She was staring at him. He was staring at her. He was smirking. Her face was getting colder and colder. That's what they were doing for about half an hour. After Ichigo's breakdown, she chased Kishu until he got inside their room, followed by Ichigo who accidentally (or not) bumped into him and they both fell on the bed…On the only bed inside the room. So Ichigo slapped Kishu, leaving him with a red mark on his cheek and went to complain at her teacher, but frankly that was the only room left. She even considered sleeping on the hallway or in the bathroom, but nooo. So now she was staring at him and he was staring at her.

"For crying out loud, I've had it! I had to bring you in my house, let you sleep in my living room, share the school with you, trying to stay alive running from those maniac stalkers of yours, having to resist all of your perverted comments and bad jokes. And now we came to the onsen, which apparently is mixed and I'll have to be even more careful than usual, we have to share a room whit a single damn bed?!I hate you and the stupid force that's always by your side!" She was circling the room, like some crazy person. Kishu took her wrists and held her tightly until she calmed down. "Shh, Konecho-chan, everything will be better." Ichigo looked at him with a determined face that made him almost laugh. "Be sure it will, hentai baka!" She took some space from him. "I'll make sure the stupid force is going to be at my side from now!" She rushed from the room and came some minutes later with some tape.

"Nani? What are you going to do with that?" "You'll see." She took the sheets off the bed and glued the tape to point where the middle was. "This is your part and this is mine. Stay every night on your side and you'll make it out in one piece. Okay?" "Hai hai." Ichigo sighed.

After the dinner, it was girls turn to go at the hot stream. About fifteen girls went inside, giggling and smiling. After them, Ichigo was looking carefully at every corner; just to be sure there weren't any stalkers. Then she got inside. Ten boys appeared from under the carpets and rooms, two cameras in their hands and a sick green splattered across their faces. They stopped dead in their tracks when Kishu appeared from behind a corner, his hands crossed over his chest. "And just what you all think you're doing?" "Well…you see…ano…you could come too…" Kishu's eyebrow lifted. "Me? Why would I do such a thing?" "Ano…we know you like I-Ichi…" "And that would make me do this? You know you could be sued for violation of privacy? I will not let you do anything today or the other days; if you don't want to go I'll make you go." He took a step forward and then the boys flew away. Kishu also went to his room.

The door at the entrance of the stream opened a little, and a redhead looked on the hallway. She decided to stay another twenty minutes at the door and she heard the conversation between Kishu and the boys. She almost couldn't believe it. After another ten minutes of shock she decided to go in the stream. Then the sensei shouted: "Come on girls, get out! Its boys turn, hurry hurry!" Ichigo's eyes dropped. "Damn it!" She went outside, but she forgot her cell phone inside (who knows why she carried it there). When she went back, the first thing she saw was that there weren't any naked boys(luckily), but the second thing she saw was a pale toned chest, right in her face. She bumped into someone. She backed away. "I'm sorry; I just came here for my phone and…" She opened her eyes. The toned pale chest belong to no one else than Kishu, who was smirking like the hentai baka he was. Thank God he was wearing a towel, which appeared to be the smallest towel in the whole world; it went from the lowest part possible of his hips until a few inches above his knees, and it was almost falling down. She blushed like hell. "Tsk, tsk, Konecho-chan. I can't believe you're capable of doing such an immature thing like taking a peak on me. If you wanted to see me, you could've just asked." She blushed even redder. "B-baka! I came for my phone, that's all." She saw it in one corner and rushed to take it. Then she flew away faster than any teleportation. Kishu chuckled and went inside. Right when she was about to getting her room, Ichigo bumped into someone again. "Ugh. Sumimasen." "It's ok." Ichigo looked up. Masaya. With only a towel. Poor cheeks got red again. "I went back to my room because I forgot my towel, so I undressed inside. I hope I didn't hurt you." "Yie, I'm fine." Then he walked away. Ichigo just realized that Masaya's chest it's not even close to Kishu's toned chest. Nani? What was she thinking? Baka!

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