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I opened my eyes slowly trying to get my bearings. Everything was so white…

Feeling a slight pinch in my arm I turned my head to see what it was. Big mistake, my head started pounding and my vision started to become blurry.

I hissed out in pain closing my eyes shut. 'He did a real good job this time…' Slowly opening my eyes again as the massive ache in my head turns into a slight throb, I turned very very slowly to see the I.V. in my arm.

I laughed bitterly 'A REAL good job.' There was a slight movement in the corner of my eye; I looked up to see a nurse talking to a man outside the room.

She was clearly upset and was whispering harshly at the man whose back was turned to me.

She pointed to me shaking her finger at me glancing at me doing a double take seeing that I had regain conscience.

"Excuse me." she said rushing in. "Hello Hana, you are at…." I didn't hear anything after that.

I was focused on the man who had finally turned his body to face me.

I felt as though God spat in my face.

He was here, out of all the people in the universe HE had to be here.

It was only 20 steps from my bed to the door, 20 steps that felt like eternity.

My heart raced, my palms were getting sweaty. I narrowed my eyes at him; he was standing next to the bed looking down at me.

He cleared his throat and broke the one way glaring contest between us. "Hello Hana... My name is Mr. Awayuki. I am here to adopt you, from this point on I am your father."

My tiny little hands making a fist in the one arm that wasn't in a cast. The pain was searing, my blood boiling. I gritted my teeth turning my head away in anger.

'I would rather be with the man who did this than be with you…'

Author's Note:

WOW, writing this all out… It's kind of depressing. But suspenseful don't cha think?

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