Elsword and Aisha were in a staring contest, both refusing to blink. They were still at it, eyes blood shot. Rena looked and saw a perfect oppurtunity. Like the little devil she is, she sneaks up, pushes their heads together and lets the wonders unfold.

"Yuck!" Both Elsword and Aisha said as they wiped the spit of their mouths. "What was that for, Rena!?" Elsword growled as he was still wiping his mouth. "It's funny!" Rena said. Everyones stomaches growled and they blushed. "I-it wasn't m-me!" Elsword said.

"Seconds!" Elsword yelled as he finished his plate of delicious food. Rena and Aisha sweat dropped as they ate their food. Soon everyone went to sleep. But Elsword couldn't, so he planned to get Rena back to make him tired.

So her sneaked into Renas room and carried her into Ravens bed pressed their heads together and ran away. The next mourning, or shall I say the end of Elsword. Elsword tied up with aisha. Rena totured them to no end. By the end of the day, Rena finally calmed down and everyoen went to bed, and some, to the hospital.