PART TWOOOOO! This has to be my favorite part because duh, all the good stuff happens here!


Makoto barely manage to wait as his daughter left running as he fell to his knees coughing. Pain the leader of this horror show held out his hand after Makoto's wheezing had subsided. Reluctant for the assistance Awayuki grabbed the hand moments afterwards.

"Thank you." He mumbled to the orange haired man. Pain nodded pulling him to his feet. "If the Awayuki temper was kept in checked she wouldn't have noticed…" Makoto chuckled. "Our bloodline is known for the hot temperament we carry. But she needed to know..." That's when Makoto heard that horrid, childish, mutter in the background.

"What's wrong with Hana-chan's dad, Deidara sempai?" "Tobi" asked the feminine looking male. "Don't know for sure but he does look sick, un." whispered the man's partner Deidara.

"I know when a man is hiding an illness; your front is nearly as impressive as your 'missed' stroke. Descendant of Samurai?" Pain asked Makoto pushing back his red vision from Tobi. "A long time ago. It's a technique passed down from each head household of the Awayuki family to the next." Makoto turned heading to his study. "Please follow me Pain… the issues with Hana and I, involves your organization as well."

Pain's eyes roamed over his members. "Kakuzu, finish what Awayuki started. Do not sew his head back on till my return."

Kakuzu nodded. "Understood."

"The rest follow me." He said making way to Awayuki study.

Makoto opened his study to find his daughter pacing with anxiety plaguing her face. When she saw him in her peripherals and sighed with relief.

"Well at least Hidan didn't kill you after that failed attempt in decapitating him.. I'm in your study so tell me what the HELL is going on with you!"

Makoto left the door ajar behind him for prying ears to hear, and took his seat in the luxurious cushioned chair by the fire.

"Please...sit." He told her gesturing to a chair on the other side of the desk. Hana pouted crossing her arms over her chest like the child she was. "I came to the study, now it's your turn you bastard." Awayuki seemed to be at war with himself, grappling between angry and defeat towards his daughter. "Hana, I realize that nothing gives you greater pleasure in fighting me every step of the way but for once child… Just LISTEN to me, I will explain shortly, please give me time."

Hana contemplated it for a second before hesitantly sitting in the chair waving him on. "Well?"

Awayuki sat there as he mulled over his thoughts carefully piecing the story together. "Why do you hate me Hana?" He finally asked. Hana notably shock by his question. "Why do I hate you? WHY do I hate you?! I thought it was obvious! YOU left my mother and I to DIE out in the COLD! OH and that's only one of MANY factors." She snorted turning her head in disgust.

She got out of her seat pacing back and forth again "Why don't we go over a few hmm? Do you know what the earliest memories as a child are?!To keep her daughter off the streets mother remarried a man who she thought would be nice and helpful to a homeless woman and her new child. Instead, he takes a defenseless TWO YEAR OLD GIRL CRYING FOR HER MOTHER SCARED SHITLESS AND NEARLY DROWNS HER IN THE BATHTUB. When he finished repeatedly drowning me, I was kicked in the stomach left alone in dark." Hana's body shook violently from her anger. "I was only two Awayuki… and I could have died." She whispered.

Hana swore she heard muffled noises coming from behind the door, but shrugged it off as her accelerating heartbeat in her ear. Makoto's eyes were filled with pity for the girl, and he had a feeling she was just getting started. He nodded his head for her to continue, she did a few minutes later after regaining some control. "I told mom about him over and over again yet she refused to believe me. Sunako's denial went on for a year before we finally left. Oh by then she ASTONISHLY managed to find an apartment in the slums. It was cheap, but I wasn't on the streets so I was happy for the two of us. We could finally be a real family…" Her words cracked up relieving her pain past.

"School, was hell from the start. I don't want to get started on my bullies, or Sunako's three other hubbies. Asides from that we lived there for several years without incidents. Or so I thought. When you're four you don't notice the mold stains on the ceiling, the rotting floorboards, the god awful stench, or paper then walls where every night Mr. Kuzuri beat his wife senseless next door. You try to find the GOOD things. Like mom cooking breakfast on the weekends or helping the crazy old cat lady down the hall feed her cats. I never had much but it was MY home, MY mother and we were a family and that's what counted. Then when I turned 6 I learned my father WAS still alive but he was always traveling and could never see us." Hana glared at Makoto and he sat their impassive listening to her story.

"So imagine my surprise when Sunako and I both were inconspicuously escorted by bodyguards. A child's mind thinks that her "Father" wants to keep her and her mommy locked up forever not enjoying the world, and to even make matters WORSE my bodyguard would sometimes have "Sleep Overs" as Sunako so fondly put it with her every week." Hana turned to face Makoto to see his rage was flaring. "Having something to say about that Awayuki?" She asked him sarcastically.

Makoto held up his hands in defense. "I will wait my turn… go on." He mumbled to his daughter.

"So after my mother and Mr. Gin had their sleep overs he would always give Sunako money, only enough to barely scrape by. I wanted to thank Mr. Gin for always being so nice to us by giving money but sometimes Sunako would periodically limp after he left. And I knew what was going on having experienced it myself. That bastard beat her every time he slept over."

Hana turned away from Awayuki facing the door and sighed… She stared aimlessly smiling. "Then I found out about Naruto… A spunky blonde headed kid who never gave up on his dreams, even when everyone around him told him he was a lost cause, his dream would never come true. He NEVER gave up. Naruto was an orphan at day one, yet I stilled had my mother."

Hana laughed. "I remember telling myself 'House smells? So what. Least you have someone to try to clean it up for you. Naruto doesn't, yet he looks at things more positive. Don't give up Hana things will get better!' And 'Naruto pushes himself to achieve his goals, so can I!'" Even when I was on my death bed for the second time I still kept up being positive. Sunako cried so hard that day…"

Awayuki spoke up. "What happened?"

Hana turned her head to her father smiling. "You know that crazy cat lady I told you about? Well some thugs decided it would be a good idea to mug her right in front of our apartment. She screamed for help but no one go to her aid because in the slums heroics meant death."

Makoto closed his eyes rubbing his temples. "Let me guess…" He said wearily.

"Yeeeeeep! I ran down the stairs, out the door, slamming into those punks. I got their attention long enough for her to escape, sadly I wasn't so lucky. Beatin' to an unrecognizable pulp I would have died if Miss. Yan didn't call 911 when she got back to her apartment."

Makoto shook his head side to side in disbelief. "Disregard for safety and reckless. How can you throw your safety aside like some broken toy?"

"Duh, why do you think I like the trapeze so much? One wrong move and to your death you fall." She snorted rolling her eyes. "And I was a six year old child who was idolizing her hero by acting out what I saw on TV. Nothing can go wrong when you act out what you see on T.V.!"

"You need to find another hero to idolize Hana." Awayuki and Hana remained silent letting the ambiance of fire roar in the background.

"I did... or rather lack of one when I turned 12. And you know exactly why…" She whispered.

Hana and Awayuki said nothing, both reflecting that day in their heads.

"As much as I have suffered, I feel worst for mom… Everything she did wasn't because she was lonely, or needed to itch her scratch; it was done for us to survive. She hated herself for all the pain we had suffered. Sunako felt like she was cheating on you Awayuki everyday she was with another man." Hana held her father's gaze refusing to let him hide behind this.

"Every night she would tell me that my real father would whisk us away in a giant castle. She BELIEVED in you Awayuki… her hopes were forever crushed when Sunako saw me in the hospital bed for the second time in my twelve years of existence… No one would tell me why but I know she snapped, and that's why I am here with YOU, because of YOU I've nearly been drowned, beaten to death, and raped. My mother is probably in a mental hospital. I live with a spoiled brat who can't even say thank you worth a damn yet I still protect her, oh and PLEASE don't let me forget about your LOVELY wife. THAT'S why I hate your gut, THAT'S why I will NEVER forgive you." Hana leaned against Awayuki's desk staring him down as she told her story, pain dripping from every word.

Makoto sat up from his chair staring into the fire avoiding his daughter's lectures stare. Then he told his daughter his story. "I don't know what your mother has told you about me."

"Nothing," Hana said. "She told me that one day you would get to tell the story yourself so she wanted it to be a surprise."

"I see… I won't bore you with the details of how we first met, but your mother and I fell in love just like any other young youth in the world. Our love could never come to light, if it did your mother's safety would be at stake. We were happy just having each other. I was happy to have her in my life."

"When I found out your mother was pregnant with you I was so happy." Makoto whispered in anguish. "I could have a family and live peacefully, that was our plan. I asked my father for his blessing but he refuse to give it to us. He insisted Sunako receive an abortion, claiming her child would be the end of the Awayuki's Clan good name if the son had a child with a worthless maid. In order to protect the both of you I hid you both in one of the Awayuki's summer homes hoping we could deliver the baby in private and run away together…"

He paused clenching his fist breathing heavier.

"Sunako was nine months pregnant during the discovery. My father told me I had a choice. Be disowned and shipped off to another country or, kill you and your mother putting an end to my "shame." Makoto spat the last word bitterly.

Hana gasped. She never knew… it explains why her mother was left alone, but doesn't that mean he chose to kill her?

Makoto turned his head to his daughter reading her expression guessing her question inside her head. "I had a choice to make Hana; one would have meant my death. For leaving you two was something I couldn't bare… or…" He stopped.

"Or?" Hana persisted.

"Or pretend to carry my father's order in hope to see you two one day. We drove to a secluded area with two of my father's advisers. My unborn child and the women I loved were sitting in the snow scared of me as I held a sword over the two of you."

'Why does this sound familiar?' Hana wondered to herself.

"Instead I cut the advisers down telling Sunako to flee. I couldn't bring myself to kill her…"

Hana sat shocked from her father's story. "So you wanted to be with us…but if you did why did you let mom go out on her own with me about to come out!"

Makoto bowed his head. "Sunako wasn't supposed to deliver for another two weeks, I'd figure she would have found a shelter before she gave birth or at the very least get to a hospital, Hana if you would have known…" Makoto's voice was filled with grief.

Hana hugged herself tightly keeping herself from shuddering. "Why didn't you come get us afterwards?" She mumbled.

"My father got to her before I could, sending her away on the streets left to die with her new born baby. He had then convinced me Sunako had died during childbirth along with the baby. The cunning bastard even made certified death certificates with both your names on it. I lost it, almost losing my sanity. I went mad searching for you two, refusing to believe I've lost you both. I kept coming up with excuses like maybe someone took you home by accident and envisioned you living a happy life with a loving family. After one year of searching I had almost given up on finding you." He pulled away from the hypnotizing flames sitting on his desk next to Hana.

"By the grace of God, I walked in on my father burning letters with great satisfaction. I snatched one before he could throw all of them in the fire upon spotting me. It was addressed to me from your mother. I read the letter a million times crying, it was a short letter but it had a lasting effect for it to be a book."

"What did it say?" Hana asked curious.

"It said "Dear Makoto, your beautiful daughter is almost one now. Hana and I are safe, come get us when you can. Love Sunako." After been told for a year the both of you were long gone I had rejoiced, I wanted to run to Sunako embrace her, kiss her but I couldn't. I had to make sure both of you were safe as long as my father was around-"

"History would have repeated itself." Hana finished.

Makoto nodded his head. "Correct."

"I began plotting my revenge against my father that very night. To over throw my father I had to kill him, but make it appear foul play. I had to believe your mother's letters were the truth, because in order to keep her safe I would hold off on my reunion with her. One year later the bastard was killed while sleeping with one of his geisha whores. Because it was such a scandalous story I had conveniently offered to say he died from a heart attack so long as I took over the head of the Awayuki family."

Makoto chuckled with a sadistic glint in his eyes. "The families companies and shareholders BEGGED me to take over just so their asses along with their finances were secure. I had to wait another year before I sent money to your mother. The money for your apartment was from me, granted it was small yes but I wanted to make sure no one found you. I was the new leader of the Awayuki family. Your head would be valuable in order to exploit my weakness. So yet another year went by and I had taken over the Yakuza. But in order to gain more protection I ended up gaining more enemies."

Hana rolled her eyes getting up from her chair to go lean up the wall. "One plus one equals two Awayuki not four." She told him sarcastically. Honestly, how did he think that was going to pan out?!

Makoto chuckled at his daughter.

Hana growled irritably. "I think I can guess what happened from here, you needed protection from your new enemies so you went on tackling the state, then the next step and this pattern kept happening till you did so many back alley shady deals no one could sneeze in Japan without you handing them a tissue right?" She asked him raising her brow.

"In a nutshell yes, but you sound angry at my actions. Can't you see I did this for the both of you?"

Hana frowned looking away from Makoto's hopeful eyes. "I… I do… it's just hard to process, nor does it excuse your actions. Why weren't you there for us? We needed you more than you know." Hana's eyes were glistening with tears, unable to handle his child's strong emotions he walked over to her placing his hand on her head.

"I'm sorry Hana… I couldn't be there for you but I TRIED to protect you. That's why I sent the bodyguards. It was silent plea saying "I'm here, I love you."

"Some good Mr. Gin did at protecting us…" Hana mumbled. Makoto removed his hand walking away.

"Trust me when I say Hana… that disgusting MAGGOT was repaid tenfold for what he did to Sunako. Hana your mother didn't want me to worry; she knew what my future was. In all the letters I received for nine years had nothing but happiness in them. She never once spoke about your near death experiences, just that you were happy. She just wanted to protect you, all the way up to her death..." He gave Hana a worrying glance to see if she would go ballistics, but she just took a deep breath then let it out.

"...How did it happen…?" She whispered.

"Suicide. You were right… seeing you in that hospital bed drove her insane…and you were right about me being the cause as well. She believed I would protect her, I just didn't think…" Makoto couldn't finish his sentence without tears.

"I figured as much, I've been living in this house several years now and she hadn't dropped by to even say hello. I had hoped maybe she just went nuts and couldn't take care of me… but not even one phone call in four years." Hana couldn't hold back her tears anymore as they fell freely. The sinking feeling she's had in her chest for a while now was confirmed, her mother was dead. On the bright side Hana's father wanted her, he LOVED her with everything he had, if conquering a country so everyone would be scared shitless to touch his daughter wasn't love she didn't know WHAT love meant anymore.

A white blurry object came into her sight and she looked up. Makoto was handing her a tissues with a smirk on his face saying "The Irony". Hana took the tissue with a mixture of a sob and a laugh.

She wiped her eyes sniffling. "I have a few questions." She said taking a deep breath to blow her nose.

"I will answer them honestly Hana." He reassured her.

"If you loved mom so much why did you remarry? I mean in her case it was to keep us off the streets but you…?" She looked up at him with a scowl on her face.

"Diversion and politics. I needed my enemies to believe only my weakness was her and not you. Plus she does have a magnificent body no?" He chuckled.

Hana gagged covering her mouth. "I just vomited in my mouth and swallowed it, thank you for that mental image Awayuki." Hana snapped.

Makoto gave a halfhearted smile. "Next question."

"Why are you such a hard ass on me all the time? You rarely smile, barely visit, and I'm force to do anything at your whim. I'm grateful for everything you've done for my mother and I, but you lack father like skills. Yet Ichigo gets whatever she wants. How is that fair?" She whined.

Makoto crossed his arms over his chest. "Don't blame this all on me Hana, you know very well since the beginning you have been fighting me tooth and nail."

"Before I knew you had to go conquer the country for love…" She mumbled.

"Jesus Hana." He sighed. "By the time I had you in my custody I've had half the country under my control and have done something things that should never be repeated in order to get that far. But Ichigo was different, she was with me near the beginning and I haven't changed about how I treat her. If you were here Hana, you would act just l-"

Hana's eyes widen as her hands jerked to cover her eyes with a loud slap as she began chanting. "LALALALALALAL I CAN'T HEAR YOU! I CAN'T HEAR YOOOOOOOOOOUUUU!"

Makoto chuckled removing Hana's hands away from her ears. "And you are my daughter, it is my job as a father to be hard on you in order for you to be strong. I don't plan to stop either."

"Tch, figures…" She whispered.

"Didn't you have another question Hana?"

Hana looked right into Awayuki's eyes, a single tear slid down her cheek. "What does any of this have to deal with that terrible strike?"

Awayuki went behind his desk to sit in his chair. He sighed seeming to age twenty years. "I'm dying Hana." Makoto said bluntly.

Hana stood still for a second before she laughed hysterically.

"Normally when someone says they are saying you don't laugh at their face…" Makoto said questioning Hana's sanity at this moment.

She caught her breath and wiped her tears away. "Because that was a joke right? How can the richest man in the country, scratch that. The man who OWNS the country DIE when you can at least PROLONG your life for decades! So I figured you wanted to lightened the mood a bit that's all." She said smiling, genuinely smiling at him. Makoto's heart leapt in his chest. He could die a happy man right now from this sight.

"Hana… I'm not joking." He told her sternly.

Hana's eyes slowly started to widen with shock as she grasped the situation.

"H-How?" She stuttered.

Awayuki opened a drawer from his desk pulling out a book that looked similar to the one he gave Ichigo for her birthday.

It clicked in her head.

'Makoto Awayuki.'

The writing in the book.

"The wish came with a price… And the price was your life?" She looked up at him tears already flowing out of her eyes. "And you knew didn't you?"

Awayuki just turned his head away, answering her question wordlessly.


"Because I know how much you BOTH wanted it." He whispered helplessly.

She felt like she was being suffocated. Her heart beating erratically, Hana didn't even comprehend that she wasn't breathing till Awayuki started shaking her telling her to. She sucked in a great deal of air as if her life depended on it.

'This is all my fault.'

Guilt suddenly rid her system not even able to hear Makoto talk to her. He sounded so far away, so distant.

'This is all my fault.' She repeated in her head.

If she hadn't brought up Naruto to Ichigo she wouldn't have asked for them to be real, which meant Makoto would still be alive. Hana had single handedly put Ichigo in that BITCHES hands. At that single thought Hana had turned awfully pale, almost translucent.

'This is all my fault.'

"HANA!" Makoto screamed.

Hana snapped her head up looking into Makoto's worried eyes as he sighed with relief.

"Hana… I think you need to go get some air… Can you please go outside and tell Pain to come talk with me? I need to discuss how he can get back to his world." He told her softly, gently rubbing one of her endless tears away.

She nodded but barely interpreting what he said. She staggered to the door noticing it hadn't been closed this whole time. She pulled it back to see the Akatsuki scattered about in the hall. Hana didn't have to ask, they all heard. Each sets of eyes had either remorse or pity in them. Even Itachi's eyes had softened slightly.

"Pain-dono… Aw-... Makoto wants to see you." Hana's voice sounded off, foreign to her own self.

She started to walk away from them but stopped halfway down the hall standing there, not moving a muscle. Suddenly Hana shrieked in fury, slamming her fist into the marble floor cracking the stone. Hana fell to her knees crying louder with each hit that landed on the marble.

Unable to watch the girl destroy herself anymore Konan raced to her, grabbing her wrist gently knowing full well Hana had broken half of the bones in her hand. Hana glanced up at Konan with vacant eyes. "It's all my fault… My mother, Makoto, and now I've thrown Ichigo in HER hands. She's just as good as dead! IT'S ALL MY FAULT!" She screamed, tears falling.

Before Konan could say a single word to comfort the poor thing she ripped her wrist out of Konan's grasp running away, tripping on her dress she fell back to her knees. Hana gathered her dress in her hand disappearing around the corner.

Makoto turned his head towards the door when he heard it creaked. Pain had entered the room looking as solace as him. "Good, you heard it all then." Makoto nodded his head taking peace in this thought.

They both shot worrying glances to the door as they herd Hana whale at the top of her lungs followed by a distinctive crunching sound.

Makoto winced hearing Hana repeatedly slam her fist into the marble. He took out his cell phone and pressed two. It rang once when a hyper active voice answered. "Hello, hello Mr. Makoto you've reach Sue! How can I help you?" "Code black." He mumbled, hearing a small gasp. "On my way." She said dropping her childish act. "Fast, I can hear her bones breaking this very moment." He hung up putting the phone on his desk sighing heavily.

"...My condolences…" Pain closed his eyes feeling the pain this family has suffered.

"None needed, it was worth it to see the happiness it gave my daughters...and I wouldn't have told Hana any of this if my death wasn't imminent. In a way I'm glad my death is coming. It will bring me peace."

Pain nodded his head. "Death is the only peace in this world."

Makoto nodded back sitting back in his chair. "I needed to talk to you about a few things before I depart this world. First off…" Makoto trailed off pushing the ancient book to Pain.

Pain picked up the book observing it. "Our way home?" He asked.

"Yes… That is the lock; Hana is the key to your homeland."

Pain bowed his head to Makoto. "We are most grateful for your help Awayuki." He waited for Awayuki to continue.

"I have a request Pain." Awayuki said flatly.

"I'd figured you did." Returning his tone.

"As you just heard my daughters mean my very life, I want to insure their safety." Makoto told Pain with a grim expression on his face.

"Do you know what you are asking Awayuki?" Pain asked with skepticism, yet he knew this could happen.

"Hana can take care of herself, Ichigo on the other hand… I don't care what you have to do, lock her up in a dungeon for twenty years. She doesn't have to like you she just has to be SAFE." He pleaded.

"And if I refuse?" Pain countered.

Makoto pointed to several manila folders piled neatly near the corner of his desk. "Those folders contain data from all the members of the Akatsuki. Down to their birth parents. I know your weaknesses, I know your plans; do not think I am naive to ask without a plan. I will come back from hell to burn the book in your hands forcing you to stay in this world."

Pain held out his hand. "I know your commitment and do not doubt it; you would find a way to pry this book from my hands…though foolish you would still do it, but again do you know what you are asking? Are you sure you want this?" He asked again cautiously.

"Yes…" Makoto whispered with a heavy heart.

"...I will do it in the best of my abilities…" Pain admitted.

Makoto's shoulders relaxed as he leaned back in his chair taking a deep breath. "Thank you…"

I ran out of the house heading to the one place I know I can cry in peace, the maze.

My feet got caught in the grass and I fell to the ground for a second time. I screamed trying to rip my heels off my feet with my right hand when pain shot through my hand down to the bone. I pulled my hand to my face and I noticed how swollen it had become. I must have broken several bones in that tantrum. I used my left hand kicking off my shoes walking barefoot on this frigid night. Once I saw the opening of the maze I didn't even take a moment to breathe as I ran headstrong to the center of the maze. My lungs felt like they were about to freeze if I took another breath. I halted my endeavor to blow on my hands. I didn't think about it while in my furious rage, but it was almost November and it had to be below freezing. Right now I don't care.

I don't care if my feet freeze, or my hands. I just wanted to take refuge from this pain I felt.

Everyone in my family was going to die; the only people I have left in my life are dying off. And I already sent my sister to her grave!

'It's all my fault...'

I covered my head with my hands shaking it vigorously. "NO!" I sprinted to the center needing to get their or I would die from guilt.

I went around one more corner and stopped. My hot breathed fogged the cold night air as I walked slowly to my center. I was here, I was safe, and everything would be ok. My heart finally slowed down as I sat on my blanket hugging my knees to my chest and resting my head on them.

I was safe….

I remained there in the cold shivering refusing to move, I deserved to die.

The cold stung on my cheeks threatening to freeze my tears. I peeked from my knees whimpering, the pain was unbearable how can I live with the fact I was responsible for both my parents deaths?

I stared up into the vast night sky in anguish.

'How do you live with this guilt Itachi?'

I sniffled before letting out a sneeze; a dark cloth blocked my vision as it fluttered on my head. I grabbed the object pulling it off my head to see it was an Akatsuki cloak.

"Hana-chan shouldn't be out here dress like that, she'll catch a cold. Then what would Tobi do for fun around here?"

I snapped my head in the direction of the voice to see Tobi sitting on my right.

"T-Tob-bi? W-What are y-you doing h-ere." I stuttered my body admitting how cold it was. I shivered again and he wrapped his coat tighter around me. Instantly I felt a rush of warmth course through my body, I snuggled against his coat.

"Tobi felt sad for Hana-chan, he was a good boy and ran after you. He even brought these!" Holding up my discarded shoes.

I laughed a little from his kind gesture. "Thank you Tobi…" I whispered leaning against his shoulder.

"Why did Hana-chan say it was all her fault in the hallway?" He asked curiously. My body tensed as fresh tears fell.

"It's my fault Tobi, my mother died from the pain of hurting me, Awayuki is going to die because I told Ichigo about Naruto, and she's going to die if Galina ever gets her hands on her when Awayuki dies." I grabbed his shirt in a frantic panic. "I'm going to be responsible for my loved ones death. If anyone deserves to die it's me. In fact I wish I wasn't even born… at least then Makoto and Sunako would have had a chance of happiness…"

Tobi places his hand on my head gently. "Tobi doesn't think Hana-chan is responsible, Tobi thinks Hana-chan is noble for thinking so, but both of Hana-chan's parents KNEW what they were doing. Stop blaming yourself."

I wiped my tears away sniffling. "All my life I wanted to be strong so I could protect the people I care about. But secretly… I've always wanted to given in, hoping instead some ONE would be strong enough to take care of ME. Because I was so tired of trying to be strong and failing. I thought, 'Wouldn't it be nice if I didn't have to worry about watching my back every day?'" I looked up at him utterly defeated. "Is there anything wrong with wanting to be protected?! And if not why do I feel so damn guilty!" I scream turning to his chest crying my heart out. I felt his fingers gently comb through my hair like I did to him.

"This helped Tobi keep bad thoughts away… Maybe it will help Hana-chan." He mumbled in my ear.

Tobi was right… my tears gradually stopped and I felt myself calm down. We sat together in the open sky, he stroking my hair and I resting my head against his chest.

"Feel better Hana-chan?" He asked.

I nodded my head. "Mmmmhmmm…" No wonder he fell asleep in my lap last night, this was therapeutic and so relaxing. A cold chill ran through my spine making me shiver again.

He stood up taking all the security and warmth with him. He offered his hand to me. "Come on Hana-chan, you need to get inside and warm up. Besides you don't wana ruin your pretty dress anymore do you?" He asked in such a chipper voice. I smiled reaching out with my left hand. Tobi had a way of making me smile even when I didn't want to. He was about to take my hand but paused.

"What's wrong?" I asked.

He gently grabbed my wrist bending down on one knee. Tobi slid his hand to my elbow as he pinched the tip of my long black glove pulling it off. His grip tightened on my elbow and I looked at him confused. "Tobi is there something wrong?" I asked again a little worried from his unusual silence.

He released my elbow grabbing my wrist turning my hand so I could see my palm. "Did Hana-chan do this to herself?" He asked calmly, again unusual. I sighed forgetting I'd done this. "Yeah… I had to find a way from keeping my tongue in check when Hidan came busting in acting like the king of the mountain." I said bitterly. "Come to think about it that ass whole almost cost the Akatsuki's ride home." Tobi readjusted his hand around my wrist to get a better grip before lifting me up with easy.

"Hana-chan should have Konan take a look at that, now let's get inside! Tobi is getting chilly!" He yelled shivering himself. I looked down at his cloak about to pull it off my shoulders when his hand stops me. "No,no,no Hana-chan. Tobi will live, unlike Hana-chan Tobi is a ninja! He can handle himself." He pumped his fist in the air showing off his muscles.

"...Pffft!" I covered my mouth muffling some of the snickers.

"That's so mean Hana-chan!" He whined tugging my arm. I giggled at him. "I'm not laughing at you Tobi, I'm agreeing with you. You're right… Or how else could you survive getting blown up so many times by Deidara." I commented snickering again. "Tobi was a good boy and tried to comfort Hana-chan, and here you are being mean to Tobi!" He sighed upset with me.

We've worked our way out of the maze walking back to the mansion. "It's not mean! I'm just saying Tobi is durable that's all!" I said reassuring him. "Besides- OUCH!" I screamed reaching for my ankle where I felt a sharp pain radiating from. "Are you alright Hana-chan?" Tobi asked coming to my aid. I lifted up my dress rubbing my ankle. "Yeah, I think something bit my ankle." I told him. Our heads turned to hear something slither in the grass, Tobi ran to the culprit grabbing it with his gloved hands bringing it over to me.

Tobi held a squirming garter snake in his hands. "This SNAKE must have bit Hana-chan." He nearly spat at the word "snake". "Shall I kill it?!" He asked waaaaay too eagerly. I held out my hands for him to let me have the snake and he reluctantly let go. "He's just a garter snake Tobi; I probably just stepped on his den and suffered the consequences." I sat him on the ground and he slither off. "Hanaaaaaa-chaaaaan! Why did you let him go?!" He whined. "Because there was no real harm, now come on I'm really getting cold out here."

By the time we managed to get back to the mansion I was nearly numb from the cold, and Tobi was still grouching about the snake. "Well, well what do you have here? Two love birds coming back from a romantic walk in the garden hmmm?" A voice snickered.

I looked around seeing a woman in a nurse outfit hiding behind Awayuki giggling her head off. "Oh god, why?! Why would you bring her here?!" I yelled at Awayuki, but he wasn't paying attention to me. He was glaring at Tobi when he replied. "She is your nurse Hana. I know she can be a bit much, but you went and pounded the marble in the hall creating a giant hole that I know have to fix. Consider it punishment as well." He finally turned away from Tobi facing her.

"Come oooon Hana… I'll be much gentler this time…" Sue said with a sadistic grin on her face as she held a needle in the air.


"HIDAN!" I screamed as my heart began to race. Her eyes lit up scanning the room. "Who's that?! Is he your boyfriend?" She squealed.

"He's my salvation from this world filled with sadistic people. If I'm going to die let it be by the hands of a masochist." I retorted narrowing my eyes keeping them on the needle in her hand.

"HIDAN!" I screamed again.

"Sue…" Makoto giving her the go ahead to take me away.

She saluted him smiling. "Yes sir!" She slowly came towards me laughing maniacally.

In a sad attempt to gain protection I hid behind Tobi who was trying to hide behind me. Sue scared everyone she came in contact with. "There are two things I fear, spiders and needles. Needles being my ultimate fear," I whispered to Tobi. "And she LOVES poking me with needles."

Sue was drooling imagining all the needles she wanted to stick in my body. "I have no choice Hana… I may have to reset your bones if you dislocated them which means I need to administer anesthetic in your arm. Ooooooh! Are those deep gash wounds in your left hand! Let me see!" she begged.

"Sue, be gentle and try not to get pleasure in Hana's pain. Do as you are instructed and you will continue to work with her." Awayuki warned. "Hana go WILLINGLY and Sue will make SURE there will be no need to EXCESSIVELY use needles won't you Sue?"

We both snorted. "Party pooper." She mumbled. "Like hell she would." I mumbled.

Still… I cradle my right arm as the pain from my outburst started to become more prominent. This needed to be taken care of. I sighed in defeat walking over to her. Tobi grabbed the back of my dress causing me to stop. "H-Hana-chan… are you sure? Tobi doesn't like this Sue person. What about Konan?" "Hana." Makoto urged. I shrugged. "I have to Tobi; my arm is really starting to hurt now." Sue linked her arm with mine carrying me off to my room. "Good now let's get that looked at hm?" She giggled. I whimpered dramatically. "Good-bye Tobi! Tell my sister I will always pick on her even in heaven!" I cried out.

Just as dramatic Tobi reached out his hand to me. "Don't die on Tobi Hana-chan!" I held my hands together like I was praying. "Don't worry Tobi; I'm sure I'll see you on the other side."

Awayuki snorted and everyone stopped to give him a questionable glance. "A word to the wise Hana… If you lie down with dogs Hana, you wake up with fleas."

I tilted my head utterly confused. "Huh? Well considering I don't have a crush on anyone in the Inuzuka Clan, and we don't have a dog you don't have to worry about that." I told him waving my hand back in forth, but curious where the hell that come from. I didn't have time to ask…

"Ohhhh so if you don't have a crush on THEM means you DO have a crush. SPILL!" She demanded. I blushed covering my face. "Like HELL I'm never telling you ANYTHING ever again! Last time I did Makoto burned all my Yu-Yu-Hakkusho manga! OH MY GOD IT TOTALLY MAKES SENSE NOW!" I screamed glaring at Awayuki. "You freakin' didn't want HIM to come to life did you?!" "He was a fox demon Hana, not even human. And would be much harder to kill if something went awry." He stated matter of fact. "Fox demon?" Tobi asked tilting his head in confusion. Sue giggled as the gears in her head turned faster.

"You didn't tell your little boyfriend here that you have more than one crush? She has crushes on very specific types of men. Guys with long hair, steaming eyes, and are murderous villains…." She raised her eyebrows shaking her head. "You have some serious daddy issues honey." My face had never burned like this in my life as I tried to yank Sue's arm out of mine walking away. "SHUT THE HELL UP SUE! AND BY THE WAY BRUCE BANNER HAS SHORT HAIR AND-AND KENSHIN IS NOT A VILLAIN! HE'S A GOOD GUY!" I told her screaming my head off. She put her hand on her mouth looking away. "He WAS a cold blooded killer…" Snickering because Sue knew she had me… "I'm so glad I haven't seen your face in two years because If I EVER see it again after today I will kill you. I will drag your unconscious body out to the garden tying you to the ground and watch as bamboo slowly grows in your body. I will drink my morning tea in pleasure hearing your blood curling scream in agony." I spat venomously.

She blushes sighing in pleasure. "Like father like daughter…" I stared at her with my jaw open in disbelief. This woman seriously was crazy. She smiled bowing to Awayuki. "Well I believe I have mentally traumatized your daughter enough… it's time to get physical!" She winked dragging me along to my room.

Sue had not so gently pulled Hana to her room with a smile on her face. "Behave Hana; your arm is seriously injured. You don't want to make it worse do you? On second thought struggle more for me…" She drooled. Hana stilled mumbling under her breath about the people in her life. "Good girl, now go get changed I need to do a…full body examination." Hana shuddered from the sheer joy this women held tormenting her; nonetheless she went into her bathroom to change. The dress she had worked so hard to design was in shambles and it needed to retire for the night. When the door closed behind Hana Sue's facade fell quickly taking out her cell phone dialing a number.

"Are you in?" Asked a male voice.

"Yes Yamaguchi-sama, I am alone with her. It will be done shortly." Her face matching her tone as she stated emotionally.

"Good job Sue, and remember… complete this task I'll take you as my bride and together we will rule Japan together."

Sue blushed as her emotions peaked through her emotionless mask. "Yes Yamaguchi-sama…"

"Sue, please we will be husband and wife soon. Call me Alex love." He cooed.

"Yes… Alex." She blushed again. "I promise to carry out my mission in order to make you happy."

"Good. Make sure you do." Alex hung up. Sue managed to put her cell phone back up in time before Hana came out of the bathroom trying to pull her hair up with one hand. "Let's get this over with." She said bitterly. "Awwww, do you have to be so mean in killing my pleasure Hana?" Sue said in her bubbly voice. Hana glared at her sitting on the bed sticking her hand out. "Let's get this over with." She repeated. Sue pulled her hair up skipping to Hana with a gleeful smile. "Nurse Sue is here to help! Now let's have a look at your hand…" Sue gently held up Hana's right arm, the moment she touched it Hana flinched. It was indeed broken, nothing life threatening but still very serious... She giggled in euphoria as she pulled out one needle. Hana gulped loudly trying to look away from the needle turning her head, but her eyes never left it. "I'm sorry Hana… I need to reset your bones. I could re break and set without the anesthetic if you're truly scared." Hana didn't say a word, only shaking her head no.

"Good girl Hana, now you're going to feel a slight pinch…" Sue inserted the needle in Hana's arm and she jumped. The clear liquid disappeared into the girl's arms as Sue slowly injected her with a powerful sedative enough to knock her out for at least twenty four hours. It was already working when Sue pulled the needle out of Hana's arm. "W-hy am I soooo… ssssleeeeepyyyy…." She asked, her words slurring in one another. "My master wants you dead. And I will make sure it happens." "Wh-whhaaa…" Hana fell back on her bed in an unconscious heap. Sue smiled holding a small vial extracting another liquid with a new needle.

She hastily put the vial away, flicking the needle. Sue stared at the sleeping body, raising the needle in the air. She chuckled planning to attack her prey. "Good riddance." She tried to move her wrist to strike Hana but something halted it from moving. Sue heard a bone crushing snap and her eyes widen. She opened her mouth to scream, her attempts were foiled by a gloved hand. Her eyes darted to her hand seeing the same hand had crumbled her hand forcing her to drop the needle on the floor. Her pain was searing, she looked up to see the man with the orange mask earlier glaring down at her with an antagonizing red eye.

"To be an assassin, the trick is making sure your target is oblivious of your presence and intent." He tightens his grip pulverizing more bones. She let out a scream in futile efforts; his hand was clasped tightly on her face. "Intent was hidden well, but you are not the only one playing a naive facade. Shame I was here. If I wasn't you might have succeeded." He snapped her wrist till it went limp in his hands still squeezing tightly as she passed out from the pain.

As Madara let go of the woman's hand letting her body fall to the floor Pain and Itachi appeared behind him. "What happened?" Pain asked. "To the imbecile on the floor or the one in bed?" Madara asked angrily. They walked closer to Madara observing the scene around them. There was an unfamiliar face lying on the ground, her hand disfigured, knocked out her face twisted in pain. Hana too was unconscious with her arms sprawled over her head. Itachi ran his Sharingan over the girl seeing how bad her injuries were. "To Hana…" He said calmly. "We felt her presence, then it suddenly vanished." Pain told Madara noting the body on the floor. "She was the cause?" Madara bend down picking up the needle making a tsk sound with his tongue. "This "Sue" was hired to assassinate Hana, and nearly succeeded. Go get Konan. I don't know what she first put inside Hana, and her injuries need to be healed." Pain nodded his head leaving to go find Konan as he vanished. Itachi leaned over Hana scooping her in both arms, cradling her to one as he pulled back her covers gently settling her back in bed pulling the covers over her when a firm grip on his shoulder told him to stop. "What?" He asked coldly. "Do not pull the covers over her." Madara warned. Itachi stepped aside letting Madara fling back the covers sitting on the edge of her bed. Itachi glance at the Uchiha before closing his eyes. "Your mask is slipping." He said in his usual stoic voice.

"Itachi, I would be delighted to show you just how FOUL of a mood I am in." He snapped. Itachi paused opening his eye turning to see him tenderly pull off one of Hana's knee high socks as Pain and Konan returned. Konan rushed to the girl's side checking her pulse and pupils. "What happened?" She asked. Madara let out an exhausted breath trying to keep his anger under control. That question was getting old FAST. "I interrupted an assassination attempt by the wretched woman on the floor, she's has two needles and one of them is empty. I don't know what is in Hana's body right now… Or how it's going to react to her snake bite she received while out in the garden." He informed them, his voice seething in hatred. Itachi, Pain, and Konan's eyes widen for a brief second in shock, before long they narrowed in anger like Madara.

"Is it…?" Pain asked concerned for the girls safety. Madara tenderly held her ankle."I have no DOUBT that it is, but she let the damn snake go before I had any chance to examine it. She said it was just a garter snake assuming it was harmless."

Konan sighed. "Recklacess indeed…" She worked on the process of healing Hana's hand when she felt deep gashes on her palm. She turned Hana's hand over examining with a sigh seeing they were self-inflicted. "Gouges out her hands, falls into a trap set by Orochimaru, and almost has her life taken away in several hours. Her luck is worse than a peaceful day in our world." Madara said bluntly. She was troublesome, annoying, damaged, a smartalic, dramatic, weak, and spiteful. Yet this madness he felt was only halfheartedly directed to her, but burning widely to others. He only wanted to use her as his plaything not give a damn what would happen. Now… Now… What about now? This thought ricocheted in his head. "I don't sense any poison in her system... Right now Hana is just heavily sedated, she's going to be ok thanks to you…" Konan told Madara, his rage subsided a bit as he still held on her ankle. Konan placed a hand over Hana's forehead. "I need to drain the sedative in her system, or she won't be able to move on her own…"

Itachi narrowed his eyes at the woman on the floor. "What do we do with her?" Madara snorted glaring at Sue. "We feed her to the dogs... Kakuzu and Hidan."

"We take her to Makoto first and let him decide." Pain spoke out. Hana giggled drawing four pairs of eyes to her. "Look handsome…" She whispered in her sleep. Konan smiled softly at the girl. "Well… we know she's ok." Hana grabbed a pillow snuggling her face in it moaning. Pain chuckled. "Some dream." Curiosity getting the best of him Itachi tried to see into her dream, with great effort to see bits and pieces.

"Anything?" Madara asked glaring at Hana. "The sedatives are affecting the image. She's dancing with someone…that's all I can see."

I was in a grand ball room filled with a huge number of people. They were all dressed head to toe in decadent wear. I wanted to say I got pulled right into the movie Anastasia… or maybe Cinderella… Little Mermaid 2? Oh hell, I don't know all the princess movies looked the same to me! Wait…don't tell me… My hand reached up for my head and I felt a hard object poke me back.

You gotta be shitting me. Sure enough when I looked down I saw I was wearing my Akatsuki dress with one minor alteration… Instead of mermaid style in my dream its fucking PRINCESS style with a crown to boot. My head felt so dizzy and lightheaded, I was sure it wasn't just from this horrific nightmare. I noticed my hand felt heavy I moved it in front of me; I had a crystal wine glass in my hand empty. So I must be drunk? I paused remembering the pun I had made about princess, Cinderella, mermaid, and Little Mermaid 2 and giggled. Yep, I'm so fucking drunk.

It's not a BAD dream, It IS a princess dream, BUT it could be worse you know. "Excuse me princess, may I have this dance?" Asked a very handsome voice. I put my glass down observing my suitor. He was tall, nicely built, long black hair, wearing a VERY expensive tuxedo forming his body well that made my mouth water. All with a wicked smile and amber eyes shining wickedly behind a white mask.

'Wow he looks soooo handsome! Who is he?'

I giggled; I guess when I'm drunk I giggle a lot. Returning his bow with a curtsy. "I believe the princess can make an exception this time to allow herself one dance." His smile widen as he held out his hand. "Then take my hand." He offered. When our hands meet, I finally remembered his name.

'OROCHIMARU?! GET OUT! He looks really good in a tux!'

After he twirled me around once, Orochimaru placed his hand on my lower back as we flowed into a waltz. "I'm surprised you haven't tried to run away Hana." He told me still with a wicked grin on his face. "I'm too drunk to care right now, I'll ask questions when I don't have a pounding headache." I said smiling.

He chuckled executing the dance flawlessly. "Don't laugh I'm drunk off my ass…and I don't even remember drinking." I pouted. He twirled me again and all this spinning was making my head worse. I almost fainted, but Orochimaru's grip tightened around my waist bring me back securely to his chest. I felt so cold that I shivered. I pressed my face in his chest wanting to find warmth. I looked up and noticed we were dancing outside. No wonder why I was cold... I snuggled closer and felt a gentle squeeze in his grip. "So unlike you Hana, wanting to get CLOSER to me? Are you coming down with a cold, if not your affections are heartwarming dear." He said sarcastically.

I puffed up my cheeks pouting. "Here I am defenseless and I do not want to rip your head off for screwing with my head and you want to tease me for trying to stay warm. Bite me." I blush reaching to cover my neck. "Never mind!" I squeaked. Orochimaru's eyes landed on my neck chuckling at my statement. "Are you sure you don't want it Hana? The potential you have is incredible… I saw your little tantrum; the destructive capabilities you possess could be enhanced immensely if you just let me…" He leaned in nuzzling his mouth against my neck. I blushed pulling away and slapping him in across the cheek. Orochimaru put his hand to his cheek, his face fell in disappointment. "A shame it has to end this way… Wake up Hana."



Madara shout out of bed reaching out to feel another body next to him, grabbing sheets instead. He shuddered as a cold breeze touch his skin. His eyes widen with fear as a breeze blew the curtains off the ground from an open window.

Gone, she was gone.

A familiar rage dotted his vision. He grabbed his cloak throwing it on. "It's just a garter snake Tobi!" Mocking Hana. "Look what the harmless garter snake is doing to you now!" He screamed. He ran out the window grabbing the railing launching himself over it falling till he hit the cold ground below. Three others followed his lead. "Did she ran away?" Konan asked a bit nervous. "I wouldn't blame her…" Pain said sadly, after the day she had it was incredible Hana didn't snap the moment she woke up. "Not with Ichigo still in the house." Itachi told the two. "True…" Konan agreed. Madara's fist clenched tightly at his side. "Itachi is right, Orochimaru has the girl. We need to find her." Konan flexed her fingers feeling the cold and she remembered what Hana on after she treated her. "Hana only had her shorts, socks, and a top on when I bandaged her…." Two pairs of Sharingan's and one Rinnegan flared to life as the three men disappeared leaving behind a gust of wind and Konan in their wake.

"Wouldn't it be nice if I didn't have to worry about watching my back every day?'" Her suffering exposed like a wound. 'I've always wanted to give in, hoping instead some ONE would be strong enough to take care of ME' her sorrow and pain echoing in his head. His foot touched the ground and he pushed off exerting so much force the ground cracked under his pressure. She was scraped raw to the BONE and she was still trying to take responsibility for everything. Shouldering all the pain. Madara grumbled at how this scenario sounded like the Uchiha next to him.

Itachi had since calmed down significantly, but his eyes were still narrowed. No doubt thinking the same thing Madara was how much she resembled the young Uchiha. Madara snorted, he could also hear the internal argument in Itachi's head.

"Save her, you save yourself."

If they could reach her. And when they did Madara was never going to let this headache out of his sites every again. Too many close calls in one night, he will put a stop to this. Madara leaped into the nearest tree, nimbly racing to the top on the branches. He scanned the area again trying to if he could see ANYTHING a small black dot, foot prints, or even a damn sock. He turned his head to the east and the blood left his face. "CHRIST WOMAN!" He yelled bolting out of the tree with the two hot on his heels. "Where is she?!" Pain asked. "SHE'S ON A GOD DAMN LAKE!" he yelled over his shoulders. Itachi and Pain were no longer on his heels but matching his furious pace in order to reach the raven haired girl.

They reached the edge of the lake to find Hana standing in the center. With the moon above her, the white glow illuminates her vacant eyes and the death trap she was in. "HANA!" Pain called, she didn't respond not even recognition in her eyes. Only vast emptiness. "She's still asleep." Itachi noted begrudgingly. The three men stared at the frozen lake, one step and they would fall along with her. "We need to wake her up, she could crawl across." Itachi told them. "HANA WAKE UP!" Madara screamed. "WAKE UP!"

Her eyes finally came to light.

"Huh?" She asked.

"Itachi… Pain… Tobi… What are you three doing here?" She asked sleepily rubbing her eyes. "Why is it so cold…" "HANA I NEED YOU TO LISTEN TO ME, I NEED YOU TO SLOWLY WALK TO ME, VERY SLOWLY. CAN YOU HEAR ME HANA?" Pain yelled straining to keep calm. "Hana is the key to your world." Awayuki said. Not much longer at this rate… "What are you-?" She looked down gasping in fear. All of their hearts stopped when they heard cracking around her. The ice began to fracture from the pressure of her body being on a half frozen lake in fall. She looked back up at them with knowing terror. "Help me…" She whispered. A loud crack echoed in the cold night as Hana plummeted into her froze death.

HANAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!" Madara, Pain, and Itachi screamed. They raced to her aid using their chakra to run on the lakes surface. As they reached the center of the lake a thin layer of ice was forming over the hole. They notice a few air bubbles swiftly making it to the surface then suddenly stopping. Pain punched through the ice diving in to find her. He felt nothing… He saw nothing... Pain came to the surface shaking his head grim, about their chance.

'No…. no,no,no,no, NOOOO!' Madara screamed to himself. Both Uchiha's fell to their knees in despair.

"Hana…" Madara whispered.

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