Derek had never been more worried, he sat between the two unconscious Stilinski men, tired and worried; his face pale and tired. The sound of Stiles' slow steady heartbeat was at the forefront of his mind. Hand placed on his warm wrist with a gentle firmness. The slow ping of the sheriffs heartbeat monitor was only over shadowed by hiss of the breathing machine keeping the man alive. Scott sat outside with Isaac by his side, Isaac had nodded off now resting his head on Scott's shoulder. Mrs. McCall had gone home after her shift to rest and then came back to bring her son a few things. Nine hours had gone by now and Stiles still was asleep. Derek slowly nodded off that night, his hand still holding Stiles' wrist.

Stiles found himself lying in a plush green field under the shade of a grand Oak tree. The grass was cool, the wind pulling leaves back and forth with a gentle rustle like waves washing gently on a shore. Soft clouds floated slowly by pristine, a perfect shade of cream. A sweet, but tart, bright scent played across his nose. A scent he could never forget; as a child it was the smell that lulled him to comfort, the one that put him to sleep each night, the one he went in search of when it no longer followed him. The scent that now could only be found in the untouched half of his parents closet. The half of the closet that Stiles spent the day after it no longer found him. For Stiles, that scent will forever be his mothers.

Their shoulders touched, hands intertwined both just starring up at the sky on a perfect day. Stiles turned to look at the glowing face of his mother, she looked perfect. So warm and happy, she slowly rolled her lower lip between her teeth as she thought gazing at the sky. She slowly turned to look at Stiles, a smile now growing on her face. She propped herself up turning towards Stiles who was following her movement sitting up to gaze at her. She took his cheek in her hand wiping away a tear that was slowly falling with her thumb. Finally she spoke, her soft but distinct voice "It's time to go back" she rubbed his cheek softly, squeezing his hand a bit tighter "I will love you always. Never forget that, I love you" and with that she placed a soft kiss upon his forehead.

Stiles awoke with tears streaming down his face, he slowly looked around remembering where he was. Derek sat slumped over in the same chair fast asleep. Stiles sat up slowly pulling his arm away from Derek's now nonexistent grip, and wiping the tears away. Stiles moved pulling his body to kneel beside his fathers hospital bed. Stiles placed his hands around his dad's, followed by a soft kiss and a whisper "I will love you always now come back."


Words cannot express how bad I feel for this taking so long. Life got the best of me and now I can finally say I'm in a much healthier state.
With that the story shall continue, this I know is a short chapter but things will be longer to follow. I hope you like it.
More soon!

(and yes the Sheriff will fight on)