Six or India as she was going by now got out of the showers and got changed quickly, before heading back into her own room, glad to see North was no longer in there she placed the second set of clothes back in her cupboard. Going to the training room as ordered she did a rough workout and excersise.

Well and truely three hours later they finally let her go. She went to her locker and felt her stomach grumble. Strangely she felt hungry she never felt hungry at this time of day.

Going to the mess India felt relaxed which was even wierder. She grabbed a tray and sat down at a random table she thought to be left alone. Unfortunetly as soon as Carolina's group came in, Wyoming spotted her.

"Old girl mind if we join you?" he asked.

She shrugged in response. He took that as a yes grabbed a tray and sat across from her as did the others.

"How's training going?" York asked.

"Rough but not as bad as training for spartans was. I prefer Reach not as much noise" she answered.

"Hey we all get the night off on Saturday and usally we go to Earth for a few drinks. Think you might be interested?" Wash asked.

"I...I don't know. I haven't actually gotten drunk before or ever gone to a club for that answer" she responded expecting them to laugh. Only South did before North shushed her.

"Really never?" Carolina asked.

"Forbidden to spartans to have personal time" she responded.

"Well this is going to be your first so we'll go and party" York said. This wasn't going to end well