Azaire Welding POV

I ducked as yet another creepy, inhuman leech swung out amd slashed its claws at me. We were currently battling a group of rougue, blood-sucking, undead creeps. Normal people call them vampires. I threw a salt-water soaked knife at one, lodging it firmly in its throat. [Vampires don't sparkle, now do they?] Now, only one was left. Just as I pulled a knife from a cadaver, splashing it with salt water, 'Mr. Hero' decided to crawl out from his disgusting, dark, and pathetic abyss of cowardace, and 'grace' us with his presence, just in time for every important member of the Council to show up. As soon as he opened his mouth, pure stupidity began to pour from it. "Now, evil-doer, time to die!" 'Mr. Hero' said, while dramatically decapitating the already half-dead and exhausted creature. (The reason I'm calling him Mr. Hero is because his name is too stupidly long and retarded.) "Great. Just great. Mr. Awesome decided to show up and take ALL the frickin' glory." Jaimes, my best friend since age five, said irratably, then cursed under his breath.

Oh, I forgot to intoduce myself. My name is Azaire Welding. I'm an Adept Sorceress, using Alchemic Magic, and I'm blind [More on that later]. Oh, one more thing. Everywhere from the bottom of my throat to my hips is made of steel, iron, and basically every other metal, and its infused with diamond. I'm sort-of like half robot. My team, Ferrom, has three other people: Jaimes, Jake, and Katty. They'll intoduce themselves later.

Anyway, as soon as 'Mr. Hero' finished up, the Council members warmly congradulated him and went on their way. "Well, Mr. Hero, you seem to have gotten the credit for our work, AGAIN." Katty said, not even trying to hide the hatred evident in her voice. Mr. Hero's 'winning ' smile faded and he scowled "My name is Justin Lewis Brady Awesome! Not Mr. Hero! Get that through your thick skull!" I smirked. "Someone has a bit of a temper, now don't they, Mr. Hero?" He just glared and walked away, stumbling a bit as he tripped over a tree root. Jake snorted and shouted, "Fail!", but Justin just continued on, following our pompous, arrogant, ignorant Council.

"Well, let's leave. I'm sure there are more, er, kid-friendly places in Ireland than a forest filled with vampire corpses." Jaimes said as he stepped over and around the bodies scattered around the woodsy, leaf-covered ground. Jake was about to skip after him, when something caught his eye.

"Sparkly!" He shouted gleefully as he ran over to a body, his oversized hoodie almost dragging the ground. Wow. For a nineteen year old boy, he sure acts like he's five. In fact- My thoughts were cut off as I heard Katty's disgusted gasp. "Jake! You don't know where that's been! That's disgusting, why on Earth would you willingly touch a dead body?!" I walked over to Jake, being careful not to step on any of the bodies. He didn't seem to notice. In fact, he seemed like he was in a trance, staring at whatever he was holding. Suddenly, he jumped back and dropped the object. I picked it up, trying to figure out what it was. A cold, smooth stone hung on a long, tarnished chain. A necklace. However, there was something odd about it. Almost otherworldly. I held it out to Jake, but he didn't take it from me, in fact he took a step back. "Um, you can have it." He said and ran over to where Katty and Jaimes were waiting. I hung it around my neck, wondering why he didn't want it. He typically loves anything sparkly or adorable. Oh well.

I smiled as we reached the edge of the woods, the soft dirt turning into pavement. Waiting there, was a large bulk of metal that was far too tall and way too guy-ish to suit me. This was Jaimes' automobile. I hopped in shotgun, as Jake and Katty got in back, complaining the entire time.

I didn't tell you where we were going, did I? Oh, well we're on our way to Roar Haven. To the Sanctuary. Where that jerk and a large amount of other people I don't neccessarily like reside. I sighed as we finally reached our destination. We walked into the building, and were met with a large group of dissastisfied people. An angry mob, to put it nicely. The Grand Mage, Kurt Cae, slowly walked up to us, a disapointed look on his face.

"Look, I know you dudes are like, a good team and all, but that Justin kid is frickin' amazing. I'm really sorry about this, but for the time being, you're being taken off your jobs. Now, go get your stuff or whatever from your office." A chorus of 'Yeah!'s echoed around the room as he turned away from us. Katty ran up to him and grabbed his shoulder, forcing him to face us. "This isn't fair! It isn't fair at all! We've been completing the jobs, but he get's all the credit!" She shouted. The room grew quiet. Kurt sighed, and looked at all of us. "Alright, I'll give you guys a deal. I'll let you stay, but you'll have to have someone keep you from slackin' off, or whatever. I'll admit, she's a major psycho when it comes to guns, but she's pretty cool." "No. No way! I am not going to be babysitted! We're all adults here! Of course we won't-" I was cut off by Jaimes. "We'll take it. The deal, I mean. We'll agree to that." Kurt chuckled, before walking back towards his office. Just before he entered, he turned back to look at us. "Oh, and by the way, She won't be here until next week. She's American. Also, I need you to go find Justin, he has some award ceremonies and junk. Bye!" He shut the door behind him. I glared angrily at Jaimes before stalking away, trying to find Mr. Hero. Jake and Katty trailed behind me. Jaimes sighed and walked in the other direction, looking for Mr. Hero as well.

At this point in time, I'll admit, I considered lighting Jaimes on fire. Why on Earth would he do that? I mean, he knows I hate being contolled, or babysitted. I just, I couldn't stand it! I would rather DIE than have someone constantly look over my shoulder. I was just stomping around, making no attempt to find Mr. Hero, just blowing off steam. The hallway was enveloped in an extremly uncomfortable silence; the tension could be cut with a knife. I think Katty and Jake were afraid to speak, and I'm fairly sure steam was coming out my ears.

We searched for about an hour, but we couldn't find him anywhere. As soon as we were about to give up, ditch Jaimes, and go home, Jaimes ran up to us, breathless. "Oh. My. God. You will not believe what I just saw." I was about to answer with a snappy retort when something horrible happened. Something utterly terrible. Something that would forever change our lives, for the worse.