This is a Snarry story/Harry and Snape. Warning: there are descriptions of gay sex. Warning: there is mention of rape, not of any character and no description. If you are uncomfortable in anyway regarding these subjects, then I suggest you don't read any further. This is my own story based on Jk Rowling's Characters and her books, I do not own anything apart from the idea of this story and I make no money. I write for fun.

Chapter one

Harry Potter was exhausted, he was in pain, and he felt sick. He was relieved that Voldemort was dead, along with a lot of his supporters, but he couldn't feel happy. He walked slowly outside onto the ground of Hogwarts and looked around at all the damage. Then for some reason he couldn't understand, he made his way under the whomping willow then through the tunnel until he stepped into the shrieking shake. Harry stared down at Severus Snape, then he noticed some things that were not there when he left, potion bottles. Harry stared down at them and couldn't work out where they came from, but he decided it wasn't important. Finally he knelt down next to Severus Snape and stared at his pale face.

'H…help…me,' Severus croaked as his slowly opened his eyes, 'H…h…help.'

'Blimey, I thought you died. I need to go get Madame Pomfrey.'

'N…no, you…help, please.'

'How, I can't heal, I can't even lift you.'

'Just…s…stay, give…give,' Severus hand dropped to the floor, 'P…pocket.'

Harry nodded then put his hand inside Snape's robes and found more potion bottles. He held each one up to Snape so he could nod or shake his head, then gave him the potions.

'There is an old bed in the other room, I could float you in there if you want me too?'

'S…soon, need…to…heal.' Snape's fists clenched as he grimaced.

Harry saw how much pain Snape was in and how he kept clenching his fists, so even though he still didn't know how he felt about this man, Harry took his hand and let him squeeze it. He wasn't sure how long they sat on the floor together, but Harry figured he was over an hour at least, maybe two.

'Can…you help…me up?' Snape's croaky voice asked.

'Okay, I'll try not to hurt you,' Harry stood, then put his hand under his professor's arm and using the last of his strength, lifted him to his feet, then let Snape lean on him why they walked slowly out of that room and into the other room Harry sat Snape down on the bed, 'I really should get Madame Pomfrey to look at you.'

'Soon, for…now, I'll survive, just need…to rest,' Snape panted, 'Tell me, what's going…on out…there?'

'Well Voldemort is dead, that's the big news,' Harry saw the surprise on Snape's weak face, 'After you gave me that memory, I never intended to watch it, I went to speak with Dumbledore's portrait, but they were all empty. I had no idea what to do next, so I decided to watch the memory, I was clutching at anything that might help.'

'So…you know, but how did…you survive?'

'Not really sure about that. But I let him kill me, seems even then it didn't work. But that got destroyed, the one inside me. I pretended to be dead so he wouldn't know I was alive, then Neville killed the snake for me, she was the last one. Fighting started again, I finally let him know I was alive, we talked, then I killed him. All this could have been for nothing if I didn't watch your memory, Dumbledore might have been powerful, but that just pissed me off, he should have told me before he died.'

'Yes…he should have and…I did tell…him that a…few times. But now, what about…Bellatrix and the others?'

'Most are dead, Bellatrix got killed by Mrs. Weasley. Fred had just died, Ginny almost died and she just told everyone to stay back. The Malfoy's are all alive and under guard at the moment, some ran when they were outnumbered,' Harry sighed wearily then sat on the floor against the wall, 'A lot of luck won this fight,' Harry put his head down on his knees.

'You look tired.'

Harry lifted his head, 'Yeah, I am, been awake for, well, I'm not sure how long.'

'You're injured as well, lots of blood on you.'

Harry looked down at all the blood and dirt, 'Yeah, he decided to have some fun when he thought I was dead,' Harry opened his shirt at where the blood was worse, 'I need to get this fixed, probably will scar like my other one, but at least it won't get stared at,' Harry sighed again then closed his shirt, then looked at Snape, 'Why didn't you stop the students getting hurt?'

'Tried, but if I didn't let some of those punishments go, they would have been suspicious. I saw you follow my patronus, did you get the sword, I couldn't stay to see, I had to get back?'

'Yeah, almost died doing it. When I got close to it, the blasted horcrux around my neck tried to choke me. I only survived thanks to Ron pulling me out. Why did you have to leave it under water, I'm not a good swimmer and it was freezing, was it just more punishment because I look like my father.'

'Only a worthy Gryffindor can get the sword, you had to earn it you could say.'

'You still could have stuck it up a tree or something, but…' Harry hesitated, 'thanks.'

'You're welcome.'

Harry stared at Snape, 'I don't think I've ever heard you say that or sound like that before. Was it all part of this act you've been putting on for years?'

'Most was an act, not all of it, I still think you're arrogant, like your father.'

'Oh cut the shit Snape, I won't take that anymore, I don't need to. Too much has happened for me to take any of your snide remarks anymore,' Harry pushed himself to his feet, then groaned loudly, he held onto the wall.

'You don't look too good?'

'I feel like shit,' Harry felt dizzy and went to sit down again, but ended up collapsed unconscious onto the floor.

Snape slowly pushed himself up, then knelt at Harry. He wasn't a healer, but he could tell Potter had a lot of injures and he had lost a lot of blood. So he pulled a potion out of his pocket, poured it into Potter's mouth, then stared down at him, wondering what he should do. Help him, for Lily, or let the people at the school know he was here. Snape knew he needed a bit longer to heal before trying to lift Potter, so he sat down and just watched him. He thought since he needed time, he would decide then.