This is just a tester story. If you like it and review it I might continue it. Please excuse grammer misspelling.

"Noble Team reporting in Director" Phillis said in her programmed voice.

"Good work is she there?" He asked wondering about his lost freelancer who had been one of the best

"Noble Six is accounted for" she answered.

"Good, Counslar get everything ready for thier arrival" He said turning to the african-american man.

"Yes Director" he said noddding.

"Why?" Six moaned to them. "Why are we here?" She said fustrated.

"That's one of the univere's mystries isn't it why are we here are we... Why are you staring at me like that for?" Jun said.

"What the fuck?" She responded.

"Six shut-up! why don't you look at the weapons or the birds something other than causing a fight with these two idiots" The commandeer suggested.

"Thank-you" she said. If she wasn't wearing her helmet he swore she was smiling.

"Did you two start that just so she could leave?" He asked Emile and Jun.

"Well... that and she was probably going into total bitch mode. And she was going to run off anyway" Emile answered.

"Thank-god for that" Jorge said. "Amen" Kat answered.

"Am I the only one who doesn't know what the hell is going on?" Carter said outraged at their plan.

"Yes" Six shouted climbing on the top of a pelican from the otherside of the hanger. He sighed and sat down thinking and hoping for the day Six would stop her games and secrets knowing that would never happen.

"Wait so why are they here and who are they?" Wash asked

"Noble Team. Spartans and you have to come along" York said as thier small team of six made their way to the hanger and saw five people sitting on creates or leaning against the walls and talking.

"You Noble Team?" Carolina asked.

"Yeah all six of us" The one with a skull of his helmet said playing with a knife in his hands.

"But there are five of you" North said noticing their mistake.

"What? Oh yeah Six is around here somewhere probably looking for sabre's to fly" He answered. "I'm Emile noble Four. Women over there is Kat she's Two. Jun and Jorge Three and Five and One is Carter" he introduced them nodding to each of them in turn.

"What about Six?" Wash asked.

"Don't know we ask her and she just says to shut up" He answered.

"And you listen to her?" South said "God she must be a weak fit or have a bad name" She added.

"No she isn't, don't let wolf hear you say that. She may not tell people her name but that doesn't mean she is weak" Jun said and gave advice.

"Wolf?" York asked. Wolf? Why would they call her wolf?

"Her nickname she's good, really good" Jun answered

"And how would you know?" South said starting an argument.

"She's a Hyper Lethal Vector" Kat informed them.

"Wait doesn't that mean..." York trailed off. "Assassin yeah and if you think that's bad you should see her file" Carter said.

"Hey guys you really need to see some of this training gear I mean it's making me jelous to hell.. Uh hi" Six said stopping infront of the freelancers. "Hi guys nice to see you again. Um... anyway Kat come on you have to see this" She said pointing behind her.

"Later ok" Kat promised.

"They have pelicans not sabres don't they?" Jorge asked.

"I can do both remember I am a pilot" She said back smiling wider. "Youre a pilot?" Carolina asked.

"Yeah it's why I was placed on noble they needed one and someone to drive a car better than Kat" She added.

"You're not letting that go are you?" Kat asked.

"You drove us off a cliff! How can I be happy about that?" She responded.

"We made it to the other side" Kat retaliated.

"You did! I had to jump off the frigging thing!" Six rebutted getting cross.

"Beleive me when I say this argument comes up...what seven times a week twice on monday" Carter told them.

"Yeah and I always win" Six yelled over turning to him.

"You're like talking to a brick wall. You refuse to budge" He responded

"Yeah get used to it, because I firgging rock at it" Six smirked.