Emma sat in the waiting room of the woman's health care center. Her period was late and she feared the worst, that she was pregnant. Never having a true concept of family Emma never even thought about becoming a parent, it just wasn't for her, and especially not now; not at eighteen.

Emma tried to tell herself to stay calm but at this point there was no going back from over-reacting. In five minutes she would know. She wished she could pick up her phone and dial her mom, maybe she would have an answer or even just the right thing to say. But Emma didn't know her mother, sure she had mothers; many of them actually. They came and went like fashion, drifting in and out of Emma's life but never sticking. Maybe Emma always pushed them away, or maybe they just didn't care; but whatever it was Emma wasn't worth it.

Emma wished she could call her father but that was impossible too. If he was around maybe she wouldn't have fallen for a guy like Derek, maybe there would've been someone there to tell her what she was worth and what she deserved in a relationship. Maybe her Dad could've seen in Derek what she didn't see before it was too late.

Emma had wondered her entire life what it would be like to have parents, and now it was time for her to wonder what it would be like to be one. To love someone unconditionally. To be the most important person in their life. Emma wasn't ready. She had never known stability, never understood the importance of family values. What could she offer this kid that was any better than what she experienced?

A life without a father, a mother who doesn't know the first thing about parenthood let alone family.

"Emma Swan." The nurse called ripping Emma from her thoughts. Emma stood up and was lead into the doctors room. "The doctor will be here in a moment."

Emma sat on the doctors table, the paper under her crinkled at her movement. The door opened and the doctor came in closing the door behind her, "Well Emma you are pregnant." Emma felt like time had stopped, she wasn't ready for this. "Do you know who the father is?" Emma nodded. "Well Emma you have a couple of options you need to think about, you can of course choose to keep the baby, you can give it up for adoption or have an abortion."

Emma knew she wasn't ready for a kid, but she just couldn't terminate the pregnancy. If her family had aborted her instead of abandoning her she wouldn't be here and she couldn't do that to someone else. Of course she couldn't keep the baby either. "I think I'm going to give it up for adoption,"

"I want you to make absolutely sure that this is what you want. It would be wrong for you to involve another family and get their hopes up just to take them away if you chose to keep the baby. " Emma nodded but she already knew she was sure. She wasn't mother material and this baby needed a better chance. "Why don't you come back in a week and let me know if you're decision is still the same, but since you will be carrying out the pregnancy we need to set you up with all the normal pregnancy needs so we can make sure this is a healthy baby."

Emma nodded but had made up her mind. She would give this baby up to give him or her their best chance.