Hanson came-to on the bathroom floor, face sticky from the water that was left. 'Maybe that was all a dream…' He thought. He started to get up. "Aagh!" He groaned. He'd been lying on a bar of soap for –Tom checked his watch- an hour and a half. He knew it must have been a dream, but he was frightened to look in the mirror. He had seen his hair… shaped like Astro Boy's. He had to look. He shot the fastest glance at the mirror and whimpered. "What the hell?" Hanson used the highest tone his voice could possibly go to. His hands and forehead started to sweat as he gulped. "This is all just a dream… I'm going to wake up now, and my hair won't be deformed." He closed his eyes tight and smacked himself across the face. All he got was a bright red mark. "This, can't be a dream, this is real. Wait a minute… Doug… while I was in the hospital bed… payback…" He glared at the reflection of his ridiculous hair style. He had to go back to the chapel.

He swung into his Mustang and reached for the ignition with his keys when, he screamed in horror. What the hell had just come out of his god damn wrist? There was a web between his legs. He sat there in shock for at least 5 minutes, his hair standing on the back of his neck, he wasn't able to move. He fainted for the third time that day, with his head landing on the steering wheel, blasting the horn. His head then slid off, landing on the seat next to him.

Tom had been out for almost two hours now. It was around 5 and Penhall had decided to check on Hanson to see how he was. On the way to his apartment, he noticed Tom's Mustang, and, what appeared to be a … shoulder in the window? He walked over and peeked in to see Tom Hanson; with Astro Boy hair; out to it with his head in the passenger seat; with a spider web between his legs. "Holy shit." He shook Hanson, waking him. "Hanson, what the hell happened to you?" "What? Why do I need to grow potatoes? I don't need any frickin' potatoes! Penhall?" Tom gave him a withering look, "Wh… what did you do to my hair?" He noticed the web again and screamed, "That- that web!" He shuffled back onto the passenger seat to get away. He started breathing heavily, "D-Doug, I-I-I don't know what's going on..." His breaths started hitching and he closed his eyes closed tightly. A tear rolled down his cheek as he whimpered. He was so confused. "Come with me Tom…"