Chapter 1

In the weeks after Jackson had been turned things had finally began to settle down. After days of talking with Scott's mother and Stiles' father. Filling them in with everything that had been going on in the werewolf world was not easy after the grand display they witnessed at the Sherif's office.

Jackson has been coming along in his training quite well, Derek saw the need to get him under control quickly. Lydia and Jackson have been inseparable since. Apparently Derek had been doing quite a bit of thinking, he began to undertake renovations of his house seeing the need for a stable place that the pack could meet and train. Lydia immediately volunteered to help, Derek growled internally at the thought of being aided by a High school gossip queen but they came to understand each other. Derek would never admit it but he was thankful he had her. School was out so it made things easy for the entire pack to help.

The speed of the renovations picked up when the pack was organizing the study and packing the things not charred enough to earn being tossed. Stiles had managed to have the entire contents of a shelf fall on top of him, and it certainly wouldn't be the last. Lydia was clearing out the desk that Derek's father had used when she stumbled on a curious looking leather bound sleeve containing what to her knowledge looked to be stocks. With further Inspection she noticed they were stock in a rather popular and wealthy fruit branded computer company. Almost speechless (almost) she squealed scaring everyone in the study. Derek rolled his eyes and stepped over to see what the fuss was about. Finally Lydia spoke, "Derek do you know what these are?" not giving him time to respond she continued "You have over 5000 shares in Apple!" Derek yanked at the stack of paper and looked carefully at what they said. Stiles had managed to not speak for the last 20 minutes and this was his opportunity "Derek your a millionaire!" not giving any time for a response he continued. "Derek thats over Three million dollars in your hands there!" Stiles had quickly done the math in his head. Scott interjected quite ecstatically "Wait, does that mean we can hire people to fix this place up!?" Derek responded with a simple "Yes".

The rest of the night was filled with laughter as they quickly finished the study. Lydia had now taken the role of interior designer now that Derek had what she called "proper money". Derek was relieved that he could now pay people to come finish the renovations. They ordered pizza that night sending Jackson and Scott to go fetch them.

When they returned with all 8 pizzas, they piled into the living room and proceeded to watch movies until they all drifted off to sleep. Lydia was wrapped up in Jacksons arms and Scott and Allison had taken their usual spot on the love seat, Stiles giggled at the Irony. On the couch Isaac sat between Derek and Stiles making a special effort not to brush the alpha. Instead his head found its way to rest on stiles' shoulder.

The next morning Derek woke first noticing no one had moved throughout the night. Derek laughed to himself when he looked to his left to see Stiles had put an arm around Isaac and Isaac had done the same now resting his head on stiles chest. Derek quickly snapped a photo and tapped Isaac. Isaac jerked awake somehow managing to not wake Stiles. Derek instructed Isaac to wake the rest and have them meet him outside.

After 15 minutes the ragged pack trickled outside into the sunlight, with the exception of Stiles. Derek pulled out his phone and sent the photo he had taken of Isaac and Stiles earlier that morning to Stiles, knowing the sound of his phone would jolt him awake. Not four minutes later Stiles walked out the door dragging his feet with his phone in his hand. " What the hell Derek? You better delete that! I'm not kidding!" Derek smirked loving that Stiles was frustrated. Allison snatched Stiles' phone from his hand and held him back as he clamored to get it back. Allison broke out in laughter at the photo and continued to show the rest of the pack. Isaac's cheeks flushed a rosy color at the content of the photo. Jackson who had been tossed the phone threw it back to Stiles "Thanks asshole" Stiles yelled out as he caught his phone. Jackson had so much material to work with now that he just shook his head and smiled.

Derek spoke up taking the spotlight off the topic of the photo, " Ok, we have some serious work to do today. I already called someone to take care of the stocks and called a roofing company to start on the roof." Lydia nodded in approval. "You all have a task to complete today, Lydia I would like you to go about getting the rest of the salvageable furniture tagged and ready to be restored. Alison and Scott I would like you to find a fence company to come out and survey for a 16ft fence to surround the entire property" Derek had thought this to be a good idea seeing that he had young wolves and the pack had become quite popular in the last few months. "Isaac and Jackson your training with me." Derek began to walk away when Stiles noticed he hadn't been mentioned " Hey! What about me!?" Derek turned with an annoyed look on his face, he had left out Stiles to piss him off. "You...can make breakfast." Not giving Stiles a chance to fight back he turned and walked away.

Stiles moseyed on into the kitchen stopping first at the Fridge to pull out eggs, milk, bacon and butter. He began to speak aloud "Who the hell does Mr. Sour-wolf think he is?! I mean I know I'm a damn good cook but come on!" Truth of it was Stiles could cook! Stiles finished preparing a mountainous stack of pancakes and eggs, and what Stiles had dubbed "Mt. Porkerest" referring to the some 7 pounds of bacon he had prepared. The smell drifted out the open windows into the field signaling the pack that breakfast was ready.

Stiles had finished setting the table when they all took their seats, Derek walked in last shirtless and quite sweaty, Isaac and Jackson looked exhausted. "Hey hey hey hey hey!" Stiles wagging his finger at Derek "no shirt, no service!" Derek pulled his twisted Black tank top from his back pocket and slipped into it and sat down. Everyone wasted no time filling their plates with what Stiles had prepared. After a few bites Jackson could not contain himself "Stiles these are seriously some of the best pancakes I have ever had, and I used to have a personal chef! You may be lousy at lacrosse but shit can you cook". The table giggled a bit and Stiles bowed his head and proceeded to give Jackson the finger. Derek growled signaling the boys to knock it off. Allison was next to speak up "Stiles the eggs are great too, thank you!" Stiles sarcastically said, "Your welcome Alison! nice to see someone has manners" His eyes shifting over everyone else and falling to rest on Derek at the other end of the table. Derek seemed unfazed, after all he was the alpha and didn't give a shit. Scott didn't make a peep as he shoaled food into his never closing mouth.

After everyone had finished, having completely leveled "Mt. Porkerest" Derek aided Stiles in the clean up of dishes and pans into the sink and dishwasher. The rest sat amongst themselves and chatted. Derek nudged Stiles shoulder, Stiles turned to glare at Derek with an attitude filled 'What' on his face. "Thank you for making breakfast Stiles" Stiles flipped his head nodding as he put another plate in the dishwasher. Stiles was not going to say anything but that just wouldn't be Stiles. "Yeah, Right. Is this all I am, the cook? Because if I recall when you had no idea how to deal with a Kanima I was there to educate you!" Derek just rolled his eyes and shoved another plate into Stiles.

They finished the dishes and joined the rest as Derek got their attention again. "OK so now everyone is well fed thanks to Stiles" Derek nodded his head to Stiles and Stiles responded with a fake bow. "Scott, Isaac and Jackson your with me, Lydia, if you could get someone to tare out the drywall and get new stuff put up we can finally paint" she shimmied in her seat quickly clapping with excitement. "Alison, you can practice archery in the back if you like" (not like she needed it). Derek paused and rested his eyes on Stiles, who was watching him very intently on hearing what Derek had in store. "Stiles I have a trunk of old werewolf books in the sunroom that I think you would find interesting, If you could skim through them for any new information and consolidate it, that would be very helpful" Stiles raised his arms "Finally! Some real wolf stuff!" Stiles got up grabbing his computer from his bag and wandered his way to the sunroom. Derek watched Stiles as he walked away but quickly remembered he was in the company of others. He quickly broke his gaze hoping no one had notice him when his eyes caught Jackson's who had that shit eating grin that only Jackson could manage. Derek's eyes flashed making Jackson expression quickly fade. Derek quickly walked outside the betas quick to follow as they all went about their tasks.