For those who got confused, Gakuen Alice does not involve royal people. In my fanfic the term "royal" and "royal families" refer to students who come from filthy rich families and are heirlooms to their family companies. And I have mentioned about kingdoms (refer chapter 1) which are the terms used to classify the "royal families" into groups which in result becomes easier identify separately. For example the water kingdom is the family in which almost everyone has the elemental alice water. And the same principal applies for fire, earth, wind and ice. Please pm me if you wish to know more information about this fanfic.

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-Love princess Sakura 2456-

That night Yory couldn't sleep, it happens to her quite often, it seems that her sleep was stolen. She often wondered how people were able to sleep so easily, for her sleep would come only once a week!

So after laying on bed for a few hours she when to the washroom and got dressed rather quickly. She opened the window and jumped out.

Yory then made her way to the campus, it was peaceful and quite. "Why can't it always be like this?" she thought to herself as she went to her classroom.

It was middle of the night and no one was present, since she had chores her decided to do them. After swiping the floor, arranging the desks and writing the date on the chalk board she changed the water in the vase and went to gather some flowers.

She went to the back of the school where the gardener plants all varieties of beautiful flowers. She looked at the Sakura tree (Cherry Blossom) and was disappointed when she realized that they won't be in full blossom till spring!

After sighing she plucked a bunch of red and white roses and walked to the Sakura tree.

"You know, you look just like the Sakura tree which Okaa-san sits under while she sings to us, when Mikan and I were little." Yory said as she pressed her palm on the trunk.

"Okaa-san…" she remembered her mother. "If it wasn't for these stupid alices I have they'd be alive!" Yory yelled, it was obvious she had alices she did not even want to have!

"Yelling won't take them away." Her inner voice told her.

"Your right, but I still hate them, why doesn't my life span shorten like others who posses powerful alice? It is so unfair!" Yory said.

"Then who will protect Mikan? Do you want her to end up like everyone else in your family?"Her inner voice growled.

"Mikan… she is the only reason why I choose to live! My reason of existence, of course I don't want her to end up like everyone else in my family!" Yory snapped.

"Stupid alices! I think they are for people who are cursed!" Yory said softly, as she turned around and headed back to the class.

"So she is like me, but I have my family. But I have to admit, she is pretty interesting!" two pairs of crimson eyes smirked as Yory left.

Time Gap:

"Stupid Mikan!" Yory mentally screamed.

Mikan had forgotten to wake her up and she was now late for class! Surely she'd get punished!

Yory made her way to class and saw a very unhappy Math teacher (Jin-Jin-sensei). "Your late Sakura Yory!" he yelled throwing a ruler at her, it hit Yory's face. She was capable to doge it but decided not to do so or she'd be thought undisciplined.

Yory sat in class, quite annoyed with Mikan, suddenly one of the students with Telekinesis used their alice to move the dustbin and throw it at Jin-Jin-sensei, since it was planned he thought Yory had threw it using her wind alice as revenge, he was encouraged in believing it because she gave him a cold expression and when the class accused her of doing it.

"You! Hold out your hands!" he yelled at her face, she did as told.

Jin-Jin then took out his metal ruler and gave her 20 slaps on each hand. Due to the extreme pressure and force, Yory's hand was red and bleeding.

The class expected her to scream in pain or start crying her eyes out but they didn't get the slightest cry out of her. Yory remained the same, no expression in her face, no emotion in her eyes and she was staring right at the angry teacher.

"You gonna cry yet?" he asked. Yory shook her head and pointed at her hands.

"So you're the tomboy type ei? But I doubt even a boy would cry if he had to endure the pain I gave you!" he barked.

"Um... sensei? Can I take Nee-san to the nurse room?" Mikan asked standing up, she was going to tell Jin-Jin-sensei that it was all her fault for she had forgotten to wake Yory up, but she was stopped by Yory who gave Mikan a warning glare.

The twins walked to the nurse room, Mikan asked her sister a bunch of questions but Yory ignored her, much to Mikan's dismay.

"Hello? Is anyone there?" Mikan asked opening the door. The nurse came and bandaged Yory's hands in such a way that only her fingers were visible.

"Does it hurt? Mikan asked pocking Yory's bandaged hands.

Yory flinched and nodded.

"Then why didn't you show any pain at class?" Mikan pouted stupidly.

"Cause I didn't want to, besides learning judo and aikido made me stronger, there are also lessons to ignore pain." Yory replied.

"Oh, I forgot!" Mikan bit her tongue and pouted.

"Dummy." Yory said and walked off to class, by the time she reached class math period was already over!

Good for her!

On her way she met the same blonde who had saved Mikan at their first day at school.

"Yory-san, I just wanted to warn you, be careful, since you'll be targeted now." He said and walked off.

"Targeted? By whom? From where? And why?" Yory thought for awhile but decided to forget it.


Yory was sitting on the Sakura tree behind the school, eating her bento. She was in a deep thought. "Why would we be targeted? We just arrived!" Yory thought worriedly. She had read something about being targeted from the outside world for having rare alices. They'd kidnap you and sell you off at high price at the Alice black-market. Yory was scared a teeny tiny bit due to the thought of seeing Mikan being sold there.

She was so busy thinking she failed to notice Mikan who was being bullied, again.

"Hey let go of me! Ouch!" Mikan yelled. Yory still couldn't hear.

Sumire punched Mikan on her face causing her to bleed. Drops of blood fell on the ground. Mikan shouted in pain. "Nee-san!"

Yory snapped back into reality, she jumped down from the tree, but before she hit the ground she vanished and appeared behind Mikan and her bullies. Yory was about to punch Sumire when she decided to use her alice.

Yory stepped back and closed her eyes, she concentrated on her fire alice, after all no one will notice cause there is a boy in the academy belonging to the royal blood who has the fire alice. She gave a smirk before burning everyone but Mikan. Yory gave one last smirk before using her wind alice to take Mikan and herself away.

"H… How could N…Natsume-sama d…. do t… this to us?" Sumire asked her friends as she passed out.

Yory appeared in the nurse room with Mikan.

"Nee-san! What you did just now could …" Mikan started. "Nope. That Hyyuga boy is going to be blamed, you'll see." She told her twin and walked off. "Hyyuga boy?" Mikan asked to herself confused by her twin's behavior lately.


The news about Sumire and her friends' accident had spread; the whole school came to know of it and they believed that Natsume Hyyuga was the culprit because he had done something like that before.

"So cruel of Nee-san to pay him back after he had helped us." Mikan said to herself.

"You know I could have just let you get beaten up ya know." Yory's voice rang out.

"Kyaa!" Mikan screamed.

"What?" Yory's head popped out upside down from Mikan's balcony.

"Nee-san! you scared me half to death!" Mikan said.

"You were saying I was cruel?"


"Mikan, I'd rather kill myself than see you getting beaten up. And you know we have to keep my alices hidden."

"I know that! But blaming all that on him, is…. Is…" Mikan couldn't bring herself to say it.

"Selfish? Rude? Ignorant?" Yory asked.


Yory gave a heavy sign.

"Where are you going?" Mikan asked. "To the principal and admit it was me." Yory replied.

"Nee-san! I was…" Mikan gasped.

"I was kidding!" Yory smirked at her victory. She then vanished into thin air.

Yory arrived at her dorm room and opened the window; a big bright moon hovered above her.

"A full moon night, just like the night Okaa-san and the others died." Yory said to herself.


The 5 year old Yory and Mikan Sakura were walking hand in hand towards their home, they were both the same back then, and Yory was just like Mikan. But when the two kids arrived at their home everything changed.

Their house was burnt to ashes! Yory saw a bunch of people gathered next to the bodies of her parents, with out a word the twins disappeared.

They went to their caring aunt Sonomi, who was in Japan. She took care of both of them.

But something in Yory changed that day; she became cold as ice while Mikan became very terrified of thunder because it was the last thing she heard before Yory transported them. Lately Sonomi was also killed in a car accident and they were brought to the Gakuen Alice.

End of flash back

Yory closed her eyes in an attempt not to let her tears fall. But they did, through her closed eyes. How Yory hated blood sheds!

Suddenly the door of her room burst open and a man dressed in all black with a mask came in, he gave a smirk, then she was electrocuted. But she didn't lose consciousness instead she was tied up and blind folded. Yory was mad! She sensed that he had the death alice so she acted quickly. Using her water alice combined with wind she was able to freeze him.

Suddenly her blind was untied and Narumi-sensei along with other teachers and students arrived. They chased the kidnapper away.

Who was that? Yory thought