The lights were shining bright on the wrestling ring. People from all over the globe came to watch the world's best female wrestlers. Everyone was going nuts. The arena was filled with cheers and jeers from the audience. Every time their favorite wrestler scores a hit, the crowd goes wild. But whenever her opponent lands a cheap shot, the audience screamed with 'boos' and 'hisses.' Back and forward the two wrestlers went, exchanging each other blows as well as submission holds. One of them grabbed her opponents arm and Irish whipped her into the corner. However, the Japanese woman leaped onto the second rope and jumped back onto her opponent. She landed horizontally across her torso, forcing her to the mat. The diving crossbody knocked her to the ground on unconscious. The Japanese woman quickly got to her feet and climbed the top rope. She jumped as high as she could and executed not one, but two backflips in midair. The Japanese wrestler landed stomach first across her opponent lying on the ground.

"Angel Dive! Angel Dive! That's her finishing move, Mike! The Angel Dive!" said one of the commentators.

"Unbelievable! She's going for the pin!" spoke the other.

She hooked her opponent's leg with one arm, while raising her other arm and pointed to the sky. The referee slid to the ground and got ready for the pin count.

"ONE!" He shouted.

"TWO!" The audience screamed with him. The Japanese woman could feel her heart pounding. Beads of sweat cascaded down her face. She looked to the sky and smiled.


It was pandemonium inside the arena. Everyone got out of their seats and started jumping for joy. The sound of the applause and the crowd chanting her name entered the wrestler's ear. Being able to compete, come away with a victory and do it all for the fans was enough to make her beam with joy.

"REIKO! REIKO! REIKO! REIKO!" The crowd shouted as they cheered for their favorite wrestler of all time: The Zero Fighter, and the youngest daughter of the late, great Kamikaze Rose, Reiko Hinomoto.

Reiko was built for wrestling. The 19 year old woman had a lean muscular body and stood 5'7" tall. She has fair, creamy skinned and hazel eyes. Her collar-length dark brown hair is layered distinctively with tapered edges and long bangs and is parted on the far left. Reiko also has a small mole just above her left breast. Her in-ring attire is mainly a bright crimson red color, with black trimming. She wears a matching low-cut, bikini-style top with laces in the front. It also has the word "Zero" inscribed on the black trim over the right breast. Reiko also wore a pair of bright red short-shorts with the top button undone to expose the hem of what appears to be a black bikini-style undergarment with the word "Zero" on the hem. She wore red and black traditional wrestling gloves that barely reached her wrists and wrestling boots that doesn't go past her knees. She also has a narrow red and black sash around her neck with the ends hanging down along her back.

Reiko is very energetic and enthusiastic both in and out of the ring. However, she is also more kind and thoughtful than most wrestlers. The bottom line is she is very competitive. Her goal is to follow in her mother's footsteps and become the greatest wrestler the world has ever known. She highly values honor, respect and loyalty. Sometimes, Reiko would go out of her way to help those she cares about. She has a fierce determination that drives her and a spirit that cannot be broken. It doesn't matter the punishment she goes through. She'll endure it all and keep fighting. Because Reiko won't stop until she becomes the world's greatest wrestlers, worthy of the family name.

She climbed on top of the turnbuckle and raised her arms in victory. Cameras flash from every direction. Reiko got off the turnbuckle and circled the ring, waving to her fans. Meanwhile, the referee entered the ring, carrying the Rumble Roses Championship Belt. He waited patiently for the Japanese woman to finish her celebration. Reiko made her way to the center of the ring, where the referee was. He handed her the belt and raised her arm up.

"Here's your winner: REIKO HINOMOTOOOOOOOO!" The announcer cried.

Again, the crowd went nuts. The sight of seeing their favorite wrestler win a match brings so much joy, happiness and inspiration to the fans. Reiko held the title belt up high, showing everyone that she's champion. She then put the belt down and struck a series of poses for the audience. Almost every male in the arena was going crazy for her. Countless pictures of the sexy Japanese wrestler were taken. At first, Reiko felt a little camera shy, but after this incredible victory, a surge of confidence overcame her. Reiko pranced around the ring, interacting with her fans as much as she can.

"Reiko Hinomoto is still the champion, John, Her dominance in this business continues. Every opponent she faced has suffered the same fate."

"I agree, Mike. That young woman is one of the reasons why I love the Rumble Roses so much. Reiko is a fighter, a competitor, a grinder and a winner. She's everything that this company stands for."

"You have to wonder if there's anyone back in that Locker Room that can knock down our champion. It seems that she has an answer for every opponent she's beaten."

"She may not be the biggest, the fastest, the strongest or the toughest wrestler on the planet. But, by God, she has the most heart. There were plenty of matches were she was on the verge of losing. While most wrestlers would throw in the towel, Reiko Hinomoto refused to give in. No matter what situation she's put in, she always finds a way to come through. And tonight, we saw that here."

"It's hard to get to the top of the mountain, John. It's even harder to stay there. Reiko may be the champion, but it's only a matter of time before someone takes her spot!"

"All we can do is wait. But for right now, congratulations Reiko Hinomoto!"

After minutes of celebrating, Reiko exited the ring with the championship belt around her waist. As she walked down the ramp, she turned towards the audience and waved to them. The reaction she got was loud and perfect. She reached the stage and point to the sky one last time. As if on cue, her pyro kicked in. The stage was filled with flames and fireworks, with Reiko Hinomoto posing in the middle. The sight was awe-inspiring. Finally, Reiko disappeared into the back.

"Just look at her… how pathetic." A deep voice grumbled.

A woman stood in front of the television in the GM office. Her name was Dr. Cutter. Her face was obscured by a white surgical mask. Her dark brown hair is pulled up into a black latex scrub cap. She wore a hot pink and black outfit. The center piece resembles a short black and pink micro-dress that stops only a short ways down her thighs. She had black gloves that come part way up her forearms, and long thigh-high boots with stiletto heels.

"One of these day, my little Japanese kitten… I'm going to destroy you once and for all."

Suddenly, the door opened. Two more women entered the room. One of them was a middle age woman with dirty blonde hair. She wore a grey suit with grey pants to match. Beside her was a tall, heavily muscular woman. She had a greenish beehive hairdo. She wore a pink singlet uniform complete with weight belt that has the letter "B" on the gold plate.

"Well, if it isn't the General Manager of the Rumble Roses. Miss Daemon." grinned Dr. Cutter. "It's a pleasure to see you again."

"What the hell are you doing in my office, Dr. Cutter? You're not supposed to be here!" spoke the GM.

"Oh come now…" Dr. Cutter begged.

"That does it. Brutha, get her out of my sight!"

"Yes ma'am!" The bodyguard growled. She stomped angrily towards the nurse. Dr. Cutter quickly stepped to the side to avoid any confrontation. Brutha turned and angrily marched towards the nurse. Her hands were as big as frying pans.

"My, my. What a dangerous creature you are." said the doctor in amazement. "I could use you in my plans."

"Brutha serves no one, but the Miss Daemon." The giant huffed.

"Oh come now…" Dr Cutter begged, but her words fell on deaf ears. She was backed into the wall with no possible exit routes. Dr. Cutter looked back at the GM, who was standing in front of her desk, reading an issue of the Rumble Roses Magazines. The look in her eyes can only be described at rage and anger. She slammed the crumpled the magazine and threw it to the side.

"GOD! I HATE THAT JAPANESE BITCH!" Miss Daemon shouted.

"Who? Reiko Hinomoto?" spoke Dr. Cutter. The GMs eyes met hers. It was only split second, but in that instant, a strange bond was formed between the two ladies. Miss Daemon snapped her fingers, causing Brutha to cease her attack on Dr. Cutter. The nurse slipped to the side and approached the General Manager. "What do you have against Reiko Hinomoto?"

"Everything!" The GM replied. "It's her lousy mother that made me what I am right now…"

"What's wrong with being the General Manager of the Rumble Roses?"

"I could have been the greatest champion ever. All I had to do was defeat that damn Kamikaze Rose. I'll never forget that one match. The one match I should've won… The one match that ended my career."

"Ah, I see." said Dr. Cutter.

"Even though she's dead, my grudge against her still remained. I haven't got my revenge on her yet. Few years later, her youngest daughter, Reiko Hinomoto enters the tournament and become the Rumble Roses Champion. The thought of that made me sick. I took the position of GM to get my revenge on Reiko. But every match I created, even when the odds were against her, ends up with Reiko emerging victorious."

"Oh you poor thing."

"I would give anything to make the bitch suffer."

"I would give anything to make her squeal like a pig."

"Nothing would make me happier than breaking every single bone in her body."

"Nothing would make me happier than throwing her off the top of this building."

The two women looked at each other. They carefully studied one another, analyzing their strengths, weaknesses and abilities. It wasn't long before malicious grins appeared on Dr. Cutter and Miss Daemon's face. They started maniacally laughing as their plans were slowly coming together. Finally, the laughter stopped and the two of them gazed into each other's eyes.

"It seems as if you and I share a common interest." Dr. Cutter said.

"Yes. We HATE Reiko Hinomoto." Miss Daemon spoke.

"We want to see her getting brutally destroyed."

"We want to humiliate beyond her wildest dreams.

"WE WANT TO END REIKO HINOMOTO'S CAREER!" They shouted in unison. Both were shocked upon hearing each other's statement. But they nodded back at each other and continued thinking. Miss Daemon took a seat behind her desk and looked back at the nurse.

"So, Dr, Cutter, what do you propose?"

"Let's look at it this way. We both despise Reiko Hinomoto. You want her out of this organization for good. And I want a shot at her title."

"Go on…"

"How about you put me in a title match, against Reiko tomorrow? And as a bonus, I get to make the stipulations and I get to choose the handicaps. That way, I can easily take back my championship and brutally destroy Reiko Hinomoto at the same time! What do you say?"

Miss Daemon was intrigued at her proposal. This psychotic nurse has found a way to give her what she wants. She placed a hand on her chin and got up from her seat. She signaled the giant wrestler, Brutha to shut the doors to her office. Once when she did, Miss. Daemon turned to Dr. Cutter with a wide smirk on her face.

"Very interesting, Dr. Cutter." replied the GM. "I like the way you think. You're so cruel… yet so devious. Very well then! A title match you want, a title match you'll get!"

"Excellent! Thank you so much, Miss. You'll never regret this. I promise to make this beat down very special. By the time I'm done with her, Miss Hinomoto will be begging me to kill her!" Dr. Cutter proceeded to leaving the room.

"Not so fast, Doctor! I haven't finished yet." said Miss Daemon just when Dr. Cutter was about to exit her office. She turned towards the GM with a puzzled look on her face.

"What do you mean? Am I going to get my match with Reiko?"

"In due time! I just had a thought! I'm postponing your match to next Sunday!" Dr. Cutter looked at the calendar hanging on her wall. Today was Tuesday, which meant she won't get her shot until five days from now.

"Why then? Why can't we do it now?" She asked.

"Two reasons!" The GM replied, sticking two fingers in front of her. "First of all, our biggest Pay-Per-View is on that Sunday."

"You mean…"

"Yes, I'm talking about 'Rumblemania!' What better way to humiliate her than doing it on the biggest stage of them all, in front of all of those people?"

"I see…"

"Secondly, as much as I like to give you a title shot tomorrow, that would be too easy."

"Huh? What do you mean?"

"I'm saying that I want Reiko's suffering to last. One day is surely not going to cut it. I got something in mind that will give both of us what we want?"

"Go on…"

"For the next few days, I'm going to put Reiko Hinomoto in series of matches… PAINFUL matches. The kind of matches that our champion will have no chance of winning. I'm going to have all of the odds against her, and have her opponents beat the stuffing out of her. Then, once Sunday comes, she'll be all yours. How does that sound?"

"Sounds a lot better than the previous plan." Dr. Cutter agreed. "So when's her first match?"

"Tomorrow night. I got special surprise for Miss Hinomoto. Her opponent can't wait to break that gorgeous body into two. As a matter of fact, I got an entire locker room of wrestlers, waiting to get a shot at that Japanese bitch!"

"Excellent, boss! You're oh so clever when it comes to these things."

"Be prepared, Reiko Hinomoto. I will have my revenge! And it's going to be oh… so… sweet!"

She started laughing maniacally, with Dr. Cutter joining in. Brutha watched as the two women chuckled after coming up with a plot to destroy the company's best and favorite wrestler. A small grin appeared on her face. The next five days for Reiko Hinomoto are going to be extremely painful and very humiliating.

Meanwhile, just outside the office, one of the wrestlers overheard the GM's plan. A light gasp escaped her lips. She took a step back a nearly tripped herself. However, she maintained her balance and sprinted down the hallway, searching for the Rumble Rose Champion. A minute later, she reached Reiko Hinomoto's locker room and started pounding on the door.

"Reiko! Reiko!" She cried. "Miss Hinomoto, open up!" The door opened and Japanese girl appeared before her. Instead of her usual wrestling uniform, she was wearing a white tank top, black miniskirt and three strapped heals.

"Alexa? What is it?" She asked.

"It's horrible!" She stammered "Dr Cu… The General Manag… you… they… Sunday… Rumblemania…"

"Whoa! Calm down!" Reiko said, putting her hands on her shoulders. It took a few seconds for the girl to regain her composure.

"I have some very bad news for you Reiko! It's urgent!"

"Well, come on in." Reiko said, inviting her friend inside.

Alexa walked into the locker room and took a seat on one of the benches. She waited for Reiko to finish putting her stuff away. Once she was done, she grabbed a couple of water bottles and took a seat next to Alexa. She asked her friend to tell her exactly what's going one. Alexa took a deep breath before informing Reiko the news. She told her everything, from the GM's background story, the plan they came up with for next Sunday. After Alexa finished her story, she left Reiko hanging with her jaw dropped. She was speechless to say the least.

"Oh my God…" Reiko said.

"What are you going to do Reiko?" asked Alexa. "The moment you walk into the ring, you've stepped into their trap. They'll destroy you with absolutely no remorse."

"So what do you suggest I do, Alexa?"

"Don't do it, Reiko! It's way too dangerous. Save your energy for your title match at Rumblemania!"


"I'm begging you. Some of us don't want to see you get hurt."

"But I put my body on the line every day."

"But not like this. This isn't even a wrestling match anymore. It's a grudge match… a beat down. I don't think you'll be able to wrestle anymore when this is all over."

"Alexa…" Reiko placed a hand on her shoulders and smiled. It's a smile that lets her friends know that everything is going to be alright. "I appreciate your concern for me. Believe me, I'm kind of scared for the next five day… but I refused to back down."

"What?" asked Alexa with a shocked look on her face.

"My mother told me to never run away from any challenge. Regardless of the odds, a true champion finds a way to win. It doesn't matter what kind of matches the General Manager has in store for me. And I know there are a bunch of women who want to get their hands on my title, or just flat out humiliate me. But running away is not an option. That is exactly what they want. I cannot let them tarnish my mother's name. No matter what it takes, I… WILL… WIN!"

"But Reiko…"

"I'm sorry, Alexa. But my decision is final. Nothing is going to stop me from competing in that ring. It's what I love. That's my passion. And don't forget, my goal is to become the world's greatest wrestler. These set of matches could help get to that point.

"Reiko…" gulped the young woman.

She saw the determined look on the champ's face. Reiko may have the disadvantage, but she's not backing down. It seemed as if her mind has already been made up, and there's nothing she can do to change it. Alexa gave up and nodded at her friend. "Alright, it's your decision."

"Thank you, Alexa."

"Well, I must be going. Good luck… and be careful."

After those parting words, she exited the locker room, leaving Reiko Hinomoto all by herself. Reiko sighed and looked back at her bag. She reached in and took out a photograph. It was a picture of her and her mother. She was only nine years old and yet her mother was already teaching her the basics of martial arts and grappling. She held the photograph closer to her heart and started praying.

"Mom I know you're up there listening. This is probably going to be my toughest challenge ever. I know my body is going to go through a lot of pain and agony over the next few days. And I know my opponents will try anything to get me to leave the ring for good. But you've taught me well, Mom. You not only showed me the basics of my fighting skills, but you also taught me the concept of never giving up. I promise you, no matter what my body goes through, I'll never, ever give up. This fight is for you."

She placed the photograph back in her bag. She got all of her stuff and exited the locker room. As she walked down the hallway, the eyes of every wrestler in the organization prayed on her. Death stares came from every direction. Reiko noticed this and tried hard not to show any signs of intimidation. All of the sudden, things got a little antsy. Some of the women started throwing stuff at her like water bottles and garbage. Soon, everyone started calling her terrible and insulting names.

"You're dead tomorrow, bitch!"

"No one likes you anymore you piece of crap!"

"Hey slut, your momma sucks!"

"Give up now, scared little pussy!"

It never stopped. Reiko struggled getting through the halls while ignoring the words of her enemies. Every insult she hears about her or her mother is like a dagger piercing her heart. Reiko rarely shows emotion to her opponents, but it's getting more difficult to do so. She finally got to the garage and headed straight towards her car. She got in, turned on the ignition and drove away. While she was heading home, Reiko Hinomoto let everything out. Tears fell from her face uncontrollably. This pain inside her heart was unbearable. But little did she know that this was nothing compared to the pain that she's about to go through over the next five days. Reiko Hinomoto's troubles were far from over and the humiliation was about to begin.