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Izaya's eyes blinked open slowly, squinting in the light streaming through the windows. He tried to sit up but pain wracked his body when he moved. He gritted his teeth and moved slower, managing to swing his legs over the side of the bed and look around. Those thugs must really have done a number on him. A few broken bones usually weren't a big problem, but Izaya reckoned he had a bit more than that. He knew he needed to get to Shinra as fast as possible and he needed to get out of Shizuo's house, but there were a few problems with this situation. The top two being that he wasn't exactly in top form and the fact that it seemed Shizuo had stolen his clothes and replaced them with a huge white dress shirt. Izaya glanced in the mirror and laughed at his reflection quietly. He looked tiny, the shirt more like a dress than anything. Bruises made up the majority of his face and what little normal colored skin he could see looked pale and washed out. He slowly stood up and hissed in pain. He looked around the room and saw his phone sitting on the dresser. He took a step forward, trying not to give in to the black dots swarming in front of his eyes. If he could just get to his phone he could call Celty and... with a crash Izaya fell to the floor, knocking his head on the side of the dresser he'd almost managed to reach.

Shizuo woke up with a start when he heard a loud noise from his bedroom. The first thought that jumped to his mind was that the flea had blown something up and instantly his temper spiked.

"Izayaaaaa!" He shouted, rushing to the door and preparing to smash the informant. A surprising sight met his eyes though when he saw Izaya sprawled on the floor, eyes closed and a touch of new blood on his forehead. He looked even worse than Shizuo remembered from last night and he realized that Izaya needed to see Shinra right away. Shizuo tried calling Shinra again, this time from Izaya's phone in case Shinra was still angry about the last time Shizuo had thrown a light pole at him. Nobody picked up, and Shizuo slammed the phone shut. He picked up Izaya carefully, cradling him like a baby and was tempted to take a picture but knew he wouldn't have time. He ran down the stairs of his building and laid Izaya into the back of his little used car, starting it and zooming out of the garage, tires screeching on the pavement. Izaya moaned from the back seat and Shizuo couldn't help his thoughts turning back to yesterday morning. He shook his head to clear the images flooding his mind. They finally arrived at Shinra's apartment and Shizuo parked in the first available space and grabbed Izaya, dashing up the stairs and pounding on Shinra's door until a very disgruntled Celty appeared appeared. She took one look at the situation and rushed them inside, running off to get Shinra from wherever he was hiding. Shizuo followed her and laid Izaya down on the kitchen table. Shinra walked in, pulling a shirt on over his head. Shizuo didn't really want to imagine what the two of them had been so busy with that they couldn't pick up a phone.

"Jesus Shizuo, what did you do to him?" Shinra unbuttoned Izaya's shirt dress thing and gently began feeling around his chest and arms.

"It wasn't me..." Shizuo muttered. He was slightly distracted by Izaya's naked body. No matter how bruised and broken he looked, he still had a certain allure to him that Shizuo had never seen before in anyone.

"At least three broken ribs, a cracked jaw, fracture in the hip I think... And he may have a concussion. I need to get him to wake up now." Shinra worked quickly and efficiently, Celty handing him bandages and other medical supplies to help. Shizuo felt useless as he stood there and watched his friends working over the man he thought he hated until just a day ago. Now he wasn't so sure what he felt for Izaya. Certainly the man still pissed him off to no ends. But there was also a protectiveness Shizuo felt towards him.

"... needs to stay in bed, which will be hard for him. Shizuo, are you listening to me?" Shinra threw something that felt like a popsicle stick at Shizuo's head.

"What?" Shizuo asked, barely registering the object that had hit him.

"You're going to take care of him right? I don't think Namie will and you seem perfectly qualified to keep him locked up for a while." Shinra left no chance for an argument. Sometimes, Shizuo thought, Shinra got really scary and wouldn't take no for an answer.

"Fine. What does it entail exactly? How about a cage?" Shizuo joked.

"Hm... I would say yes but I don't think Izaya would be up for that. Though who knows, I'm getting all sorts of surprises lately." Shinra glanced up from wrapping Izaya's ribs and smirked at Shizuo.

"What are you implying?" Shizuo growled.

"Nothing. Leave me alone while I finish this. You can use my cabin if you want." Shinra offered. He was the proud owner of a cabin a few hours outside of the city, which of course he never visited because he was too busy with work or something.

"Fine. I really don't want the flea waking up when he's in the car with me... Can you give him some drugs or something?" Shizuo squinted.

"Um... I don't know if that's a good idea, he already might have a concussion and he's probably already been out a while, I'm risking him going into a coma if he's out for much longer... But then again I don't want him to freak out when he finds himself in a car with you." Shinra thought it over and decided mild sedatives maybe were the better option.

"He should be out for a couple of hours, should be enough time for you to get out there and pick up some food on the way. Call me if you have any problems or if he's not awake by tonight." Shinra said while injecting Izaya with medication.

"Thanks, Shinra."

"Just don't hurt him too badly while he's still healing, okay?"

"The flea better not piss me off while he's still healing..." Shizuo growled, gingerly picking up Izaya and walking out of the apartment, nodding goodbye to Celty. When they got outside Shizuo noticed yellow envelope flapping in the wind shoved under his windshield wipers.

"Damn it!" Who would give the infamous Shizuo Heiwajima a fucking parking ticket? He ripped it off his car and tossed it in a bin. He unceremoniously dropped Izaya in the back and sped off, in a very bad mood.

He stopped for rations at a big grocery store, buying lots of instant food. There was no way he was cooking for the flea. Fifteen minutes later he was back in the car and on their way again. When they arrived it was nearing five in the afternoon. Izaya looked like he was stirring so Shizuo picked him up and carried him inside. Thank god for Shinra and his paranoia, because there was a whole lower level to the building that could only be accessed through a very well hidden staircase in the back of the house. He was relatively sure that Izaya had never been here before and therefore was reassured that it would take him a while to figure out a way to get out. That and they were in the middle of nowhere. Shizuo dropped Izaya on the bed and dusted his hands off, then sighed. Izaya was likely to get up and start planning his escape. Idiot... Shizuo looked around and spotted a pair of handcuffs. He looked at them, perplexed as to what Shinra needed with them, but once again decided not to think about it. He handcuffed Izaya's thin pale wrists to the headboard of the bed and nodded to himself before going back upstairs to finish unpacking.

Half an hour later, Shizuo was just about to sit down with a glass of cold milk when he heard a faint banging noise coming from downstairs. Of course Izaya would choose now to wake up. Shizuo made his way downstairs and leaned against the door frame, looking down at the struggling Izaya and waiting for him to notice him.

"Shizu-chan! How nice of you to kidnap me, but I'd prefer if you... didn't." Izaya finally noticed Shizuo standing there and grinned back at him. He slowly moved his wrists around, seeing if he could get out of the handcuffs.

"Don't call me Shizu-chan." Shizuo frowned, stepping forward.

"But I like that name, Shizu-chan. It makes you sound like an adorable puppy." Izaya smirked, trying to get Shizuo's temper fired up again.

"I told you to shut it, flea!" Shizuo shouted, his hand gripping the doorway which was in danger of being smashed.

"Maybe if you let me up we could work this out like we normally do. You, out of breath from chasing me while I laugh at you." Izaya relaxed back onto the bed, well aware he was still only in Shizuo's shirt.

"Hey, don't sit like that." Shizuo suddenly blushed as Izaya's pale legs fell open and the dark haired man narrowed his eyes.

"Let me up and maybe I'll listen to you. After all, I have to thank you for patching me up. Or, taking me to Shinra at least." Izaya's voice had gotten lower and Shizuo couldn't help himself as he took a step forward and unlocked Izaya. In a flash, Izaya was up and holding the handcuff chain to Shizuo's neck.

"Don't ever try to chain me up again." He whispered, voice dangerously low as he sat straddling Shizuo where he'd knocked him to the floor. Shizuo struggled, but every time he moved the chain was pressed harder into his windpipe. He was incredibly aware of Izaya's lack of clothing and also the imminent danger he faced with the very very angry Izaya. Both of these things unfortunately only heightened the adrenaline in his system and Shizuo found himself begin to grow hard with Izaya of all people sitting on top of him.

"Oh, so little Shizu-chan likes a little danger when he plays..." Izaya rocked forwards slightly, creating friction between the two of them and causing Shizuo's murderous thoughts to completely disappear, replaced instead with images of Izaya naked on the floor underneath him. Then Shinra's warning came to mind about not breaking Izaya while he was fragile.

"Get off of me." He growled, pushing Izaya away and standing up, doing his best to hide his very inconspicuous boner.

"What, no games today Shizu-chan?" Izaya pouted.

"Not today. I might... break you." Shizuo stormed away after he said that, and a few minutes later Izaya heard the shower running. He pondered what Shizu-chan had meant by that. Sure, Izaya was pretty badly banged up, but that had never mattered when Shizuo was chasing him through the streets of his city. He supposed he'd just have to find other ways of annoying Shizuo for now. It looked like he was stuck here, and judging from the decoration and multiple medical supplies scattered throughout the room, he was at the mysterious cabin that Shinra sometimes mentioned. Izaya found a mirror and took the shirt off, assessing the damage yet again. Bruises dotted his sides and legs, and apparently he'd broken a few ribs because they were all snugly wrapped up. A bruise discolored the left side of his jaw and judging by how it hurt to move it, that was fractured as well. As for his hip, another fracture he assumed. Great. Even though he healed extremely fast, this level of injury would take a few weeks at least. And to spend that time with a touchy Shizu-chan... Actually, thought Izaya, that could be fun. They could play doctor. He cackled to himself, pleased to have something to look forward to no matter how short term it would be. For now, the boredom was gone.

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