Half Vamp, Half God

Chapter 1: What are we?

This story takes place in Wisconsin, USA. We had no idea who we were, what we were, and where and who our real parents were. So, my name is Maya and my sister here is Lila. We were twelve years old, Lila turning thirteen, me, the same but a couple of days later than her.

Lila has light brown hair mixed with black streaks (she was born with them, the doctors had no idea what was up with that because we had no idea what our parents looked like). She had emerald green eyes with pale red, firm lips and lightly tanned skin. She had a slim figure and usually wears black and red (they were her favorite colors).

And finally, there's me. I've got blonde hair with red streaks (I was born with them. It's kinda weird), red lips with blue gray eyes. I'm also a bit chubby but pretty slim too. Kinda like a mix of both. I usually wear green .

Lila and I have foster parents since we were adopted ,our mom is Chelsea

And my dad is John there we go to the Wisconsin public school ,we have a medium sized house with three floors and on the first floor are the kitchen ,living room and dining room .on the second floor we have this place were Lila and I hang out there are two black and red single beds ,a small white fridge,and two computers .There is also my room and Lila's .On the third floor there is my mom and dad's room ,the study,and a guest room .

We found about our powers on our birthdays our 13th birthday .