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Chapter 2

I pulled up my broomstick at Moonlight Fall's City Hall, Common Wealth Court, which also served as the town's Police Department and Military Base. I began walking into the building when a security guard stopped me.

"Identification sir." the man asked.

I explained to him that I was new to the town and that I didn't have one.

"Oh, then please just give me a moment." the man told me.

The man took out a strange looking device that emitted a strange, green laser. He used the laser to scan my entire body, which made me feel a bit uncomfortable. What was he scanning for anyway?

"All finished. Here's your ID card, and a pass to the Toadstools." the man said, handing me the two slips of laminated paper.

On my ID card, it clearly said that I was a witch, clear as day.

"Um, excuse me, but I prefer to remain anonymous about my Supernatural status." I explained to him.

"You arenew. All citizens are required to show their species on their ID card. Don't worry though, nobody will mind. Just watch out for the Hoppcraft family." the man warned him.

I nodded, and thanked he man before going into City Hall. I approached the main desk, where to my surprise, a fairy was working there, wings freely flapping on her back.

"Um, excuse me, I'm here for the job opening." I mumbled.

The woman looked up from her computer.

"Oh, finally someone's answered our add! Right this way." the woman gleefully replied, getting out of her chair and began walking over to a large set of double doors to the far right.

She opened the large, mahogany doors to reveal a large meeting room, where very important men in suits were in a fiery debate. A very stern, slight looking man seemed to be at the head of the debate.

"Supernaturals should not be allowed their own little clubs. It'll turn them against each other. Werewolves and Vampires already hate each other, who's not to say that Fairies and Witches won't start a similar feud?" he yelled across the table, to a clam, reserved looking man sitting on the other side of the table.

Unlike the yelling man, the calm man seemed perfectly relaxed, fiddling with his thumbs and looking down. But once he was certain the angry man was finished, he looked up.

"Supernaturals need separate clubs so they can socialize with their own kind. Obviously someone like you wouldn't understand." The calm man retorted in a surprisingly clear voice.

The secretary leaned closer to me and whispered. "The man in dark clothing is James Hoppcraft, while the other man is Aydan Van Gould, who's a vampire. Neither of them are actually in the Political Career, but since the town has no Mayor, we hold town councils to decide all of our laws. Maybe you could change that."

"But then, who's my boss?" I asked.

"Oh, you'll be monitored by the SimNation Council of Workers for promotions and what not." She explained.

"I believe that making a hangout for every Supernatural species will encourage them to conspire against each other. Vampires and Werewolves are already." Hoppcraft pointed out.

"While Vampires and Werewolves do not prefer each other's company, there have been no physical squabbles between the two in years." Van Gould pointed out.

Moonlight Falls had a hangout for every Supernatural type? We had a Varg's Tavern back home, but having a hangout specifically for each Supernatural species?

"I disagree that having a hangout for every Supernatural would create grounds for conflict." I commented.

"And who are you?" the man asked.

The secretary spoke up before I could. "This is Chris Holton, the new Ballet Counter." She introduced.

"Good to finally have an actual politician on the team. Are you by any chance a Supernatural?" Van Gould asked.

My immediate instinct was to deny my Supernatural status, but then I remembered my ID card.

"Yes, I'm a witch." I replied, in a low, hushed tone.

"Well, don't be shy about it! If you're a Supernatural, you should be proud of that." Van Gould told me triumphantly.

"Your desk is over there. The SimNation Worker's Council has already sent you some work to do."Hoppcraft pointed to a small, cluttered desk off to the side.

"Um, thank you." I replied, and sat myself down at the desk.

"Before you get yourself busy, please finish your statement on the Supernatural hangouts." Van Gould pleaded.

"Oh, um, well I agree with you, that a hangout for one Supernatural would be good since we're most comfortable around our own kind. And it really wouldn't encourage conflict because even if the hangout caters to one type of Supernatural, anyone is welcome, right?" I asked.

"That's a very good point! This kid is good, don't you think so Hoppcraft?" Van Gould asked, turning to his colleague.

"Let's get on to the next topic." Hoppcraft coldly replied.

I finally looked to my desk. It was an absolute mess! Whoever had used it last must have been a Slob. I organized all the papers, threw away all the trash and started working on the tasks the Council had given me while Van Gould and Hoppcraft continued their debate. I soon realized that their debates were given a schedule. The secretary would periodically bring in another piece of paper depicting a proposed law that the two men would then banter and bicker about. The first law they were debating about when I'd arrived was the "Supernatural Club Restriction Act"that Hoppcraft had proposed. After about an hour of debate, the secretary brought in another law proposed by Hoppcraft.

"Zombie Population Restriction Act?! James, you can't be serious." Van Gould cried.

"Zombies have become a major problem in Moonlight Falls. They need to be contained." Hoppcraft stated.

"You obviously didn't do any actual research on Zombies, have you?" Van Gould asked.

"I know enough to tell you that they're dangerous creatures who need to either be contained, or exterminated all together!" Hoppcraft cried.

Van Gould shook his head before he continued. "Zombies don't work like that. The moon turns a couple of random Sims into Zombies every full moon! There's no 'containing' that, unless you want to contain the moon itself!"

"But I've been seeing Zombies during the daytime too! They're spreading their disease and it's getting out of hand!" Hoppcraft cried.

Van Gould seemed, honestly surprised, and so was I. Zombies weren't suppose to come out during the daytime. Once the sun rises, they always turned back into regular Sims. But there was a way, I remembered a potion my dad had made once, it was suppose to turn a Sim into a permanent zombieā€¦

"Potent Zombification."I said to myself aloud.

"What was that boy?"Hoppcraft asked, leering my way.

I explained to them how Potent Zombification and the Reanimation Ritual could turn people living and/or dead into a permanent zombie.

"So the culprit must be a witch!" Hoppcraft declared, rising from his seat triumphantly.

Van Gould smacked his palm into his head in frustration.

"Lilly, I think we're done for the day." He announced.

The secretary came floating into the room, adjusting her circular glasses.

"Alright then." She replied.

She collected their papers as they got out of their chairs.

"Chris, would you walk me out?" Van Gould asked.

We began walking out, Van Gould applying some Vamprific Sunscreen to his skin. He then got the annoying glow to his skin that I hated. I tried looking the other direction, but since I was talking to him that was difficult.

"We Vampires hate the sparkles just as much as everyone else, but it's one of the few ways we can attend to matters in the daytime. The only other way is to become immortal, and then we'd sparkle twenty four-seven" Van Gould stated.

We both chuckled as we reached Van Gould's luxurious vintage car.

"Chris, as a fellow Supernatural, I trust you to support me in passing these laws. They'll help a great deal to give further rights to Supernaturals." Van Gould told me.

"I believe that I need to examine each case individually, instead of just taking one side." I told him.

Van Gould gave me a long, hard stare. I was pretty sure he was either trying to examine me, or use his Vampire powers. But then he snapped back into a smile.

"Good for you boy, that's a smart decision!" he declared, and stepped into his car.

The car drove off, leaving me on the curb. I looked over my shoulder to see Hoppcraft, who was just about to enter his own car. Our eyes met for a second, but he quickly looked back at his car.

"Magical rubbish." He mumbled as he stepped into his car.

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