It's been two years since the aliens went back to their planet. Ichigo was now 16, starting her first year of high school. She was still working at Café Mew Mew . One year ago, her parents divorced, her dad moving to America and her mom marrying a rich salesman and moved with him in a large house near the sea. Fortunately, she let Ichigo stay in Tokyo, and she sent her a large amount of money every month, for any necessities (food, clothes, usual stuff.) The others were still working at the Café, except Zakuro, who had to move because of a very important contract and of course Mint, who was still there, but she wasn't working. Retasu was now Ichigo's best friend, since Miwa and Moe started to be airheads (because of some boys). Masaya was still her love interest but they weren't a couple right now, because he went to England one year and when he got back they thought to start from the beginning. Everything was working perfectly, until today…

"Yie, not even in a million years!" Ichigo was arguing with Ryou. "This isn't you decision, baka strawberry. Your house is empty, it's normal for him to live with you. And he will attend to your school too." "Why does he have to live in my house? Can't you place him upstairs? You have an empty room!" "That's where Keiichiro sleeps." "Since when?" "That doesn't matter. It's your job as a protector of the Earth to take care of him." Ichigo pouted. She was losing the battle. She looked again at Kishu. He was standing on a table with his hands crossed over his chest, waiting for her to stop fighting with Ryou. He was going to her school and he will sleep in her house. How did this happen?


Ichigo was late for her shift at the Café again. As she ran, she checked her watch to see if by any chance she'll make it on time. One more minute. She finally arrived, but she didn't expect to find the three cyniclons in the middle of the room, with the others around them.

"N-nani? What's going on?"

Ryou started explaining to her. Apparently, it took about a year and a half to use the mew aqua to save their planet. After that, they had to be judged for not respecting the orders, even if it wasn't fair. So, they got exiled. On the Earth. Forever. Pai invented an injection that will give them elf ears, as long as they remain in Earth's atmosphere. Lettuce accepted Pai to live at in her house, since her parents were working in Europe, and Pudding was so happy about 'Taru-taru' coming back, she couldn't possibly say no. Only Ichigo had no intention on welcoming Kishu in her house. And then they started fighting.

End of Flashback

"Ano…what about Masha? He will start alien alert-ing when he comes near Kishu." She didn't want to give up. "I fixed Masha's mechanism so there won't be a problem." Ichigo sighed. That's it. She lost.

She turned around to face Kishu. "You're happy now, hentai alien?" Kishu smirked. "Happiest in the universe, Koneko-chan!"Ichigo growled and rushed outside. "Where are you going?" Ryou shouted after her." "Where do you think? Home!" Came the answer. "Then I think I'm going too. Ja ne." Kishu went after her.

Ichigo sensed him following her, so she quickened her pace. Since she keep looking behind, she didn't see the small hole in the ground and her feet landed right inside it, making her trip and fell to the ground.

"Itai!" Kishu rushed over her and rose her up. "Daijoubu, Koneko-chan?" "Daijoubu desu ka. Stop following me!" They finally arrived home. Ichigo opened the door and let Kishu in. She led Kishu to the living room. "This is your new bedroom." "But, Koneko-chan, I can't sleep here, the bed is too small." Ichigo sighed. "It's an expendable couch, you moron." "Can't I sleep in your room?" Ichigo blushed. "If course not, baka! Tomorrow we'll have school, so stop playing around. You have all that you need?" "Hai hai." She gave him some pillows and blankets and had dinner.

"Oyasumi nasai." "Oyasumi nasai." Ichigo went to her room to make her homework. She sighed. 'This is going to be the hell of a year…' And she fell asleep on her desk.

This is the first chapter of my story. If you like it, I'm going to continue.