The large yellow dragon looked down at the small pink and blonde haired children before her, giving a toothy smile she gave a reassuring low loving growl as she shushed them to sleep. Across from her lay her mate for life, their tails lightly wrapped around each other's allowing them to make an almost perfect circle. And in the circle lay their foster human children, sleeping peacefully as they got closer to each other seeking warmth.

Her face turned towards her mate, allowing a low whisper to leave her lips, "time passed quickly didn't it." Her mate opened a drowsy eye at her before giving a low growl.

"It sure did." He glanced at the kids out of the corner of his open eye.

"Jiraiya… you think they'll be okay?"

Jiraiya began to stand up quietly, "Tsunade. Relax, we raised them well." he said as a white light covered him and dissipated leaving a long white haired muscular man, Tsunade following suit soon after transforming into a busty blonde.

"You're right." she said as they walked to the edge of the field where tall grass and trees met," besides there's a village right down the mountain right?" she said more to herself then to her mate.

"Right." Jiraiya placed a big warm reassuring hand on her shoulder as he gently guided her through the forest, "they can take care of themselves." Tsunade suddenly stopped and looked back as she held a fist to her chest, fighting the tears that gathered up in her eyes. Looking once again at the sleeping children she let a few drops leave before turning around again and quickening her pace to catch up to Jiraiya.

"Tsunade?" A small voice asked, "Jiraiya?"

Green eyes scanned the clearing before her gaze fell upon a blonde boy who was making his way towards her with sad blue eyes. She sat there until he finally reached her, "I'm sorry Sakura-chan, I can't find them anywhere...

Her eyes suddenly began to sting and she felt tears slide down her rosy cheeks. They were gone. But they wouldn't just leave them would they? She stood up and grabbed the blondes sleeve, "Naruto-nii, they wouldn't just leave us... would they?" She watched as he brother glanced at her over his shoulder and pried her hand off his sleeve and held it in his.

"I don't know Sakura-chan..." he said looking dejected.

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