Hey guys. This is my secound Alcatraz fanfic. So hope you enjoy. And don't worry I'm still doing my TeenWolf fanfic.

Summary: After Hauser let Guy Hastings go with the agreement that he would never be able to make contact with Annie he wonders alone, sad and unhappy. Until he meets fourteen year old Laurie Marshel and soon he feels like a father again. Until he discovers Laurie has a secert... And a very big one at that!

Chapter 1 - Alone Again.

"Can I ever see them again?" I ask as I watch Annie welcome her children and grandchildren.

She has aged well and looks like a healthly and happy grandmother.


Tears fill my eyes as I continue to watch her and her family. I'll never see my baby again. I'll never know my grandchildren or great grandchildren.

Emerson drives away then. I wipe my eyes and cheeks. He drives back into the town of San Fransico. He pulls up outside a bar.

"Hastings, I know it must be hard for you to be brought here, torn from your family but now.." He says before sighing. "You should start over, get a job, get an apartment or house, find a girl, get married and have kids"

"I had all that"

He sighs again.

"I know.. I know.." He says sadly. "You can get out here"

"What do I do know?"

"Take my advice"

I get out and look at Emerson one last time before he drives away. I must have twenty bucks in my wallet and maybe a tenner in my back pocket. I walk the wet streets of San Fransico and soon find myself outside an old B&B. I'll take Emerson's advice but it won't be the same. Not without my Annie and Betty.

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