Riley's Diary
Disclaimer: C'mon, this shouldn't be necessary! The only thing that's mine is the story.
Summary: Riley reflects. His POV.
AN: This is also something I had, but didn't post. Hope you like!

What is it about me and women?

It keeps happening. I almost get to second base, and the girl dumps me. This case is different though. My beautiful, golden haired Buffy left *me* for a dark-haired, evil-looking, vampire! Boy, is she confused! When she realizes how normal he can be with me she'll run back to my open arms.

I don't know where I went wrong. I told her about cheese and my favorites! My favorite cows, Bessie and Daisy, my favorite color, lilac, of course. I told her about my rehearsals, and that I was a lesbian. That was very personal. What did I do so wrong?

Liz and Mary-Beth-Ann left me, too. But, never for a vampire. Liz left me for a burly tractor driver. I must admit, he was a hottie. Mary-Beth-Ann just wanted me for my money. One Day, she went to the city to withdraw some of my money. She never came back. She didn't take nothing though. My $5.32 was still in there, thankfully. I miss them both.

But I have hope and faith in Buffy. I'll just wait and she'll be here. She'll come back. Yup, anytime now. Uh huh…

There goes another one.