Psycho-love introduction

Disclaimer: So yeah. Black Cat rules, author is Kentaro Yabuki, I don't own any of it, only my own fan-girl ideas.


Do you know how hard it is to find perfection in this world? True beauty is not only a matter of looks. It's something bigger, something a person was neither born into nor changed to, but what a person is. No money or power can change the perfect beauty and guess what, I have finally found it. Its name is Train Heartnet. The way he moves every single muscle in his body as he fights, his perfect gunmanship skills, but what really defines his perfection are those eyes. Those eyes full of darkness are what really caught my attention.

Now that I remember those were the happiest days in my entire life. Just looking at him was enough for me to survive on forever.

And then comes the witch. (Change that first letter for a b)

Who does she even think she is? She is trying to corrupt MY black cat with I don't know what type of dark magic. She must be a jealous sorcerer that as soon as she saw true beauty could not resist but try to corrupt and destroy it with her unworthy presence.

Don't worry my Train, I won't let that witch destroy you; I will see that you fulfill that greatness that is within you.

And seeing that witches rotting body is a plus.


(Achoo, achoo, achooh!)

"Somebody must be talking about you" said Saya when we were back at her tiny apartment drinking some milk.

"Nah, it's more likely to be a cold after running around in such a cold night."

We both started laughing out loud at how idiotically happy we had been that afternoon. Apparently stubbornness, exercise, and milk had been the long lost key to happiness.

When we finally caught our breath back Saya asked me if I would go back to the organization. I still remember how happy and confident I was back then when I replied that I wouldn't. The simplicity of everything that we did was what was so unforgettable. It was like we had known each other since forever.


He is an idiot. He makes me laugh, makes me angry, stubborn, and happy. He also makes me worry so much. He is truly a great person that deserves a life which he enjoys living.

I remember that night that we spent laughing and drinking milk perfectly well. In fact, I have memorized every second we spent together. I play it back over and over in my head trying to figure out what happened.

Then I remember. I remember waking up to go to the bathroom. On my way there I noticed a pair of feet dangling suspiciously from my sofa. Train apparently also had crashed at some point during the night. I put a quilt over him and headed back to my room. As I went to close the curtains in my bedroom to stop light from coming in I get a quick glimpse through the window and I saw the man with white hair standing across the street. His eyes were staring right at me. I remember the chills I felt. I remember closing the curtains and running into my bed. I remember the fear his eyes made me feel.

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