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CHAPTER 3: Messages, Sleep, Lie

The morning sun came and Minami's inbox is filled with unread messages from Tsuchiya.

12:45 "…nothing" It must be the answer from her question last night..but why does it take him so long to answer it?

12:49 "…Hey, are you asleep?"

12:54 "…Hey, I'm the one who can't sleep now"

12:57 "…Maybe, I'll just count some sheep"

1:07 "…It's over a hundred a hundred and I can't still sleep!"

1: 15 "…You mad?!"

1:19 "…Sorry for what I said"

1:23 "…Can you teach me Math?" That's his last message.

She tried to reply back but when she looked at the clock it's already late for class. So she hurriedly fix herself and went to school.

She sat to her usual seat and also usual table made of cardboard box. Before the class start the teacher lectured her for being late. She felt surprised when the teacher said another name….."TSUCHIYA!", he's asleep too….It's because of her for sleeping early !..As punishment they have to stay at the classroom for 1 hour after class.


"Minami, are you mad at me?" Yoshii asked, approaching Minami from behind.

"Before she could answer, she looked around and look if Tsuchiya is eavesdropping again. No sign of him. Probably?!

"No, I'm not, why would I be mad?!" She replied with a lie, but her face already betrayed her.

"But why do you walked out last summer?"

"Oh that….It's just that I have to do something to do so I left." She faked smile Yoshii while scratching her head."Oh ok, Bye! I'll meet Himeji at the resto so I must hurry"

"Ok" Minami replied looking a bit down.

~End of Chapter 3~

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