The Gems Of Power

Mikan Sakura and her sister Yory Sakura were just normal alice wielders, Not! Mikan and her sister Yory were far from normal! Both siblings were possessors of the rarest alice, nullification, Mikan also has the dangerous SEC alices. Yory is more fascinating, she has all 6 elemental alices( but only 2 is known to the world, Yory has a cold personality while her twin sister was all bubbly and cheerful.) They may be twins but are identical.

Name: Yory Sakura

Age: 16

Alices: Water, Wind and nullification

Date of birth: 1st January 1996

Hair color: Brown (long)

Eye color: Emerald

Hair style: Messy braided

Fave color: Black, White, Blue, Red and Green.

Fave game: all sports

Fave subjects: all subjects

Worst subjects: none

Hobby: not talking

Dislikes: to see Mikan cry/ see Mikan sad

Hates: who ever hurts Mikan

Likes: being alone

Fave food: Ramen

Fave sports: everything

Specials in: Marshal Arts, Judo, Aikido, Karate, fencing, beam balance, football, badminton….. etc

She is especially quite and never talks in public, her personality is cold; some say her heart is pure stone; no one can come near her except for Mikan without being thrown half way into the air. She always shows no emotion. There are rumors about she had once drowned a boy who had pulled Mikan's hair. Warning: she is extremely strong so if you wanna admire her does it from far away, far far away! (She is older than Mikan by a whole 25 minutes)

Name: Mikan Sakura

Age: 16

Alices: Nullification and SEC

Date of birth: 1st January 1996

Hair color: hazel (short)

Eye color: hazel brown

Hair style: lose with a red or pink hair clip

Fave color: Pink, Purple, Yellow, Orange and Light Green

Fave game: hide and seek

Fave subjects: All except Bio and Maths

Worst subjects: Bio and Maths

Hobby: everything girls like to do (even play dress up!)

Dislikes: to see friends sad

Hates: scary things

Likes: to help everyone, cheerlead

Fave food: rice balls made by Yory

Fave sports: Doge ball, volley ball, badminton and tennis

Specials: Cheerleading and gymnastics, volley ball, badminton, tennis, dancing and singing

She is the exact opposite of Yory, her personality is bubbly and cherry, and she can smile at almost any situation. But is sometimes extremely dense, some say that her heart is pure gold. She puts Miss World to shame as she and her sister are angles from heaven, it is rumored that she is the only one who had ever hear Yory's voice! A rare title indeed!

The twins were on their way to an academy called Gukuen Alice somewhere in the kingdom of fire where all alice wielders with rare and strong alices are taken to study and to be protected from the people who capture and sell alice wielders with rare alices at the black market. The twins were inside a black limousine with a bunch of black uniformed guards. Yory stared at the seat while Mikan looked out the window like a child. "So what is your name?" one of them asked, he had a blue star under his left eye, trying to get Yory to speak up. She remained silent. "Gomen! But my Nee-san does not talk to anyone but me." Mikan smiled at the man who looked as if he was in his early twenties.

"Ah! I am sorry." He said.

"Why?" Mikan asked.

"For your sister of course, you just said that she was unable to talk." He smiled.

Mikan laughed. "You misheard me! She can talk but talks only to me. By the way I am Mikan Sakura and that is my twin sister Yory Sakura." She said after her laugher died down.

"I know. By the way I am Tsubasa Andou, I just wanted to get something out of her!" the man sheepishly smiled.

"So what kinds of people are in that academy? Are they nice?" Mikan asked nervously as she looked at the large building in front of her. "You'll see!" Tsubasa smiled as he watched Yory with amusement, hoping it would get a reaction out of her but his hopes fell for she didn't even raise an eyebrow. The girls followed Tsubasa to the main building where they were shown rooms and told to get ready for classes as they were new. Yory took out her contacts and her hazel brown wig; she carefully put them on and somehow managed to stuff her long brown locks into a bun.

They then made their way to class. "Class, please listen! We have two new students." The class immediately became quite. Mikan and Yory walked in. Gasps and whispers started. "Class, please meet the Sakura twins. Now please introduce yourselves who would like to go first?" our teacher Nodacchi-sensei asked. Mikan stepped forward. "I am Sakura Mikan and that is my sister Sakura Yory. Nee-san is elder than me by 25 minutes. And of course we are 16 like you all!" Mikan said giving the loveliest smile she could.

"Now let me make their positions clear, Sakura-chan is a 5 star ranking with the ESC and Nullification alice. Sakura- san is a special star ranking and her she has possessed the water, wind and nullification alices." The teacher told the amazed class. "But how is that possible? She is certainly not royal blood!" someone asked. "I don't know, but it says here that she was born with them!" the teacher smiled giving the two twins some seats. The twins sat on their seats and took out their books they had an easy time in class, they is before lunch break.


Yory and Mikan made their way to the cafeteria, well at least Mikan was, Yory had packed herself some box lunch. After escorting Mikan Yory wandered off to find some place to eat her lunch. The top most place of the school was empty. She was about to eat her lunch when a girl came running. She was panting.

"Sakura-san *pant* Mikan-chan*pant* had a*pant* fight*pant* with Sumire, the leader of Natsume/ Ruka fan club and they are thrashing her! If you don't hurry, she'll have broken bones!" she said.

Yory jumped of the huge building without hesitation and landed safely on her feet then she ran for the cafeteria. Although she hated to admit it, she was scared, she'll admit it, Mikan is her only weakness if something happened to her because Yory was careless then she'd never forgive herself!

When Yory heard Mikan scream her heart almost stopped. Without waiting she burst into the room, she almost, almost yelled Mikan's name, she was one second away from talking in public. The cafeteria turned towards Yory, her eyes moved from the tables to the crowd of girls there were 5 of them, in the middle was a messy Mikan, she had tomato sauce on her hair and pudding on her uniform, there were pieces of sticky meatballs and onion on her hair.

"Ah! The other twin decided to drop by to join the fun!" a girl with green cat eyes and lavender hair said.

"Oh! Sumire! Have pity on them!" one of the other girls laughed.

Yory walked to Mikan and helped her up. "Are you ok?" she whispered. "I am now!" Mikan whispered back with a weak smile, it was then only she noticed Mikan had been beaten.

Half of her face was swelling and there was a cut on her forehead, bruises covered her arms and legs while some places were blue and purple, Mikan's fingers were red and swollen.

Yory's glaze averted from Mikan to the gang of girls her emerald eyes were dark with hatred, before she knew it she lost control of herself! Her pupils vanished into the pools of emerald as she got ready to use her fire alice, Mikan immediately knew what was happening, but before she could do anything to stop her twin from going bonkers, a girl grabbed her hair and made it impossible for her to move. The girl started pulling her hair which caused Mikan to yap in pain.

Yory heard Mikan's cry and was about to turn when she felt the air around her make a sudden movement, the blonde sitting with a raven head and a black head had stood up and grabbed the girls wrist before she could cause more harm to Mikan.

"Why you!" Sumire cried as she baled her fists and tried to punch Yory, she was 99% capable to doge the attack but Sumire was stopped by a raven head with crimson eyes, he grabbed her arm and held on tight.

"This is a cafeteria, not a wresting ring!" he growled.

"H… Hai, Natsume-sama!" She stammered. Natsume let go of her hand and she started glaring draggers at Yory, who had her eyes locked on Mikan.

She went to her twin and helped her up after pushing the blonde and the girl whose wrist was held by him.

"Clumsy idiot! I left you for 5 minutes and this is what you end up getting yourself into?" Yory asked as she helped Mikan keep her hand around Yory's shoulders for support.

Mikan laughed sheepishly. Yory took her twin to the nurse room where Mikan took a shower and got the onions and meatballs out of her hair with the help of Yory.

"What did you do this time?" Yory asked as Mikan dried her hair. "Not much! I was walking to a table with my lunch tray when one of the girls tripped me, they laughed out loud, I fell and the tray was on top of me. I took out a meatball and threw it at them, I guess I had hit their leader and the fight began!" Mikan said.

There it was, their first day at school was a mess!

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