For Agent Boxer, the pursuit was over. The rocket blasted into space and he silently said a prayer for its passengers. Boxer quickly made his way home. Rioting had begun in the streets and it would grow worse by the hour. Boxer went straight to the fridge.

"You're home early," said his wife. Boxer ignored her and pulled out a loaf of bread, a package of thick-sliced bologna, a hunk of cheese and a jar of mayonnaise.

"Hon, I'll start dinner in under an hour. Why don't you skip the snack? Remember what the doctor said about watching your weight?"

Gloria didn't get it. The end of the world was right on her heels and all she could do was nag.

Boxer made a tall sandwich, slid it on a plate and put two doughnuts beside it. He grabbed a soda and carried his plate out to the back deck.

Boxer wanted to see it coming and he knew it was coming soon-the rock that would end his weight problem and his wife's nagging all in one shot.

He ate every morsel on his plate and licked his fingers clean. Then he washed it all down with a soda as the giant asteroid hurled towards Earth.