Remember, Tom Hanson, with great power comes great responsibility


It was a Sunday morning in the Jump Street Chapel. The wind could be heard whistling through the gaps in the windows and it was annoying the crap out of Hanson. "Shut the HELL up!" He yelled. Doug walked past to hear him cursing under his breath. "What's up with you?" Tom glared at him. "Nothing Penhall, go away." "Something's obviously wrong Hanson, you're gonna have to tell me." "Doug…" "I'm staying right here until you do." Tom sighed and looked up at him, "I… don't know." "What? What do you mean you don't know?" "I don't know, I just woke up in a bad mood I guess. This day's been shit." "How, what happened?" Hanson groaned and rubbed the back of his hand along his forehead, "Okay, Doug. I got out of bed and tripped over the leg of my bedside table and I hit my elbow, then I went to have a shower but the hot water wasn't working… so I didn't have one, and now this wind is whistling in my ears and it's driving me insane." "Nothing to get agitated over-" "Doug!" Hanson's stomach rumbled. "… And," Tom started, "I didn't have any breakfast this morning." Penhall looked at him for a while, "I see, you're hungry. You always get real irritated when you're hungry." Hanson's cheeks flushed. He didn't say anything. "How about we go out for lunch today?" Asked Penhall. "Hmm. Yeah, I guess." Hanson still didn't smile. He hadn't smiled all morning. Penhall didn't like this. "Come on man, cheer up." Hanson raised his eyebrows and looked at him, not saying a word.

"Penhall!" It was Captain Fuller. "I think I know what this is about," stated Hanson, grinning. Penhall was happy to see Tom smile, but was confused. He didn't know what this was about. Doug almost tripped over his own feet as he walked to Fuller's office which made Hanson giggle.

"What in the hell is THIS, Penhall?" Inquired Fuller, holding up an envelope with 'Doug Penhall' written in small print in the corner, with the words 'Adam Baby' in large print in the middle. "Yeah, what is this?" Doug took the envelope out of Fuller's hands, examining it. He opened it and took the letter out, snickering as he read it. "Do you find this funny Penhall?" "I… I didn't… write this Captain." "May I ask who did then?" Doug noticed the handwriting. He turned to face Hanson out the door. Tom looked up at him, then back down, trying hard not to laugh or smile. Penhall sighed, "Ask Hanson." Doug left the letter on Fuller's desk and walked out.

"Hanson!" Tom walked up to Fuller's office, looking down the whole way. "Hanson… take this and get out," said Captain Fuller, handing him the letter. As Tom walked out he sighed with relief, he raised his thumb to Penhall. As he sat back down at his desk, Doug walked over. "Why did you do that?" Asked Penhall, obviously unseriously, because he was grinning. "Just a bit of fun." Tom smirked. His stomach then rumbled. Loudly. His smile faded as he lowered his brow, "I really need to eat something, I'm so hungry." "How about… we go out for an early lunch?" "Yes! Let's go!" Tom got up straight away and they started to head out together.