital bed, glad to see her right arm bare again. They had just taken the cast off. "Finally. I can get back to work." She said.

"No, not quite yet." Her doctor said. She looked at him. "You'll have to go through muscle therapy for a week at least." He explained.

"Alright." She said getting up. "Where do I go for that?" Riza's face was set in determination, wanting to get this done as soon as possible.

The doctor smiled. "I like your spirit. However, I advise that you take it easy at first. You wouldn't want your arm to break again. Follow me. I'll take you there."

Riza called Roy that night, hoping he'd answer this time. Aside from wanting to tell him the good news, she just wanted to hear his voice again.

"Hello?" Brooke answered.

Riza could swear her heart froze. The phone slipped from her hand and fell and she just stood there in shock. Her eyes stared to water. Riza picked up the phone and hung it up, tears streaming down her cheeks. She felt lied to. All those promises and I love yous were lies.

Out of reflex, she raised only her left hand to wipe her tears away and when she saw the promise ring, she suddenly felt angry. As if her life wasn't bad enough already, Roy had to go and make it worse. She took the ring off and threw it across her apartment.

It seemed all that awaited her in life was being alone and misable.

What was Riza's good news? Her cast was off? Or that she was . . . pregnant! And will we ever get out of this loop of fighting and going to the hospital? The hospital, yes.