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Izaya quietly opened the door to Shizuo's apartment, chuckling silently to himself. He slipped into the back bedroom where Shizuo lay sleeping. He kicked off his shoes and pulled back the covers, sliding into bed next to the sleeping blonde. Shizuo stirred a bit but didn't fully wake up as Izaya pressed his cold toes into the back of Shizuo's leg. Izaya smiled, delighted with his game as he pressed himself closer to Shizuo, cuddling into his warmth. He was pretty sure Shizuo was awake by now because the blonde had stiffened up, his muscles tense, wondering what Izaya was going to do. Izaya rested his chin on Shizuo's shoulder and breathed into his ear.

"Good morning, Shizu-chan!" Shizuo clapped a hand to his ear and rolled over, nearly falling out of bed.
"Wh-what are you doing?" Shizuo pulled the covers closer to himself, trying to cover his bare chest. Izaya laughed and scooted closer to Shizuo, wrapping his arms around the bodyguard.

"You're warm, Shizu-chan. Stop moving around." Shizuo tried to pry Izaya off of him, but had no luck as Izaya was wrapped tightly around his body.

"Get off, flea! I've got work to do today. I don't have time for this." Where was his temper when he needed it? Shizuo tried again to remove the smaller man but gave up when he realized Izaya wasn't going to move. The informant wasn't saying anything, just breathing in Shizuo's scent.

"Are you okay, Izaya-kun?" Shizuo asked tentatively. Izaya was acting strangely and Shizuo wasn't sure how to react. He was about to try again, maybe say something comforting, but he felt Izaya begin to shake.

"What?! Don't cry!" Shizuo looked down at Izaya who was hiding his face in Shizuo's chest. Then the informant threw back his head, letting out a full blown guffaw.

"You really think I would come to you for comfort? Ha! No, Shizu-chan, you're warm and conveniently placed. Don't flatter yourself." He laughed again and Shizuo growled, turning his back on Izaya.

"Get off. Go find someone else. Or better yet, why don't you try jumping into a fire? I bet that would be warm." He didn't try to push Izaya off of him though, and didn't protest when Izaya's hand landed itself on Shizuo's flat muscled stomach. Shizuo shivered.

"You are cold. What have you been doing?" Izaya didn't answer, instead he put his mouth close to Shizuo's ear. Shizuo thought he was going to whisper something again, but Izaya instead flicked out his tongue and licked the edge of it. Shizuo's eyes opened wide and he turned over again to stare at Izaya in disbelief. Izaya smiled smugly at Shizuo and leaned in for a little peck on the cheek.

"What the hell? Get out!" Shizuo freaked out and tried to scramble out of the bed. Izaya caught him and pulled him back before he could get his feet on the ground.

"I need a distraction. You're here." Izaya placed a hand on Shizuo's cheek in a gesture that might have been sweet if, well, it had been anyone other than Izaya doing it. Izaya roughly shoved Shizuo onto his back and climbed on top of him, placing his head on Shizuo's chest and listening to his heart beat. Shizuo waited for what Izaya was going to do next. He just laid there for a moment without moving, and Shizuo started to relax, thinking that perhaps he was safe for now. Izaya felt the change in his body though, and smiled to himself before quickly moving to lick Shizuo's neck. The blonde let out a very satisfying gasp of surprise and Izaya chuckled.

"What's wrong, Shizu-chan? Is something the matter?" Izaya was trying to provoke Shizuo to add a little entertainment to the situation, and, sure enough, Shizuo rose to the bait, rolling over and bringing Izaya under him.

"What do you want from me? What the hell are you doing here?" Izaya pouted, folding his arms across his chest in the limited space between them.

"You don't want me here? That hurts, Shizu-chan!" Izaya reached up with both hands to pinch Shizuo's cheeks, but Shizuo grabbed both of his slim wrists in one hand and pinned them down above Izaya's head.

"Don't call me Shizu-chan!" Their faces were closer now, they were breathing in the same air, but both of them refused to be the one to look away first. Izaya suddenly smirked and Shizuo had a bad feeling about whatever he was planning. Izaya closed the distance between them and pressed their lips together. Shizuo let go of his hands in surprise and tried to back away, but Izaya grabbed his hair and held him there. He pulled away to allow Shizuo to breath.

"Izaya-kun! What?! Hell no!" Shizuo glared down at him. Izaya mangaed to squirm his way out from under Shizuo and before he realized what was happening, Izaya had jumped on Shizuo's back and had him flattened against the sheets. He wound a hand through thick blonde hair and pulled his head to the side, revealing his flushed face and opening up his neck. Izaya leaned in and bit down on Shizuo's neck, holding the tight skin with his teeth for a few moments before sliding his teeth off, pinching the final layer of skin and letting go.

"I like this angle, Shizu-chan! I get to see your face when I do naughty things to you." Izaya foolishly let go of Shizuo's hair so that he could clap his hands together and Shizuo flipped their positions again, quickly taking advantage of the situation and biting down on the middle of Izaya's neck not unlike an alpha wolf might do. He didn't let go, only biting down harder when he felt Izaya begin to struggle.

"Ow! Shizu-chan, that hurts!" Izaya managed to make out a complete sentence even though his heartbeat had accelerated and his breathing had turned irregular. It was now Shizuo's turn to laugh and he let go, licking where he had bitten and then moving up to Izaya's ear.

"Ha, what, is something the matter?" He quipped, using Izaya's own words against him. Izaya refused to respond and instead chose to wrap his legs around Shizuo's waist, pulling them closer together and pulling Shizuo over onto his side so they were facing each other.

"Izaya..." Shizuo whispered out. He knew something was wrong with the informant, but didn't know what he could do to get the answer out of him. And damn it, the flea irritated him! Izaya once again threaded his fingers through Shizuo's hair. He loved the texture of it and couldn't help himself from running his hands through it.

"Shizu-chan, entertain me. I'm bored." Izaya whispered. His voice was rough and low as he pulled Shizuo closer to him.

"I'm not your plaything." Shizuo protested weakly. Izaya brought their mouths together, slower this time, allowing time for Shizuo to pull away if he wanted. He didn't, and their lips met. Izaya refused to let go of Shizuo's hair and he tugged on it hard as their kiss picked up passion. Their tongues met and a battle for dominance commenced, Izaya attempting to use his hold on Shizuo to get the upper hand. Shizuo of course wouldn't have that and he forced his way inside Izaya's mouth with brute strength. Izaya gave up and allowed him to explore the warm cavern, adding his own tongue to the mix. Shizuo was the first to pull away, gasping for air.

He glared at Izaya who was also short of breath and asked, "Well... was that entertaining enough for you?"

"Oh, Shizu-chan, don't try and hide how much you liked it. Even if you pretend otherwise, Shizu-chan's body is very truthful." Izaya thrust his hips forward to demonstrate his point, their erections brushing against each other and causing Shizuo to gasp in pleasure.

"Damn it flea!" Shizuo crushed their mouths together again and they tore desperately at each other's shirts, the fabric ending up torn and thrown carelessly across the room. Izaya began to roam his cold hands all over Shizuo's chest and torso, but the blonde grabbed his wrists again and pinned them onto his chest. He continued attacking Izaya's mouth, neck, ears, shoulders. He bit Izaya's upper arm, pinching the skin roughly between his teeth.

"Shizuo!" Izaya hissed out. Shizuo smirked to himself. Izaya had called his real name. Izaya got his hands free and grabbed for Shizuo's hair again, dragging his head back away from his arm. Unfortunately, this brought his mouth closer to Izaya's neck and he bit there as well, hard enough to leave a mark. Izaya moved his hands to Shizuo's bare shoulders and dug his nails into the skin there, breaking skin. Shizuo let up on his assault of Izaya's bare skin for a moment and Izaya took his chance. He kissed Shizuo again, rolling back on top and grinding his knee into Shizuo's crotch.

"Shit! Izaya!" Shizuo cried out against Izaya's mouth. He reached down to remove the last pesky layer of clothing between them. He un-zipped Izaya's black pants, sending them to the floor. Izaya reached out, wanting them to be equally unclothed. Shizuo allowed him to do the same and shivered as Izaya's cold hands brushed the tip of his erection through his boxers. They went at each other again, Shizuo pulling Izaya's bottom lip into his mouth and nipping at it. Izaya opened his mouth wider and allowed Shizuo entrance back into his mouth. Shizuo finally ripped off Izaya's underwear, his strength setting in but his anger currently channeled into... other activities. He removed his own and they were finally completely bared to each other. Izaya smirked, trying to keep his cold sarcastic front in place. Shizuo reached down to stroke Izaya's hardened length. Izaya's eyes opened even wider if it was possible and he threw himself back at Shizuo who rolled over again and pinned the informant down. He offered three fingers to Izaya and the informant took them into his mouth, covering them completely. Then Shizuo pressed a finger into Izaya's hot opening.

"Ow, Shizu-chan!" Izaya was back to using the nickname as Shizuo pushed in another finger. He began to move his fingers around, and inadvertently brushed against something that made Izaya arch his back and cry out. Shizuo removed his fingers and positioned himself at Izaya's entrance. He slid in and Izaya whimpered again, somewhere between pleasure and pain.

"Oh, fuck, Izaya!" Shizuo didn't give Izaya long to adjust before he started moving again. He reached down to stroke Izaya's neglected erection in time with his thrusts, and the informant soon came, releasing his seed between them. Shizuo held on for a few minutes more before he followed, holding Izaya close and riding out the last waves of his orgasm. He fell on top of Izaya and laid there until he got his breathing back under control. He felt Izaya sigh tiredly and curl up into himself.

"What's wrong, Izaya-kun? Are you okay?" Shizuo pulled the raven haired man into his lap.

"I'm fine, Shizu-chan." Izaya used the name Shizuo hated in the hopes that the body guard would leave him alone. He had provided a nice distraction, but now he was ready to leave and face his day.

"I guess I'm not going into work today." Shizuo laid back all the way down, pulling Izaya with him and tucking Izaya's head under his chin. Izaya didn't struggle. He felt like a child in Shizuo's strong arms, and he closed his eyes. Of course, he would never admit it, but the strong man had a calming effect on him. It made him feel wanted to be held like that. It had been a very long time since anyone had touched him so intimately. He found himself relaxing and started to feel nervous and anxious. He fought his way out of Shizuo's arms and stood up, gathering his clothes together and trying to hurry out the door. Shizuo wasn't about to let him go so easily though. He jumped and wrapped an arm around Izaya's waist.

"Is there something wrong? Talk to me." Shizuo tried to convince Izaya, but the informant wasn't having any of it. He turned around and smirked.

"We've been over this, Shizu-chan. I would never come to you for comfort or to talk to. I'm using you, see?" He saw a look of hurt flit across Shizuo's face and dug in a final taunt.

"Besides, you're useless at that kind of thing anyway." Shizuo let go of him and Izaya slipped on his clothes and left out the front door he had entered in earlier. Shizuo looked after him with a sad look on his face. What was Izaya hiding?

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